Sunday Music

I drove through a winter wonderland this morning. I had seen the thick fog last night and so I went out earlier than usual because I had not covered the windscreen of the vehicle. The icy coating was pretty thick, also on the headlights, the door seals were frozen and everything cracked and squealed when I finally entered. The heating of the front screen is a real gift, after some minutes the worst was gone.
The vehicle has an additional heating, and when the temperature drops below -5° C it is necessary. The engine does not heat up enough and it doesn’t keep the heat. When winter starts for reals I will have to cover a part of the radiator, one of the oldest tricks in the sack, but still effective.
At two occasions I slammed on the brakes for testing, and we slid duly for some meters while the antilocking-system noisily hammered on the brake disks. The road was sometimes glitzy, but I could not discern whether it was ice crystals or freshly strewn salt. I anyway drove carefully and brought them all safely to their school.
Ironically I fell when I was walking back to the vehicle returning from the superette in my village. A thin layer of translucent ice, in broad daylight, no warning, sent the better part of hundred kilo of mago crashing down on the right leg. Thankfully the point of impact was five centimeters under my right knee.
It must have been a funny spectacle when I lost foot, gesticulated wildly in the futile effort to keep my balance, with the bag containing my shopping wildly swerving around. When I finally sat on the cold ground I first checked whether the glass of cherry marmalade I just had bought was still intact, thankfully it was. I think I heared a strange sound when I finally had come down, I guess it was the glass. I managed to get up without kissing the ground again and hoppled to my vehicle. Leaning through the open door over my driver’s seat I suppressed the urge to vomit, maybe I winced a bit.
After breakfast I became tired and laid down. Around noon I had to leave again and when I put on my trousers I realised that a kind of pretty large egg had grown out of my right leg just under the knee. I chose to ignore it. Later in the evening it became evident that my right leg from the knee downwards is swollen thick, the right trousers leg is definitely more stuffed than the left, yes I wear skinny jeans, na und ?! Finally Beinwell (Ger., Eng.) was applied, there is always something in the grand pharmacy we call herb garden, but now I smell funny, partly at least.
My guardian angel was either a bit hung over or just right on spot, I can not decide. Muscles and joints are all right, no bones broken ; kneeling down is no option right now, but, frankly, it never was.
This Sunday Music is a title composed by Joe ZAWINUL (Ger., Eng.) in 1966, when he was with “Cannonball” ADDERLY (Ger., Eng.), called Mercy Mercy Mercy (Ger., Eng.). This version on Youtube has the crowd’s noise a bit reduced, but I think it’s a tad too slow. Anyway, I hope You enjoy the music – and that we’ll all have an accident-free week ahead.



25 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Yikes! Take good care of that injury.

    Perhaps strap-on traction devices for the shoes would help during the icy season.

    Seems like the school bus authority should provide for some sort of auxiliary heating device for the bus to keep the little passengers and driver warmer.

    PS: It is Saturday here, so you get extra credit for an early post!

  2. Ouch! My knee commiserates with your knee. Be careful.And maybe get some Yak Trax.

    When I was very young my father had a 1938 Ford V8 and on cold winter nights he would “cover Her Ladyship” with hessian sacks.

  3. Goodness, I did not know that LLBean sells strap-ons LẌ.

    There is an auxiliary heating in my vehicle, Eberspächer I think, but it takes ages until the inner space is heated, or better the air inside, and you can really watch the Tanknadel / fuel gauge go down when you start it. I roughly need seventyfive litres Diesel a week, for more than seven hundred, close to eight hundred kilometers, roughly 9.5 averaged on hundred kilometers.
    So I usually fill up either at the week’s start or the end, depends on kilometers and usage.
    When I switch on the additional heating the average consumption rises up and it costs me (or better, the knights) an additional day’s drive, at least nine litres, over the week. This adds up over time.

  4. Sorry, you snuck in while I still was fighting with the calculator, dear Dianhmow.
    Yes, Kartoffelsäcke could do the trick. But I have not yet decided whether the vehicle is female or male, and I would prever the old cardboard trick, simply because one would not have to fix so much, and take care for when driving – like what will tear off, fly away etc. A cardboard either falls out or burns off, no trouble.
    Another source of strap-ons – thank you very much!

