Sunday Music

Sunday Music

Dinahmow and The Mistress did it in the comments section of the last post (here), and while MsScarlet promised a whole post for it (she was tagged by Nikos), Savannah and IDV already did those posts – and gave (up to) four answers to four questions.
So we learned, thanks to IDV, that Rose lemonade exists ; Savannah likes Bourbon and whiskey (I do not understand nothing about this stuff, sorry) ; Nikos has it with meaty balls, especially from asia minor (!) ; The Mistress was everywhere except Franconia ; Dinahmow would like to sip bubbly in Brooklyn : Worth a round of cold Schampus for all !
And now some Sunday Music for your pleasure : Johnny LIEBKIND (fi., bio) sings Iltapäivää – what a nicely rolling “r” ! And in case the song sounds familiar to you, but you just can not remember the title – the name of the composer is Raymond Douglas Davies.
May the coming week be good to all.




18 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I’m also curious about rose lemonade, now I want try some Turkish meatballs–hold the spaghetti, I just like the meatballs only…

    This song/artist is new to me, but I like the song and sound! It’s very lively and it has a good beat to dance to. And I like how he rolls his “r” in the song. Very catchy tune! Thanks for sharing. You have a safe, warm, and great week!

  2. Damn – I was sitting for five minutes until the penny finally dropped Dinahmow. At least it was a sunny lazy afternoon around here today.

    This is not what I saied MsScarlet, not even intended 🙂 I would never call you a LAZY SLACKER – but an INSPIRED IDLER, yes !

  3. Sorry Eroswings I was still nailing the comment together while you posted. IDV mentioned Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade, and I must confess the whole range of products is new to me, but sounds promising !
    Next week will be cold and clear, thankfully, rain & strong winds only from Thursday on, so its shawl and wooly hat in the morning.

  4. Thanks for providing the Fentiman’s link, Mago. I should have done so over at mine, but, like Ms Scarlet, I was too much of a lazy sl- I mean, an inspired idler! I blame that Sunday afternoon feeling…

  5. Now I’ve got a craving for that “Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade” which I’d never heard of until Mr. DeVice mentioned it.

    I just Googled to see if it’s available in a store in my area and yes, it is. Yay! I’ll try it soon.

  6. They should cut you in IDV, from Canada to Franconia people are willing to test the stuff ! As I read the lemonade is coming to Germany this year and is planned to be introduced in the upper market segment – Always in style, it’s your guiding influence, dearest Mistress

  7. Sorry, Heino – as a trrrue German – always happily payed his taxes, so no reason for him to join in Davies’ lament. Thank you for the video, did not know it.
    I always thought Bourbon and whiskey are the same (*ducks*) – I mean it’s Schnaps made from grain with some malt. I hear single malt would be something interesting, but the bloke who told me worked for The Single Malt Monitor, he may have been a bit biased … I like a bottle sealed with wax. “Beast of Bourbon” comes to mind still, but that’s all I know about the stuff.

  8. Single Malt Scotch (I recommend Highland Park) is another serious favorite, but it seemed as if all of my favorite drinks were alcoholic, so I went with the favorite (non-alcoholic) drink of the south, Sweet Tea. LX is spot on re Marker’s Mark. I think one day we all need to meet up and share some of these! 😉 xoxoxox

    Re: the music, it took me a minute and then I realized what I was listening to! 🙂 thanks, sweetpea!

  9. Yes – let’s come together and taste everyone’s favourite !
    It took me some time until I recognised it, not that Liebkind would do harm to the tune, I simply did not expect it, dear Savannah.

    Paper is pretty tough ! And what one can find in chimneys, Scotish maps, even Franconian statues. One of Riemenschneider’s Maries was stuffed in a chimney and only accidentially re-discovered. I wonder how the final map will look like LẌ.

  10. And I loved every minute of Your visit Hoppelschaum ! Pour another one, I just finished my last Rachenputzer and will stagger to bed. I just came in from the balcony – ach the dreaded smoke – it’s an absolutely clear sky, freezing night, when you look up and realise that there is nothing between you and Alpha Centauri, just dark, empty and cold cold space. Earlier in the evening the dogs were very nervous, es war ein Gauzen … von Dorf zu Dorf. It is silent now, all freezes, wind from the East.

  11. No, Johnny (still alive) sung in Finnish through his career between late Sixties and Seventies. I think he did mostly cover versions of English & American hits, like this Lazy Sunday Afternoon by The Kinks own Mr Davies.

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