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Here We Go

Good Morning America. I’ve saied it before, I willingly repeat it : All will be better under President Trump. My sarcasm was sadly not delivered to you, or you did not understand it ; you took it a tad too serious, my dear.
I can say nothing about North-American domestic politics, I do not live there. I only look at the foreign politics, and what President Trump announced through the crusade was not very nice. Like that treaties are not always binding, so-called allies should “pay” “more”, notably Japan and Germany. And if we do refuse to pay for your “protection” ? Will “slits” and “krauts” join the rest in the camps ?
I read on a news site the names of possible candidates for President Trump‘s cabinet, and as foreign minister a person called Newt Gingrich was listed. I only hope that this is a very sad joke. If not, Hunter S. Thompson is approved as so often, when he assessed : The scum is always rising.
I had to remember Thompson now and then over the last weeks, and think it is possible that he would have liked this outcome. President Trump is more rock’n roll than Billy Boy honking his sax ever was and could be. Maybe after some bottles of whiskey and a pound of mind altering substances it even makes sense, and could give a real kick, like flirting with disaster always does. One can only hope that America’s flirt with President Trump will not hurt the rest of the world, at least too much.
Speaking about the rest of the world, I think I hear the machinegun-like sound of corks popping out of champagne bottles from the East and a Homeric laughter, maybe there’s party in the Kremlin ?
Now the man is legally elected, as were other important Fuehrers too, good luck with the one and only President Trump.

We life in magical times.


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  1. No way MsScarlet, here is no place for these fake asylum seekers ! They only want our womeen, our wine & some nasty jobs ! We need a wall, the Atlantikwall must be reactivated ! I am ready to make an exception for “a friend”.

  2. I refuse to acknowledge the Bully in Chief as my President.
    He made it safe to hate again.
    I’m trying to think of something funny to say, but I’m actually quite upset about this. I think people’s souls are more rotten than I wanted to believe they were.

  3. I believe it would be a very interesting experience to have some beer with you Lone Grey Squirrel ! We could make Malaysia great again – and Franconia too !
    I wonder what President Trump’s politics on ecology, global environment, habitat etc. are and how the global role of America’s scientific institutions will be shaped under his presidency.
    But I fear the answer is just a loud “pfffffrrrrt” : This guy is as anti-intellectual and anti-scientific as a man can be.

    It does come a bit as a surprise dear Cara, doesn’t it ? Now the sovereign has spoken, America has President Trump for the next four years. He and his rotten bunch will not go away, that’s for sure.
    He promised any~ & everything to any~ & everyone, especially jobs and work. He would bring back work to the people, I think he saied such things in the rust-belt. I really wonder what will happen. Either President Trump will work wonders in capitalism or the already shaken American society will finally implode when he runs the state into the ground economically.
    At least you have a job that is always needed.

  4. says:

    Here, among like-minded friends on the blogs, we make jokes.
    But this not funny. This is not the way to mend broken America.
    I was and am afraid of what ms Clinton could do, but with a solid and sensible Party behind her I think she may have followed the Obama path. Now, with this uneducated goof and a following of millions of silly people?
    I am nervous

    Oh , bugger! I am still signed in as a cat! But it’s bedtime and I can’t be bothered switching accounts! This is Dinahmow (pretending to be her cat)

  5. Dinahcat, MsScarlet befuddling – really, one of those days …

    “Goof” – be careful, all is monitored, dearest Dinahmow. The German FM said that America’s foreign policy now is “unpredictable”, we need to know what America-the-newly-great will stand for. And with some wars and a nice bunch of terrorists at hand we all (this is the rest of the world, basically everybody except President Trump, who undoubtedly has a detailed agenda !) need to know this pretty soon.
    Meanwhile the creme-de-la-creme of global politicos congratulated President Trump, flawless democrats like Putin, Orban, Wilders & LePen, I’m sure Nigel Farouk is already busily writing an application for any job President Trump can give to his crony. But I think it is “family first”, as usual in tribal societies.
    Say Dinahmow, Australia is not interested in middle-aged historians with dubious intellectual interests ?

