What a quiet night it is.
Fierce wind from the West in the afternoon & early evening, but now it is just silent, much too warm, easy, peaceful. No traffic in the village, no noise from the autobahn or the railroad, just a gentle sweep of soft air.
One of the good things on this evening is that I am not expected to do something in the kitchen. Usually I go in and do underling duty, help here & there and get out of the way. This year I was out of the kitchen and it was all good, there were already two chefs doing business, no need for me to hang around. And of course, they did their job very well.
The time in the afternoon or early evening, when the Christkind used to come, now it was used to decorate the tree, a small one of very nice proportions, just ready to take on some old baubles, birds & mushrooms, and finally some candles – yellow ones this year.
All was very relaxed & easy.
I had no presents, as usual – it seems that I am the only one who takes this “no presents”-statement serious – but was given many things, what made me feel a bit ashamed this year, the first time in a long run. The good thing is that I am really not expected to give stuff. But this time I think I feel a bit nagged by meself, ach, next year …
The evening was spent with a very nice supper, and before-through-and-later with a lot of talk and discussion about a lot of different things, from philosophy to politics, memories, actualities, stuff … gentle and carefree : We all around the table are old enough to be gentle and civilized, loving even, to each other, knowing each other pretty well, united in the quest for peace and harmony.
I was presented (among some other things) with a Herrengedeck that includes Single Malt and Cigarillos, very nice and thoughtful, I like it very much.
Usually a “Herrengedeck” is served in a restaurant containing a beer (“Pils”) and a shot (“Schnaps”), or a beer and a glass of champagne ; variations may include a cigar or a cigarillo and a Tequilla, a six-pack of Guiness and a box of Marlboro, depending on the tavern / pub / drinking hole you are in. I also know it as beer, Leberkäsebrötchen, and a shot (“Kurzer” / “Weißer”), but you do not want to go there.
It is a thin line between just getting wasted and enjoying the different tastes of a sophisticated alcoholic product, and I think we mastered this gracefully this evening. The fact that I was given these nice drugs by a young man in whose development and upbringing I was vaguely involved makes me proud. It was not all in vain.
And never in vain was the birth of Our Saviour, at least some of us want to believe this. The older I get, the more I want to believe that every kid born is a chance for the better – HimmelHurenArsch, irgendjemand muss es doch mal besser machen ! 

Merry Christmas to You All !

Fröhliche Weihnachten, schöne Feiertage !

Just some music : Mr Wynton MARSALIS gives us Embraceable You.
I hope You enjoy it, and have some peaceful days : Love, peace, and understanding !




17 thoughts on “Herrengedeck

  1. Your evening sounds like the very best kind of Christmas gathering. I’m sure the food, discussions, and companionship were exceptional.

    The weather here turned a bit warm (79f/26c) and humid for Christmas.

    Fröhliche Weihnachten!

  2. I like Christmas, but it feels like a lot of work and expectation. It is hard for me to get in the mood to celebrate. If it weren’t so cold and rainy I would take my little family to go and get intentionally lost in the woods for a few days and celebrate in the quiet of nature, the maker’s creation if you will, and shun the busy stores, cranky drivers and deadlines for packages to be delivered. It makes me a little sad too. I remember those I’ve lost, the ones missing from the Christmas list.

    Merry Christmas! Go buy yourself some warm socks or sock liners, yes! These things should not be overlooked, good sock liners make all the difference in keeping one’s feet cozy. 🙂

    Take care!

  3. It sounds lovely. I think that relaxed, warm conversation and no stress is the best for Christmas. My children have all agreed no presents between them, just for their children – they tried token presents only but that’s actually more work and worry! Maybe some especially delicious chocolates or other treat, to be shared around the table?

  4. Venerated readers, commenters and well-wishers : Let me thank You for the friendliness you showed me with the good wishes – may it all come back to You !
    Let me thank You for dropping by and reading – the comments make the blog.

    “Get lost in the woods intentionally for some days” – ? Well, a poncho, matchsticks & a knife would be allowed, dear Melanie ? I mean, it would be a bit early for your son to take part in the survival training, “semper fidelis” and all aside …
    Don’t get mad, lovely, I know what you mean.

    This year it all fell into place, without being much “planned”. I think the old recipe is really the best – one must things allow to happen. This may sound silly, but in the end, I think, it works pretty well.
    The “especially delicious chocolates” can be a bit of a problem, especially when they are “bio”, klimaneutral und kindgerecht (the last two are a bit sarcastic) ; also cookies can turn from crunchy artificially enhanced promises into clumsy crumbs, “batzig” would describe it best. So I think Single Malt is always a good choice, dearest Z ! Can’t much go wrong there, really.

  5. No need to fret, my friend. I am incapable of getting lost in these Northwest territories. I have been trying since at least age nine, but these woods are a part of me, I never lose my true North. A stand of trees tells me if I am going higher or lower in elevation, near a water source or away from a water source and many native plants provide food and water, different sources throughout the seasons, but even in the winter, I would know what sticks to chew on and what roots to dig.

  6. Could we pep up this diet with a bit of rabbit or something like this ? Roasted over a fire, preferably in a dug-out insulated with moss and stuff ? I am not that camping type, you know ?

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