Sunday Music

Sunday Music

I like the Baroque, and I like Jazz. Combined usually something like this number of the London Jazz Four is the result, I say this with all respect. Others may “march” through a song, like the Franco Chiari Jazz Quartet does at the beginning of their Night Prowler (no worries, all are short takes). One can also do something totally different, like Mr Vapirov (Ger.) shows us here.
But at the moment I like best the approach of the L.A.4 (Ger., Eng.). I think their Rondo Espressivo (1975) can put a spring in one’s step, much needed in these strange & snowy times – I hope you enjoy the music, and have an easy week. That’s all.




16 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. perfect! as in perfect sunday music, sugar! aside, but we used to go to shelly manne’s jazz club! check this out! they would put those under 21 (legal drinking age) up in front so that staff could make sure teenagers weren’t drinking! good times when you’re 16 and on a date! xoxo

  2. Manne’s man hole – what a tribute ! Thank you for this Savannah !

    Thank you for this very interesting piece Jon.

    Now it IS winder-wonderland Eroswings, with cold and sunny days. Have to be careful in the mornings, when it’s a bit slippery from frozen fog. But all in all very nice. I should try to take a photograph.

  3. Glad that you like it too Princess ! It’s great over the day : Clear, sunshine, freezing cold. At night we have -8°C regularly, what is notable for sunny Franconia.

    It was easy and comfortable until now, MsScarlet. I hope its stays so tomorrow morning, when I’ll see my doc …

  4. “The official proceedings of Inauguration Day commence around noon on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol with the vice president-elect and president-elect taking the Oaths of Office, followed by the inaugural address.”
    The Capitol is in Washington DC. So “noon” there is something other here … wait 21:30 in Franconia is 15:30 in Washington DC (according to “” – so noon is three and a half hours earlier, what gives us 18:00 … I’ll have a look.
    Is it true that a “rapping cowboy” will perform ? And a Mormon choir ?

  5. It’s 12:53 AM in Voronesh !

    I read somewhere that a “rapping cowboy” would perform at tomorrow’s inauguration, dearest MsScarlet.

    Thank you LẌ – a very handy tool. I usually look at “” for the accurate time.

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