  6. Duck – I am sure you talk about Donald Duck, dear Nikos, not the leader of the free world, President Trump. It would be difficult to shove that ego under a bus …

    Poor man’s flamethrower. As I read President Trump does not smoke and drink MsScarlet. His only vices are money, money, money, power, money, and possibly women, but I doubt. I mean, women are humans, right ? They can be replaced.
    I have the feeling that the White House will be the most amusing telenovela over the next four years, better than anything we have seen yet, be it in the US, in Western royal families or dictators’ families of some dubious “Stans” in the East. It will be great !
    AND I hope President Trump will give this boring interieur a status befitting “fixer-upper” or how re-decoration may be called nowadays : We need leopard print !
    It’s Rock’n Roll ! It’s BLING, Talmi, tinsel.
    We need reality tv : A Day with the Trumps ! Can You Keep Up With The Trumps ? If such rubbish was good enough for Ozzy, it’s good enough for President Trump !

    Thompson’s ashes were shot over Owl Creek with a canon, he went with a bang. But I am damn sure he’s laughing his arse off somewhere.

  7. I expect this has all been a sociological experiment. Donald Trump cannot possibly be a real person, so it stands to reason that a bunch of scientists somewhere will shortly publish their findings, and the world will give a huge sigh of relief before pulling it’s act together after realising how close they’ve come to complete and utter disaster.

    Although, I’m still waiting for the Brexit experiment to end…

  8. Sorry IDV.
    I think we should all relax now. It is not an experiment gone wrong, at least not yet. An experiment it is, definitely. Let’s embrace the opportunity for free entertainment all day nonstop for the next four years.
    Isn’t it a sign for the vitality of the US-society ? For its carefree attitude towards all & anything ? For its unlimited vigor, elan and youthful WTF-attitude ? Half of the electorate declared a healthy “Fuck You !” to the rest of the society, to “those greedy bastards in Washington”, the money grabbing “elites”, and the goddam’ rest.
    One has to respect these people.
    That they elected an orangy cream-puff, notorious liar and worse – Goodness, yes, nothing’s perfect, eh ?
    I wonder whether the President may choose music for the inauguration ceremony ? It should be Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis. If the artist is still alive. Will be great when the Klansters sing along.

  9. I posted today and quoted you, as yours was the first comment via email I read this morning. We here in America who did not support him will survive the next four years. I only hope that the rest of the world will forgive us. xoxoxo

  10. Ego te absolvo, dearest Savannah. The rest of the world, well, depends, I guess.

    Don’t know Not Dinah’s Cat, your friend and the cats would have to climb over the Atlantikwall, and would have adapt to a Riesling-based diet – tough ! I’ll have a word with the Einwanderungskommissar.

  11. You’re right, Mago. There was obviously something amiss to cause so many voters to show their displeasure with the then current establishment. But still, Trump? There are other political parties/candidates aren’t there? The US doesn’t really only have two parties, does it?
    I expect my lack of global political awareness, and naivity, is evident…?

  12. Many of the people who voted for him did so because he told them what they wanted to hear. He told them he’d bring back their jobs.

    He will turn his back on them once he has power.

    Why would you elect a billionaire who has a habit of not paying his labourers, to be your spokesman? If he exploited his workmen while he was in business, why would he care about the average worker?

  13. This is right IDV, there are other parties too. A Green Party, a Libertarian Party, there were even independent candidates.
    Do you know the name of one person, of one other candidate ? Me too, I do not know them. The big two parties jump at everybody, be it a possible voter in the US or a foreigner who just drops in, one can not escape them. The other candidates and parties one has to look out for, they must be actively sought. De facto the US is a two-party-system, with one party, the conservatives, actively blocking democratic institutions from properly working since Obama’s first turn. And because real Americans do not like these Greens on their bicycles and in their lousy small electric cars who want to change everything including the climate (another lefty lie !), and because “Libertarians” are commies in disguise, no real American will vote for these loosers. Eroswings is a notable exception, he voted even for a libertarian, but Eros takes voting really serious and wants to put the most able person into the job. Remarkable, because he allows himself a free opinion, and even *gasp* thinks for himself. Many others have an easier approach, and simply go with the herd.

