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At the moment I have nothing better to do than hang around the interwebs, look at things, and search around the “you” tube a bit. America seems to have had her “Dog gone – what have I done ?!” – moment, like the rest of the world. Now the fun is over, the serious part starts in January, when President Trump will be installed. Until then there is not much to say about the incoming president I think. A man should after all be measured by his deeds, even when most of his words are hard to accept, or plainly unacceptable.
On the other hand there is a chance that a man seasoned in wickedness is just the right one for a stumbling global superpower in times of change. And the world did change since 1989. Again, I have no real idea about the domestic affaires in the US, looking over the news of the last year makes undoubtedly clear that race and violence are the main topics, at least from a European point of view. If President Trump can create jobs & prosperity, what I would deem a minor wonder, he could ride on a wave into the collective memory as “the man who turned it around” or “golden Trump“. If he ruins the economy altogether the society will implode and I’ll may become a Texian citizen, because then the end of the union is a possibility.
But who cares for this, who knows what future will bring ? Living was always perilous, the alternative is not so tempting.
I am actually happy enough with sitting upright in my chair without dizziness and the squelched urge to puke in my wastepaper-basket. Some nasty bug attacked me on Thursday, yesterday’s driving was only successful with the help of some legal drugs. When not driving I slept. Only since this midday I feel better, I even ate pudding. The cheap one out of the plastic form – style, Baby ! I prefer “Grieß Pudding mit Kirschsoße”. It’s best when having stood for quite a time, so that the sauce gently sips into the pudding itself. It is totally artificial, and sauce, pudding & plastic container differ only marginally in their chemical formula, one of the great achievements of food chemistry ! And it becalms boisterous bellies, at least mine.
It starts to freeze a bit in Franconia, the next week will bring rain, so the mornings will be a bit icy. On one stretch of my route through a nice forest some guys already managed to throw away their cars over the last weeks, and it was just leaves on the road. Sometimes I think they switch off their brain when they start the engine. And the animals start to roam around too. We saw some deer, but in a healthy distance, still no boars.
This Sunday Music is Respect Yourself  (1970) by The Staple Singers (Ger., Eng.), hope you enjoy the music. Stay healthy & warm, winter’s coming.



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  1. I hope you make a full recovery very soon, so that you can have more pudding. And maybe dinner.
    I am off to bed now. Have just watched a German film: The Lives of Others – exceptionally good.
    Night, night.

  2. I crept in here, disguised as a cat.And then realised that your spam filters might shoo me out.So now I’ve put on my own hat.But I forget what I was going to say.
    But I hope your nasty bug doesn’t return.
    I’ve been listening to a lot of Leonard Cohen lately.Staple Singers made a a change.

  3. “The Glowing President” – of course he’s “icky”. And frankly I do not believe in his “billions”, I simply do not believe that they are real. Der Mann ist ein Aufschneider, ein Schaumschläger. Außerdem verachtet er Mneschen. Und trotzdem ist der jezz dann el Presidente ! Ich kann mir die Orange nicht in Europa vorstellen, geht nicht. Das Amt wird ihn disziplinieren, oder brechen. Gefährlicher ist seine Brut, die er installieren will. Ich bleib’ dabei, es ist purer R&R – ein Teil der amerikanischen Gesellschaft hat ein lautes und deutliches “Fuck Yeh !” abgelassen : Das ist soziologisch sehr interessant – und äußerst beunruhigend. No worries Hoppelschaum. Just keep your eyes open. I wonder if things will change, and if yes, how.

  4. Hello Dianhmow, I recognised you ! If “Akismet” would dare to shoo you out I would tell the little helper to stop this and accept you in all your forms.
    Ach Lennie, Lord of Lament, Master of Melancholia etc. Sometimes in the nineties I could not hear him anymore, only in later years I listened to him again. No good year for old musicians.

