Sunday Music

Reluctantly I may admit that there is rarely a trace of “Sunday” left on the planet, at least that is what the calendar says.
But what is a calendarium else but a tool of oppression ? An arbitrary and artificially arranged array of names arrogating to represent the divine cosmos and – even more ! – assuming the right to rule our lives !
Ach – anarchy we need, joyous jaunty cheerful anarchy – let there be Sunday afternoon all over the world : NOW !
And we need a Very Simple Song, thankfully Carla BLEY and Steve SWALLOW have one. I hope you enjoy the music, and that the week started good for you !



12 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Every day is a Sunday in my world, one day just runs into the next and I lose track of what day it is meant to be. Fortunately I’ve just bought my first “Smart” Phone… The trouble is that it is much smarter than me… The week has been very good so far and may it continue that way for all of us…

  2. Time is just an illusion dear MsScarlet.

    Outsmarted by the phone – welcome to the club Princess !

    I have never seen such a dog before Melanie, and have no clue about whom you are talking IDV. I never thought that my humble blog would become a branchlet of the “Hair Hall of Fame“, Mistress dearest.

    Glad to have helped de-grumping you Dinahmow.

  3. I have fried chicken every Sunday. Even if that Sunday is a major holiday like Xmas, I still have fried chicken. Sundays back home meant fried chicken. And fried chicken is a comfort food and tradition that I still keep to this day, even if I’m alone. Sunday fried chicken comforts me, relaxes me, and makes me feel at home. We do need more Sundays to help us relax and enjoy the comforts of life and home. Cheers!

  4. Your chicken would be my Klöße mit Rouladen, Eroswings. Isn’t it strange what we can connect with food ?

    Late on the last one (which itself was a late-comer being published on Tuesday (!)), and early on the next one that will come up perhaps tomorrow, dear Roses.

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