    Hoppelschaum ! An meine Brust ! No need to cry, the sovereign has spoken, it has to be accepted. When they hold the first Fackelzug it may be time to reconsider options …

    As I saied to Cara earlier, dearest Mistress : He promised any~ & everything to any~ & everyone, especially jobs and work. He would bring back work to the people, I think he saied such things in the rust-belt. I really wonder what will happen. Either President Trump will work wonders in capitalism or the already shaken American society will finally implode when he runs the state into the ground economically. Trump’s economic abilities are at least questionable. And what runs like the golden threat through many of his business activities is a tendency to dishonesty. Maybe Knudsen is right and the Russians bought him, warts and all, some years ago …

  14. *mwah* Do you know Baumkuchen Hoppelschaum ?

    Sorry LẌ, as far as I know not. From my feeling her I’d search for it in Saxony, or Prussia. I can not remember that this kind of cake was ever made by members of my family or friends or neighbours. I only ate once something called “Baumkuchenspitzen” that I bought in a supermarket out of curiosity, and found it to be a very dry affaire.
    I think they are offered in Nürnberg at the Christmas Market, perhaps the “Konditoren” who offer Lebkuchen and Pfefferkuchen also have Baumkuchen in their sortiment, but as small pieces, <eben "Spitzen", not as large cakes.
    And I wonder whether these “Spitzen” have much in common with the cake, because as I vaguely remember the cake is “geschichtet”, in thin layers *, while the “Spitzen” – at least those I remember – were not very much layered or stratified. But tasted a bit of Rum. Sorry, I can not say much about this cake.
    * The thin layers resembling the structure of a piece of wood, Holz – here’s the video.

  15. This looks very interesting LẌ, can not remember to have seen this before ! Now I really want to know how this tastes. Wonder who came up with such an idea.

    No Holz ?! It is their official promo-video … perhaps their disguise as shopping-channel is too good ? I have no idea about the band, I first heared “Holz” some time ago and could not believe it. When I told a friend about it, she thought I’d pull her leg, and sat in awe in front of the computer when I played it. It’s light-hearted nonsense.

  16. I have yet to meet a man I couldn’t drink under the table! I want to join you and LGS at this beer garden. I always suspected @Lone Grey squirrel was a lightweight, I shall look after him though, as any good friend would do and you as well if needed.

    I see all the rhetoric. My friends and family are on both sides and I stand in the middle. They are all whirled around in specially aggregated media machines and overall, they seem to be doing well, but I worry. I feel like I am witnessing a war of misinformation. My Conservative friends and family are not racist, they are not going to suddenly run around and start raping women, they only wanted to be heard. They have felt smothered by the language and ideals of liberals. My liberal friends, they are seeing a new perspective, they do need to grow a thicker skin and stand up for what they believe in, not just sit around talking about it in coffee shops. This could be a positive thing. It could bring us together and make us stronger, but again, the media, the SOCIAL MEDIA MACHINE, I fear it will grind us all up.

  17. “like I am witnessing a war of misinformation” – there you have a very good point Proxima !
    And I do not want to talk about “fakenews” – it is the good old dis-information : Nothing else !
    The “social” media DO create an echo-chamber. SOmething that is saied face-to-face comes out very different when it is written only. In the end the exchange of written statements is not conversation. Especially when the topics are that difficult as politics in general, race, crime & violence, and how one can take part in the genereal discussion, that is : how is one heard ?

    HA – LGS is no lightweight : He is a tall man in his early fifties, I think we are the same age, he’s possibly some months older. And he drank his way through Europe’s beer gardens some time in the Eighties. And be warned when we take out the Bock, Maerzen, and the Dominator !


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