Sunday Music

It’s 04:30 and I am wide awake, glockenwach.
I went to bed early and read a boring book, and when I started to stumble over the sentences I switched off the light and slept.
For two hours. When I woke up, some dark thoughts escaped the bunker ; I had to catch them and stuff them back in. Then I slept for another hour or so, and after lying awake for another thirty minutes I gave up.
These two weeks off messed with my rhythm.
When I look out of the window I see no light in a window. It is all quiet, no rush from the highway, not even a train rumbling in the distance.
I switched off the computer on Frayday, I had enough. Not from you, venerated readers, but from the news. In Britain it is “Brexit” everywhere, in America it is Trump. Our next door neighbours in the East, the Poles, do arm themselves for fear of the Russian invasion. This is no joke. With stately support citizens do learn basics of weapons, train themselves in the countryside, the secretary of the interior likes it very well. Die Bürgerwehr muss wieder her !
The Czechs are going mad because Lidl – yeah, Lidl, that super market chain – shows in an advertisement (for a damn shirt or something like that) a male model of colour : This is not Czech, you know. Perhaps not Aryan enough.
And the orange one ? Blabs the usual nonsense. I saw an image of the cabinet, the “leading” “team”, and  all I saw were fat, white, old men, who have spent their lives making money at Wall Street, who run businesses that ridiculed and mocked the state as hard as they ever could. And these people who have absolutely no political experience, now do run one of the powers of the world.
Interestingly I read at national and international commenters with very different political backgrounds that the only ones providing a glimmer of hope amongst this bunch of laymen would be the ex-generals. I think this is a bad sign for a democratic society, when in its governmental body the only ones who may have something like experience and perhaps own critical thinking are people with military background.
The most dangerous man is this Bannon or what’s his name – and if I have to see his grinning visage one more time I’ll vomit over the keyboard. This Breitbard-thing is nothing but propaganda, this is no journalism, or even “news”. It is not “fake” “news”, it is pure propaganda, disinformation at its worst. Makes even Fox or RT look like a treasure of objectivity.
I have not (yet) read this assessment of the Russian hacking, as for what I heard it lacks not consistency, but simply evidence. So it is nothing but fiction, well grounded and plausible I am sure, but still fiction. When I have read it and find this to be different I’ll let you know.
Russia masterly plays the game of disinformation, de-stabilisation – the examples lie in front of our door, like Ukraine, Krim. And of course Poland, where they grab their arms in a national paranoia happily fed by a paranoid president.
In the end I guess Putin owns Trump, whose chabillions of whatever I have not seen, and hence do not believe in. I think he is a fraud. And I wonder what will happen when those who elected this man into office will realise it.
Time to get started. No need for a shovel yet, according to the weatherman this will come on Wednesday, snow and all the goodies.
Now lets start this week with some music. I was torn between the Byrds, something by Waddy Wachtel, but in the end – the classics do it best : I hope you enjoy the music : Peace brother, love sister.




11 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Get a dog, Mr Mags…. I am shovelling real shit here :-)
    Meanwhile, for when the other shit hits the fan get yourself to Wales – I am making contingency plans.

  2. I can’t read much of the news nowadays. I try to be protective of my peace of mind, while keeping an awareness. Half England despises the other half, which sneers back. But at least we aren’t in the US. All quite horrid. As for east of us…

  3. I’d like to have a Deutscher Schäferhund, a grey one. I grew up with one. And perhaps some very large ones, like Weimaraner or a Dogge, who follow me around : One growl and unwanted visitors rush for the door – but they only want to play ! But Doggen are a bit slobbery …
    Wales, dear msScarlet ? I know nothing about this place. I think I could put my finger on it on a map without going much too wrong, but naming a town or a city there – Cardiff ? I only know that they have a pretty different language there. Oh, and one former snooker master came from there. When they do once a year their trick shots and have fun on the table, I could barely understand him. Excellent player, still in older age.
    Wales. Why not ?