  5. Oh, dear. I hope you feel better soon!

    I can personally recommend Dr Oetker’s fine products, especially the Rote Grütze!

    PS: Since this was posted a day early (Texas time), you get extra credit for “Saturday Music!”

  6. You got me early too… It’s still sunday here!
    Hope the dreaded lurgy leaves you alone soon… Seems you have had one thing after another…
    I don’t envy you driving on icy roads… We suffer from “Black Ice” on some of the roads south of here during the really cold winters… Cars often throw themselves off the freeway and in such conditions the drivers don’t seem to heed the warning signs and flashing lights to slow down… then wonder why their car ends up crumpled… Stoopid people… Have a safe week.

  7. Ah,becalming a boisterous belly – have I ever been there in my time! And yes, shop-bought puddings tend to be what turns the corner, so to speak. I think the system is probably craving some fat and sugar by that time. Keep well now it’s better.

  8. The pudding website says, “Die Müller Pudding Sorten sind ein echtes Pfund!”

    I don’t know what that means but “Pfund!” sounds like the noise it makes when you slip it out of the container and it lands on your plate.

  9. Thankfully the “black ice”-menace has spared us so far dear Princess, it is simple ice in windy corners. I have to remind me to do things slower and more conscious now and then, driving a certain stretch too long leads to a false feeling of security – like possibly all routine. But now and then things happen that “wake me up” …

    Took me some time to recognise the lemon Nikos. It is surely an extraordinare dish, I have not seen it before. And I am sure it would be difficult to get it served in the local “Greek” restaurant that is run by Serbs. The last Greek tavern I know of closed some years ago, because the landlady retired. Here in the village actually is a Greek family running a Gaststätte, but they serve Italian food, pizze bis zum Abwinken – the only “Greek” thing amongst this is a “pizza Gyros” I have not yet encountered …
    You should have good weather in Nuremberg – enjoy the view over the city and the land, from the Burg where Goering played as a kid. If you are travelling West I think it is better to avoid the autobahn, the West-East-corridor is always full of traffic, even on a Sunday afternoon. You could go on Bundesstraße 13 via Ansbach to Würzburg than on the BAB to Wiesbaden. Are you staying here in the region ?

    Aghast sounds a bit like clearing the throat, dear IDV. Come on, it is not that bad – did you ever try it ? Go to the next Aldi or Lidl and grab one, let it sit for some time until the sauce soaks into the pudding, and then slurp to heaven …. :)) Nowadays it is all Müllermilch, some years ago there existed at least one product by a competitor. But Müller was a killer and squeezed all out of the marked – yep, the pudding market is tough ! When he had eliminated the competition he sold out to Oetker. One can make pudding by oneself, what usually means to use a bakingsolution by Oetker. Or if you are really adventurous you make it by scratch from whole milk, eggs, sugar and Grieß. In any way one has to boil milk and pour things in while whisking. Cheers. Do not forget the Bourbon, because of the vanilla. Ss importnat …

  10. Sometimes – very seldom – I crave a Coca Cola, stuff I usually do not touch with the proverbial iron prod. But when energy is needed and the idea of solid food alone makes one whimper, Coke makes one march again, so to speak.
    Actually I am even a little bit hypochondric, Autolycos – I want to avoid any relapse at all cost.

    Very nice observation, dearest Mistress : “pfund!” So you are familiar with the products of Müller & Oetker ?
    The “Pfund” here is the pound, the Latin “pondus”, weight. There exist some German locutions with “Pfund” : Ein Pfundskerl is a real great guy, of course it also can be used ironically and describe a thick or fat person. “Mit seinem Pfund wuchern” means to use one’s abilities, be it talents or other, material, means, successfully. The “Wuchern” in this expression is not to make usury or abnormal (= unethical) profit, but the old medieval word for “doing trade”.
    “Das ist ein Pfund” could be translated as expression of admiring approval – Yoh mamma ! – or whatever is en vogue right now.
    And yes, hankies out for the last waltz *snirf*

  11. It may at least be worth a question whether Müllers Grießpamps is a Delikatesse, dearest Mistress.
    One never knows : A friend from Nigeria once baffled us when he prepared some of his home dishes and demanded something from Oetker (forgot what it was) – he was very astounded not to find it in the kitchen because it was something everybody used back at his home.