  5. Ouch, poor you. We don’t very often have it as cold as that here but I’ve certainly fallen on ice and there’s simply nothing you can do when your feet go out under you. I hope your leg gets better soon and I suggest you use a walking stick in icy conditions, it really does help.

  6. Cherry marmalade? Sounds delicious! That would have been the first thing I checked after a fall, too. Actually, make that the second thing. I would have checked to see if anyone had seen me fall first, and if they had, I would have feigned death!
    I hope your leg is better now – Did the Beinwell/Borage work?

    P.S. You have reminded me to get some silicone lubricant for Car’s door seals to prevent (or at least lessen) the freezing. Thank you!

  7. I still have my father’s walking stick, but sadly it fell behind a large bookshelf. I tried to get it out there, but to no avail, dear Z. eichhörnchenpferd LẌ uses a model called “Wanderlust”.

    Thank you IDV, the Beinwell worked. Now that egg has shrunk to a Wachtelei.
    The cherry marmalade is delicious, just had some whipped in “Topfen”, Quark – quark – ?
    My fall went totally unnoticed, no soul on the street. If I had been seriously hurt I’d still lay there.
    These seals can also be lubricated with Hirschtalg. Hope car is fixed soon !

    AAwwwwwwhhh … they are nice, arn’t they eichhörnchenpferd LẌ !?

  8. This tune is on my iPod thingy.

    Just like you and Mr. DeVice, whatever I’m carrying is the first thing I check when I fall…. as if a jar of marmalade is more important than our bodies. Silly, isn’t it?

    Take good care of yourself, Mein Herr. And remember, a jar of marmalade can be replaced.

  9. Thank you Mistress, I will dutifully take care. Thankfully the snow & ice situation of Franconia is in no way comparable to the Canadian conditions, I would just freeze over there !
    Be careful – and fall softly in the snow, please. With socks.

  10. Well, it certainly made for an engaging post to read! I am glad you are ok! Cherry marmalade does sound delicious. I wish we could share some. I don’t think I’ll be able to overcome the image of “Mago in skinny jeans”. Ha,ha,ha. I detest skinny jeans for myself, although the Buyersof the major American retail stores insist we should all want to wear them. They are insufficient for providing warmth in the cold season and don’t provide protection when battling thorny vines in the yard.

  11. Exactly IDV : Shoot a deer, cook out the fat, add herbs as you like, bring it in the form of a pencil, slap it on the door seals. Used by runners and musicians, better than vaseline.

    Yes, you are right, the legs could definitely be warmer Melanie. But thankfully I have not to fight my way through thorny vines on a regular basis … I may call you Dornröschen

  12. The icy coating was pretty thick, also on the headlights, the door seals were frozen and everything cracked and squealed when I finally entered. – Is this a euphemism?

    Apologies, as I said to Mr Devine earlier, I am feeling dazed and misty this morning.

    I hope your poor leg has recovered and, handy hint – wear tights beneath Skinny Jeans. AND two pairs of socks for extra excitement.

  13. Eh ? No, the result of cold-caused shrinking, dearest Scarlet.
    I hope your pipes are properly defrosted. Should I play “Misty” for you ?

    I am smearing handfulls of Schmerzgel on that eggish protruding, as recommended by LẌ, to whom I must apologise because I have not answered correctly, sorry LẌ, I just somehow skipped over your comment this morning …

  14. I have no advice for walking on icy patches, sweetpea, since the only ice around here is usually in my glass! ;) Take care of yourself!! By the by, I LOVE the slower version of “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy” – it suits me perfectly on this grey day. xoxoxo

  15. I would like it veryvery much, if the ice would stay in my glass only, dearest Savannah !

    Bespectacled, reading a book – very nice ! Thank you very much for the card LẌ !

    A chainsaw may come in handy when fighting one’s way into the castle of a sleeping beauty, dear Melanie … could be the plot for a Tarantino film or something Japanese …

  16. Thank you Eroswings. The leg still feels a bit clabbery, I wish the swelling would be reduced.
    The marmalade helps. Just this week and some days in the next, and it’s done for the holidays – we’ll cope with this !

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