Sunday Music, Monday Edition

There may still be Sunday somewhere on this rotating globulus … and while we are looking at time and things gone by, it is the right occasion for an addendum to the Game of Fours : Melanie answered in the comments, MsScarlet answered here. Interestingly our feline overlords felt the need to participate too, see Lola & Nikko here, Geiger & Sporran there.
If I forgot to mention someone, please accept my excuse.

Over the last days I felt pretty blue. Maybe it is the season – I am really in no “festive” mood, and doubt that I will reach this state of mind this year ; maybe it is age, the outlook … the endless fog surely did not help to brighten my mood ; also limping along like the hunchback of Notredame was not very encouraging, where’Smeralda ? I vaguely remember that a goat was also involved, but I may muddle this with a gargoyle.
What helps is to do, and thankfully this morning I swept together the remnants of my glorious willpower and started to actually do something. I even have a “to do”-list. It is short and reads like “dishes, bedclothes, letter to …”, but it’s effective. And terribly rewarding, because I did the dishes, started the washing machine, and even made some copies I need for the letter. This is more than I accomplished over the last week that I frankly spent most of the time in bed, when not driving of course. The level of self-pity was steadily rising, but I think it is drained now.
This Sunday Music is the air of la Folie, madness, who comes here in the form and voice of Sabine DEVIEILHE (Ger., Fr.), accompanied by the orchestra of the Opéra Royal de Versailles (Ger., Eng., website), a divertissement in the second act of RAMEAUs lyrical opera Platée (Ger., Eng.), Plataea or the jealous Juno. This rehearsal went pretty well, I hope their performance was a like, and no one forgot the text …
I hope you enjoy the music, and that we all have a productive and stress-free week ahead !



10 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. Exactement, Mr Mags. I feel exactly the same and have been dragging myself around like a mouldy dish rag for the past month. We have foggy mizzle here, which doesn’t help, and I have absolutely no interest in being festive. I haven’t even bought cards. I was going to try to order some gifts today, but I am overwhelmed by a stubborn resistance to do so.
    I hope we both feel better soon.

  2. I’m glad you’re up and about and feeling a bit better. I use to do lists a lot to get things done and motivate myself. To do lists make very good guides, helping you figure out what needs to be done then getting it all done.

    Foggy and cold days and rainy days usually make me want to sleep the day away. But sometimes, there are things that need to be done, so I need caffeine and food to fuel me up and get me moving. Also, music helps me feel uplifted and energized when I need a boost. I hope the weather gets better and your week is a great one. Good health and get well soon. Be safe and warm. Cheers!

  3. It’s my birthday today (12/12), I insist you do something nice for yourself on my behalf. Thank you!

    I just finished “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress” By Robert Heinlein, 1966 and loved it! If you haven’t read it, maybe your local library has a copy.

  4. “overwhelmed by a stubborn resistance” – words I can relate to, dearest MsScarlet. I think some things in my life are caused by this. A “mouldy dish rag” on the other hand is nothing that comes to my mind when I think of you, more images of silken, scented & monogrammed handkerchiefs pop up.

    Two friends deceided to get there last Saturday in the late afternoon / early evening. And because they wanted to test some of the Glühwein they deceided to walk into town. “Ein paar Straßen davor” they turned around because the crowd was so dense that it was nearly impossible to walk further – they did not even come within sight of a Glühwein-stall ! Yes LẌ, this year’s Weihnachtsmarkt must be a true success.
    I stay with the Quarkbällchen please.

    YOWZA ! Madame Delunsch really goes at it – thank you for the link Jon. I wonder if there are takes of earlier artists, Rameau gives them space to play around.

    I see something in the sky Eroswings. I think the ancient forefathers called it “sun” – ?!

    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Melanie ! I will dutyfully obey your wish and do me something good today. It may involve Quarkbällchen … Yes, The Mistress can be harsh, that’s true, just ask LẌ …

  5. Make your bed every morning.

    Even if that is all you accomplish, at least you have accomplished that one thing.

    Also, having a tidy bed can often motivate you to do other things.

    And if a surprise guest arrives, you won’t be embarrassed.

  6. Strange – this is no part of my morning routine, and never was. I make my bed sometimes in the evening, or the afternoon.
    But of course you are absolutely right dearest mistress : It is a routine that gives structure, and a positive thing from where it is possible to start. Truth spoken by a lady who knows one or two things about (slightly)depressive moods.

  7. I agree with the Mistress on making the bed every morning.

    The Quarkbällchen sounds delicious, though I am not one much for doughnuts. I hate the feeling of lard coating the roof of my mouth.

    Wednesday morning I started my errands very early. As I came out of the grocery store to my car and older gentleman was reaching his car next to mine with a bag of food from the Subway Sandwich shop. I said, “Oh yeah, I forgot they added egg to their menu and now open for breakfast.” He said “It’s lunch time in Germany. My stomach is on a German time.” I laughed and laughed and thought of you. It was only 8am, way too early for me to even contemplate lunch. He belonged to some kind of military or fraternal organization. He wore a baseball-type hat with gold letters and lots of gold stars on it.

  8. In the case of Quarkbällchen it is not necessarily lard, but sugar that coats your mouth, inside and out. And because they are “Bällchen”, small “balls”, it is possible for some people to have one in one go. You know, those types, who also do a “Mohrenkopf”, “Negerkuss” or, as they are called nowadays, “Schaumkuss” in one gulp. The secret is how you bring the thing into your mouth in one piece … Others do lick the foam out of the chocolate shell, after having removed the waffle basis of course. And some people just inhale the choco-coated foam from the waffle and then complain that they got nothing.

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