  12. I like pudding from the plastic cups–I even use it as a surprise layer inside cakes & cupcakes sometimes! I’ve had relatives & people give me their delicious homemade puddings–but I confess, I still like the ones that come from the stores in little plastic cups.

    Get well soon. Drink some tea & eat some chicken soup. And here, people drive stupid too when it rains & snows on occasion–both phenomena don’t happen enough in some parts of the state, so when it happens, drivers are clueless & stupid in their responses.

    Stay safe, stay warm, & get well soon!

  13. Weather was wonderful today but brisk during our visit to the Zeppelinfeld, and then I flew back to Manchester on wonderful seat 2d away from the riff raff Ryanair to warmish depressing drizzle whilst Mrs N returned to Bayreuth for a week of work. I learnt about Durer yesterday. Not bad at all.

  14. When you’ve been ill and unable to eat then something sweet is best and, if quite artificial, it’s instantly digested – or at any rate, gives some necessary energy.

    With all the nastiness and hate, the quiet backlash in Britain is a demand for kindness. That would suit me very nicely, especially at this period of remembrance.

  15. A surprise layer in cakes – this is a real great thing, I love these surprise layers Eroswings ! Here they sell soemthing called “Kirsch-Vanille-Fächer”, filled with cherry and vanilla pudding, formed like a hand-held fan – semicircular – I think you would like this.

    Did you visit the museum in the hall Nikos ? Nice place to have a Volksfest …
    Albrecht draw a mean pencil, but it earned him a pretty large house. Bayreuth – ach die Ärmste !

    Yes, friendliness, kindness, and generally a civilized attitude to the fellow human being is required, dearest Z. Sadly some seem to have forgotten about this.

  16. I love this! Have not heard of The Staple Sisters before. Thank you for the introduction! One of my favorite songs is Bill Winters “Ain’t No Sunshine” here he is playing it live:

    You have probably heard of him, he has many popular song.

    I hope you are feeling better! I like the rice pudding cups myself by Cozy Shack. I had to stop eating them though after a bout of depression when I relied on their sweet goodness to save me from myself and gained some 30lbs, which of course, only made me feel more terrible. I was saved by Star Trek: The Next Generation. Captain Picard always knows how to make things right in the end. I was on the hunt for my dream job, then just any job, and finally in desperation, I found a part-time job that would take me. I could not find a person to see me for my worth. There were so many applicants and no matter what key words I used or how carefully I wrote and personalized my cover letters, I couldn’t get past the HR bots. It was like applying for 100 different lotteries and my name wasn’t coming up. But the Community Center had a notice and I went there and I was able to make eye contact with a real human being and I got the job and rose quickly through the ranks and proved my value once again and lost the depression weight.

  17. How are you now?
    In case you missed it the same day as the Frump win we had our own debacle– 86% of our currency notes were withdrawn with no notice…chaos rules… makes one believe in the planets and stars.

  18. “It was like applying for 100 different lotteries and my name wasn’t coming up.”
    Exactly. Have no idea how many of these internet-based applying-forms I filled out. It’s always the same, one never talks to a human being. I have no idea how to overcome this wall.
    So for me it’s still cheap rice pudding.
    I like “Ain’t no sunshine” very much Proxima dearest.

    I heared about this : It is unbelieveable ! Over night notes were declared worthless. According to news reports people died because of this, simply because what they had to pay for in medical care was just worthless paper, just so *snip with a finger* ! I have absolutely no idea how such a thing can happen Austere !
    Perhaps the planets are more reliable than anything in this sub-lunar area.

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