Sunday Music

I have the impression that it was appreciably less private firework last evening. They started to throw their firecrackers later in the evening, the rockets went up only some minutes before midnight, and after forty minutes it was nearly over. Of course the dense fog has helped with this impression. Houses less than hundred meters away faded, the additional smoke did not help to better the sight, no wind that would clear the air.
Also today does not feel very new-year-ish, more like a usual Sunday afternoon. Just without sun.
The fog did not lift for some days now.


How it looked all day today
How it looked all day today


Everything is covered in Reif, white frost.


No tree escapes the chain of holiday lights, none !
No tree escapes the chain of holiday lights, none !


Just a free tree.
Just a free tree.


And because it is Sunday, and we stand at the threshold to a new year greeted by Januarius the old double face, here is a duo of guitarists who play some modern music they call “Boogie Woogie”, I’m sure that will never catch on : Messrs Carl KRESS (Ger., Eng.) and Tony MOTTOLA (Ger., Eng.) on their electrified guitars !
I hope you enjoy the music.
I wish all my venerated readers a Happy New Year, Gesundheit, Glück und GOttes Segen !



16 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Magnificent camera work Herr Mago! I saw hoarfrost a few times when I lived in Michigan. It made everything look like Fairyland.

    My cats did not like the nearby fireworks last night. They hid in the closet for two hours afterwards.

    All the best in the New Year.

  2. *blush* It is a Nikon, not a Kodak, but follows the old “You press the button …”

    Yes – fairyland with frost and fog. For later this week snow is promised. I’ll enjoy all this until the ddm of the 9th, when I’ll have to dig out the vehicle …

    Best wishes and greetings to Lola and Nikko, I hope it is better now.

    Herzlichste Grüße und beste Wünsche LẌ !

  3. I spent the whole day believing it was Monday 😳. It’s not Monday then?
    Happy New Year, Mr Mags!!! Frost and fog can look so pretty, but it can be so deadly.

  4. Sorry to disappoint you MsScarlet, it is still Monday, at least for one hour here in Franconia. Sadly you are right about the potential unwanted results of fog ‘n frost.
    Take care and wear your thermovest please !

  5. Terriffic photos Mr Maggs, and happy new year… The closest i get to experiencing frost is a very rare and fleeting “Crunchy’ walk across the grass, the frost often only remains in areas that don’t catch the sun directly… but that too eventually melts. Never quite as spectacular as your photos display… and all just near your doorstep. I hope the fog lifts soon turning it into a winter wonderland…

  6. What gorgeous winter wonderland fotos! Thank you for sharing these. The trees and woods look magical covered in snow and ice! Nature’s own creative decorations! As someone who hasn’t seen nor experienced snow in over a decade, my first instinct would’ve been to head outside to build some snow people and maybe an igloo, if I felt ambitious enough. My second instinct would be to make some hot chocolate or tea to warm up from all that cold snow! I hope you enjoy some lovely winter wonders!

  7. The fog lifted, and yesterday morning it was winter wonderland, dear Princess. Today (still Monday ?) it is clear until the horizon – yippiahyeah !

    Sorry to disappoint you Eroswings, not enough snow yet for igloos. Maybe a snow puppet … let’s stick to cacao & hot chocolate.

    Snow arrived yesterday morning, dear Z, and we are promised some tons over the week !

    [Very nice ! Keep ’em coming !]
    What a woman ! Reading and writing to the very end. And “Norma was her secretary” – !

  8. Nice pictures. I find it hard to get excited about one year rolling into the next because nothing really changes, unless you want it to change and if that’s the case a person can choose to make changes at any time and not be obligated to calendar years. Just think if we were on a planet with a slower rotation! Would be silly to say I’m going to stop smoking at the beginning of next year and there are 1,000 plus days in that planet’s “calendar year” as determined by men. It’s all relative. The universe scoffs at our attempt to manage time. Ha,ha,ha.

  9. Happy New Year darling.

    It’s been grim here weather-wise too. Though it seems to swing from very cold (-5’C) to warm (+8’C) in a matter of days. It’s very confusing. I don’t know whether to get on my arctic coat or bikini!

  10. Thank you IDV, but it was not me braving the strong NorthNorthWest just for some pix. It was more of a nice afternoon stroll.

    I have the feeling the universe scoffs at a lot more than just our attempts to meassure time, dear Melanie

    Thank you dearest Mistress.

    The times of the dressing gown are gone – so you could go for the fur bikini, dearest Roses !

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