Sunday Music

“Just in time”, ha !
Last week was foggy, grey & wet. I got up and drove through fog in the morning, and in the afternoon alike. At least I tried to make my bed regularly, as The Mistress advised, but it naturally became disorderly when I entered it for siesta.
I spent the last week reading and sleeping. Even writing, at least a bit.
And remembering a lot, things that happened to me, to family & friends ; situations I would like to forget because they were awkward and / or embarrassing ; situations that were nice, pleasant, joyful.
It is not drawing a balance, a willful and conscious summing up, it is just my brain bubbling along in the bony cauldron I carry on my shoulders. Of course some things are best forgotten – I would very much like to have a tool with which I could erase some memories totally. But I find it possible to put them to sleep in a certain way of self~ – yes, what ? It is not “hypnosis”, perhaps more of an auto-suggestion. I imagine something like a bunker, a concrete box, where I lock some things in. Astoundingly enough I think it works. Of course unwanted images can escape, but they do pretty seldom.
Most of the time I am not “thinking”, it thinks. A trail or train of thoughts, images, memories, drawing strange lines to connect diverse topics, sometimes at least – most of the time I think it is simply straightforward … I should read HILDESHEIMERs (Ger., Eng., obit) Tynset (norge) (location) now, guess this is the book for the time “between the years”, after christmas & before new year.
Apropos books, the heap becomes unstable, so I should put them back in the shelves, but not without showing off previously – so sometimes this week you, venerated reader, will be shown a reading list. And perhaps some thoughts about “fake” & “news”, I find this all a bit disturbing.
This Sunday Music comes from Queen Esther MARROW (Ger., Eng.), Things Ain’t Right. That’s for sure. Have they ever been ?
I hope you enjoy the music, and have a peaceful week.



11 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. “I find it possible to put them to sleep in a certain way” Jedi mind trick! Very good sir!

    The weather here this week has been cool with grey mist. This morning is 27f/-4c.

    Have a good week.

  2. Some years ago I was really upset with something and I wanted to bury the memory. So I imagined a concrete box where I stuffed it all in, closed it shut, and buried the damn thing. It worked after some time.
    Oh, perhaps you have “Reif” / frost ? I will leave a little bit earlier tomorrow morning, because I have to clear the windows of the vehicle.

  3. Your defense mechanism of separating and locking away stressful memory is a form of compartmentalization. I find it a very useful way to deal with stress at work when there are unpleasant tasks that need to be done or I have to take action that I would normally disagree with, but need to take to get things done. It’s a very helpful way to separate logic and emotion and focus on what needs to be done.

    I hope you stay warm, safe, and have a wonderful week full of laughter and good experiences.


    Prost and Frohe Weihnachten!

    Happy Holidays and Cheers to you and yours! Thank you for your support and friendship!

    May peace and joy surround you and your loved ones, keeping you all safe, warm, and happy.

  4. I am not so sure that locking these memories away is helpful, sometimes they pop up and show themselves in different, unhelpful ways…. but, I know what you are saying.
    As for a peaceful start to the week, I am so sorry to hear about the events in Berlin, we are living in the craziest of times.

  5. This song was fitting for the time it was recorded and it’s still fitting today.

    I’m considering your use of a bunker box. I have some thoughts that need to be laid to rest.

    In the meantime, continue to experiment with the bed-making routine.

  6. There’s nothing wrong with a reminiscing session, once in a while, it can be good fun too, looking back and dwelling on the bad memories is a bloody waste of time, you’ve got a life ahead of you, give that more thought instead.

  7. “the bony cauldron I carry on my shoulders” – what an apt description for our heads. I must try to remember this for future use. Thank you, Mago.

    Oh, and great tune, too!

  8. “compartmentalization” – thank you for the word Eroswings. Years ago I had read about how we think, mostly in images, pictures. The author, whose name I forgot, believed that it would possible to use this ability to persuade oneself of “things”. So I tried.
    Thank You for all the good wishes, Eros – may it all come back to You !

    Works for me, dearest Scarlet. Rarely they escape. Hey – best wishes to Sid ! Now there is someone to show the door in the morning … – I had to remember the story you have told.

    I am eagerly fluffing – but of course a far cry from the official Infomaniac Pillow Fluffer, dearest Mistress !

    That’s the spirit Mitzi : Ahead, young man !

    Sometimes it hurts, but it’s mostly bubbling. I am sure that someone already has invented this figure of speech, but am too lazy to search for it IDV. So I gleefully sizzle in the warmth of your adulation … a little more to the left, thanks …

  9. When I was a child I coped with nightmares by creating a story of one of my old teddy bears, a very worn thing he is. I called him “Fright” bear. He would consume the nightmare’s and smother them in his stuffing. I was alone a lot as a child, I had to learn to cope on my own. I think we must learn compartmentalization at an early age when we need to. It is also how I eat things on my plate. One thing at a time.

  10. Danke LẌ.

    I know someone who started to eat things this way recently Melanie – one thing at a time. He says he has no idea why, because it is different from the way he had eaten before. But he is now in a very stressful position in a stressful & responsible profession that screams for compartmentalization. So the plate may simply mirror what happens in the job.

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