Cosmic Tipple *

The “festive” days are over, Saturday will be the last day of this strange year 2016. No worries, this will not end in a review of the year’s strange events or a list of the deceased.
I try to keep links to blogs, even when I do not read them regularly any more, or when the blog falls silent. The latter may have different reasons, like a change of the writer’s situation – especially when the blog was used e.g. as an outlet for emotions in a crisis situation, or when, generally speaking, the purpose of the writing is reached. Others simply use interest.
So I sort these links a bit, there is the folder with the daily “round”, another folder with blogs I look at now & then, and one with links to blogs I used to visit, that are silent or on a hiatus. With some blogs one knows that they have come to an end because the author is dead. It is either announced in one way or another, or is very certain, for example when the author was pretty old – a break of perhaps three years then allows the assumption that she or he died.
And then there are some blogs I keep close, visit, and hope that it is not over – and sometimes it rattles a bit, and – bang ! – there we go again. This was the case with the blog of Kabuki Zero, the man who told the world. After a small break of three years he returned to blogging, only to die after some months. This damn year seems firmly determined to kill as many creative, artistic people as possible. And it is not yet finished.

The time “zwischen den Jahren” / “between years” feels very strange this year. It is much too warm outside : When I look out I see greenish vineyards, a grey sky, and have the impression of an early spring day perhaps in March. The birds are confused, sing in the morning, I even saw first buds on a Magnolia. No snow in sight, no silence in reach.
One hears stories about people doing very strange things – not at the end of the world, but in the neighborhood, or within the circle of friends. So Kabuki-san’s surprising and unexpected death in a way “fits in” or “blends in” to this times of strangeness.
Perhaps the wobbly uncertainty & kind of alienation I sense around me, the uneasy outlook, the feeling that a bit more than usual, bizarre things happen on this old earth – perhaps it is a trick of the mind, and nothing changed, except my perception. But the possibility remains that the world in total, and my segment of the cosmos too, became a bit more peculiar than usual, uncertain, less predictable.
One should give attention to the dreams in the twelve nights between Christmas day and Epiphanias, and the strong winds each night seem to confirm the idea of the Wild Hunt passing through the area, blocksbergbound. But for the first time in ages I can sleep through, dreamless and undisturbed, missing out on the opportunity to learn about my future in the coming year – tah !
To make the outlook less gloomy here is some Poudre d’Or, ground by Mr SATIE, applied by Anne QUEFFÉLEC (Eng., about). [And, just for fun, a version played by Pascal ROGÉ (Eng.) for comparison.] I hope you enjoy the music.

I want to thank You for all the good Christmas wishes : Thank You.
I wish You all, my venerated readers, a Happy New Year 2017 !
Live long and prosper !



* Many thanks to MSScarlet for bringing this interesting word to my attention.

17 thoughts on “Cosmic Tipple *

  1. A very happy New year to you, to Mr Mag. I understand the designers have done some critical re-shaping and modifications and they say 2017 is much more user-friendly.
    I bloody well hope so! Here’s to a lot more love and laughter. Cheers!

  2. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – heavens, I haven’t heared them in ages. Thank you for the link LẌ.

    When I look over the pond I want to reach for a big vat, dearest Scarlet. But whatever will come, we have Mogwash !

    Designers … they wear black, talk about aesthetics and in the end the buttons are too small. I have the feeling that 2017 will be only 2016.2 with only minor “improovements” – but I may be totally wrong as usual : Cheerio Dinahmow !

  3. ROSES – darling ! You snug in while I was still alphabething my way over the greasy keyboard !
    Yes, your hiding was well noted. Are you exposing yourself now again ?
    My very best wishes to You and all Yours : 2017 shall be better for You, You all deserve this.

  4. 2016 hasn’t been the best of years in many ways Mr Mags. Unseasonal and strange weather events pervade distorting what up to recently have been the norm. We are usually sweltering at this time of year and worrying about bushfires, it is still hot, but today have torrential rain with flood warnings for many parts. Lets hope that the New year is a little less crazy and let 2017 be a little better for all of us…

  5. Thank you for your support and friendship this year. I look forward to your presence and company online for the coming year.

    People come and go in our lives. And if we’re lucky, we enjoy their company and we are wiser and better for knowing them, even after they move on.

    Cheers and Best wishes for a wonderful New Year full of joy, peace, and good experiences.



  6. Yes Princess, a little less crazy and a little better – that would already do !

    Love, peace and understanding Eroswings, that would be a good thing all over the world !

    Glad that you showed up LGS – I hope it is all right with You and all Yours. And do not forget that we still have a model to built …

    Hope he does no fondle old Eric, but given Eric’s life spent in the Kaschemmen of Paris he should cope to get along with anything Kabuki-san may be up to, dearest Mistress

  7. You’re the only one I visit anymore. Though I do think of Austere, LGS and the lovely Aussie woman Mme Beanut, I believe it was? I honestly don’t know what to do with my blog. Some day it might restart or just disappear. I have a hard time staying above ground. Old habits. It doesn’t feel safe. There is no true anonymity on the internet.

  8. These are strange times, indeed. I have no doubt that 2017 will be just as peculiar, but I’m sure there will be happiness and joy woven through it.
    Happy New Year, Mago! Live long and prosper (as the Vulcans like to say)

  9. Austere is on family duty, LGS is actually busy – I am pretty confident that they both will write again, perhaps even more regularly than now. I am sorry Melanie, I am not sure to whom you refer as Mme Beanut – I never have read her or someone with a similar name. I am still longing for the return of lovely Nurse Myra, next to DInahmow the only lady in Australia I read, well – with the exception of Princess of course !
    Anonymity ? You can use Tor – or go “VPN” or do the proxies – that is as far as it goes. Using Tor is the easiest and actually most effective way for a private user of the web, I guess. Open an email account under the name Jack Daniels, invent the address, never sign something online, keep this one apart from your “real” online personality. Do not use google etc., but startpage for searching the web, startmail for truely anonymous mail, use encryption. This is all a bit “over the top”, but possible. In the end, using Tor with the prefab bundle is enough.
    Don’t get nervous Melanie, the web never was really anonymous, basically everything is recorded since the eighties. But what for ? Nobody can evaluate the tons of data collected over years, it is basically useless.

    Happy New Year IDV ! Happiness and Joy would be nice.
    (And thank you for the discreet clue.)

  10. Happy New Year, Mago! I hope 2017 holds good things in store for you… and for everyone! 2016 was horrible in so many ways on a global scale, but there were also many good things that were overshadowed in the media.

  11. All the best Ponita. Yes I agree, there were a lot of good things too, no good idea to focus on the bad sides too much …

    Thank you Eroswings – may it all return to you !

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