    No rain, no rain !
    According to the weather people rain is imminent this night and tomorrow morning LẌ. I noticed that it is veritably colder this evening than it was last morning. So I brace meself for slipping-sliding into the future …

    Something is going ’round and, like an acid, is “melting off” or dissolving layers of politeness, friendliness, trust … it is “us” and “them”, and when I ask people they can not name “them”. Some people feel an unspecific, fog-like threat or menace, old certainties crumble away. Trust is generally replaced with distrust. Yes, one must be aware, dear Z, this “fog” may breed monsters.

  4. It does appear the world is going to hell. And it really bothers me to see so much self destruction in the world. I have to believe that the world is experiencing growing pains, that all this turmoil is necessary for the birth of something better, something greater. Or this is the end of humanity’s run in the world, and we remove ourselves from the world stage to make room for some other life to rise and make something of themselves, be better than we ever could be. Still, in dark times like these, I try to keep hope and do my small part to make the world a better place. If we give up hope and do nothing, the world will never get better. Every little bit of kindness matters. Every action counts.

  5. I wish I could “Like” the comments of these fellow readers here! I especially like Eroswings comment above and feel the same way. I also agree with your sentiments above, I say things to my husband and get a small pat on the hand, “There, there. Try not to think about it.” But, I have a rebellious streak in me.

    I always try to make a third option when the only two choices available do not appeal to me. Sometimes it fails and I take the punishment in silence, sometimes I am so successful, I inspire others and it is exhilarating and scary at the same time. I have challenged Professors. One who tried to school me in logic, was so furious when I found flaws with his, that he called campus security to come remove me. Really!?!? He was so angry he had not even bothered to ask me to leave first. I had politely asked him to clarify his statements as I could not agree that they were true. I was not intentionally being disrespectful or anything. So I volunteered to leave and suddenly the whole class stood up and prepared to leave with me without saying anything to me or him. It was really something! When we reached the doors of the building the campus security guy arrived. I waved at him and smiled, “I’m your trouble-maker, would you like to fill out the report or come have a cup in the cafeteria? I’ll pay.”

    The Professor’s logic statement was something about God, Church and Sundays intended to be accepted as fact and without fallacy or debate. I pointed out that his statement implied a person is Christian, and thereby, dripped with ‘faulty logic”. Almost half of the class was Asian and likely not Christian, even those who were white, likely weren’t going to church on Sundays.

  6. I think someone should slip Trump a big dose of something so he passes out, then shave his head and write all over his head, face and neck (using a permanent marker so it won’t wash off easily) all the lies he has told. People need to stop being intimidated by and afraid of him. I have many choice words that I use to describe him that are pretty crude, but he is so deserving of them all.

    Love the Airplane tune! Hope you settle into sleeping better soon. Be thankful for rain, and not the several feet of snow and -30s temps we have here in the Centre of Canada. Be well, Mago.

  7. I read yesterday somewhere that in some million years a new super continent will be formed, if the actual continents keep on moving in the directions they have now. I find this strangely consoling Eroswings, first because we can look into the future for so long, and second because it promises that Earth will keep on doing what Earth does, while we as a species surely will already have wiped ourselves out.

    No, I can’t imagine Trump on Lysergsäure. I guess that he would not have a pleasant trip, dear Mistress, because his world seems to stuffed with anger & fear. Trump is not of the loving kind. I believe that he despises any human being outside himself, so his world is filled with a lot of awkward creatures even when he’s sober … But I think he’s a natural speed freak !
    BTW the 18th of January should be “International Speed Day”, because on this day in 1887 it was synthesised for the first time by the chemist Edeleanu, in Berlin.

    I am sure you will burn in hell, dearest Melanie. No “like”-buttons here, it is enough when you like what you read in real life : Just drop by Eroswings’ place and read him.

    All the lies Ponita ? Wouldn’t work, even using a small font in 8pt … he simply told too many of them.
    Last night I looked out of the window and everything was white, also yesterday morning it was snowing. But when I stepped out to drive, and this morning too, all was melted away, smallish white patches left in the fields. No, it’s not turning into Franconian Siberia soon, dear Ponita.

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