Sunday Music

Sunday Music, Monday Edition

Bööööh … Ich moch’ needh …

The week that was, simply was. The weekend that was, was nice, spent in good compagnie, much too short. Now it’s Monday, grey, windy, much too warm for the end of November with up to 12° Celsius expected for tomorrow – and the coming days !
Ich hab’ kein’ Bock. I am tired and feel old, worn. The job is still easy enough, it is not even the getting up in the ddm (courtesy of savannah). I just want to avoid noise, hassle, interaction ; don’t care of the news, don’t want to see any more ugliness. I enjoy to drive over hills and look into the sunrise, watching fog curling over fields. The boys have to get used to classical music and my eclectic taste of music, and astoundingly they get on with this well, like all in this respect, concerning my passengers, is well. Anything else feels a bit … touchy, tacky, Idon’tknow. In broad Franconian, Ich moch’ nedh.
Here is some friendly music, from the 1972 (post Green) Fleetwood Mac (Ger., Eng.) lp Bare Trees (Eng.), take number four on side one, Sunny Side of Heaven  – I hope you enjoy the music.
Now let’s soldier on, five more weeks until holidays.




14 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. Pleased to hear that your passengers are responding well to the master class in music appreciation!

    Nice weather here; pleasant days, cool nights. Could use a touch of rain to suppress the wildfire conditions.

  2. Yes, with Mr Kieran on guitar, glad that you like it Dinahmow.

    They even start to like some Miles Davis (!) LẌ. One of them insists to sing along Queen. Wonder whether I should chip in ACDC sometime.

  3. If guest lecturers are allowed in the music appreciation series, here is a short course on a sub-genera from the early 1960s , Introduction To Surf Music:

    Misirlou — Dick Dale & The Del-Tones
    Pipeline — Chantays
    Surfin’ USA — Beach Boys
    Surf City — Jan & Dean
    Surfin’ Bird — Trashmen
    Wipeout — Surfaris
    Hawaii Five-O — Ventures

    That should get the Zauberbus rocking! Cowbunga!

  4. Additional programs very welcome LẌ !
    What a good list – ha, I can even hear the theme of Hawai-five-o.

    Some of their stuff is played dead, too often – but there is a lot to discover too. It always astounds me that these people are alive and in their late sixites / early seventies. Enjoy, IDV.

    They only gave So What a chance after I insisted Dinahmow. The ice was broken when the youngest later in the day demanded to listen to the “elephant music” – what I did not get until other passengers told me that he wanted to hear this piece : The song’s theme reminded him of elephants. Wonder if Miles would approve.

    All for you Mistress !

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