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I tried to follow the lucid example of lovely Lady Z and focus on nice things. This focussing was soon interrupted when I switched on the computer and viewed the news, I often turned to simple cussing instead. Nearly every time I was confronted with the glowing face of the Orange in Washington, acting presidential in the golden room, mostly shown writing his name under something, then grimacing into the camera in the empty try to look significant  – is this method acting gone wrong or simply a charade ?
There is no need to write about the last edict of the actor-in-chief, others will do this. I read an interesting article (first in German here, then the original in English here), and was surprised that people were taken to court because they were present when protest became violent. They did not do something, they just were present. Goes for journalists too, six I guess were charged. As this bloke Bannon saied – the media shall shut up & learn humility. Bannon, who now is member of the National Security Council : This is a scandal.
The Orange’s administration follows an agenda, the pleadings or edicts or how one wants to call it, are ready in the drawer. Who wrote the agenda ? Not the actor-in-chief, who proudly declares that he is “no politician” – what rises the question what else he is ? The leader of the movement, der Führer der Bewegung, who gives America back to the Americans. Americans by definition will be those who go with the Orange, the rest is “against US”. I’m sure some definition will be found, goodness, we found it in Nürnberg too ! It’s the good old divide et impera, divide and rule.
And I fear this will go on, I fear it is only the start of the re-modelling of the USAmerican society and state ; I am even tempted to say that it is the beginning of a putsch, a coup, in its full frontal ugliness.
This agenda is not written by republicans – who btw show their moral bancerotte all too clearly while they stay silent over this idiotic immigration-rule ; not by the wanna-be Propagandaminister Bannon, but I have to admit that I know not much about this person ; I think – and you have all the right to call me a paranoid conspiracist now – the agenda is originally signed by Vlad, the impaler. When you think of it, there are parallels between how a certain ex-KGB officer and some cronies took over a failed empire, and how the Leader and his – how does he like to call them : “gifted group of exceptional humans” or something similar arrogant ? – mob collar a deeply divided society and an instable state. They just need a little Reichstagsbrand, and sadly some dumbo with a beard will happily provide it. Then one may draw a big question mark behind the next “election”, because “national” “interest”, “security”, and stuff.
Yes, the actor is on stage, the claque is working, no hook in sight :
Es ist eine Schmiere !

Now let’s drop, this orange at least, and hear what some strange men in Kansas made from T-Bone WALKER’s Stormy Monday (Eng.) in 1970. They called themselves Bulbous Creation (about), and I am not sure how to translate this – knollige Schöpfung ? Anyway, I hope you can enjoy today’s selection – and with a little bit of luck, you are still allowed to travel to the USofA at this week’s end !?



Sorry for re-publishing, I had to correct two minor mistakes.


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  1. Sad, shocking, horrible and all I can do is sign a damn petition and say I will stand up and be counted if it comes to it. While hoping the worst doesn’t happen.

  2. l fancied it as a coup as well. My theory, which I usually only mutter to those around me, is that the orange one is modelling himself on Putin…. and together they will try to undermine Europe and China…. this is the vibe I’m getting…. the more interesting thing is that my vibe is telling me that it isn’t going to work. Curious. I will look at the Tarot cards, maybe they will have more information 🙂

  3. And Mr Milksop, gallant leader of this country is pleased to tell us that The Orange One has agreed to honour the deal to take some of the poor sods we’ve had incarcerated off-shore for ages.
    I wasn’t privy to that phone call, but I wonder what else was “honoured”???

  4. Nicely written article. We have to wonder where is the oversight? Is there anyone in power who is going to put a stop to this, or are we all just watching a snowball turn into an avalanche? Something does have to happen to put not just the Orange out of power, but all his cronies, too. It’s an utterly surreal time.

  5. And stürmisch it was LẌ. The morning drive that on a Monday usually ends around nine o’clock (I’m home normally 09.30) came to an end at 11.30. We stood for two hours in an ice rain in the middle of nowhere and then slid through Wuerttembergisch-Franken. But now I can honestly say that I am in command of my vehicle.
    These bulbous creationists are a very strange mixture, arn’t they ?! They seemingly dropped something.

    I think it is a very grand gesture to protect HRH from strange orangey men – but on the other hand, she has seen, spoken to and experienced people in power of any kind for the last sixty years. Sometimes I think the worst does always happen, dear Z.

    Yes – Vlad IS the blueprint for all authoritative “leader”-figures we have to face all over the world, and especially in Europe : From Poland, via Tschechei, Hungary to Turkey. And for The Orange too. The aim is clear in foreign politics : The Orange clearly said that China is the enemy, and Vlad actually gnaws on our borders. When they’ll meet they will divide the world, a bit like this “Pakt” from 1939 between the former “leaders” of now defunct states – you can play your game here, I’ll play my game there, all good.
    I wonder what’s in the cards, dear MsScarlet, but right now I am a bit pessimistic. The (new) “great game” just started.

    Maybe they’ll replace those pesky Pacos who now do not come into the country anymore, Dinahmow ?

    Hello Gwyneth – nice from you to drop by !
    I am not familiar with the fine tuning of the American gouvernemental system. But the “natural” contact or counter part for those who disagree would be a kind of court – in Germany this would be the highest court, the Verfassungsgericht. Little Putin in Poland, Kacinsky, was so clever to attack the highest court of the country full frontal, one of his first actions. He was not so successful like Orban in Hungary, who effectively reduced the courts to an assemblage of Yes-Men, cementing his rule for the time being, effectively and efficiently cutting any opposition from legal ways to seek action against his machinations. It also helps when you replace the “President” / head of state – not the president as head of gouvernement as in America – with a trusted follower. That’s what Putin, Erdogan in Turkey, Orban, and the Pole did. In Tschechei it’s a bit different, because the worst there is the president.
    I fear the avalanche is already rolling, it’s no snowball anymore. It is real. They have landed and will stay here for the next four years, and longer.

  6. FYI: The US President is simultaneously head of the Executive branch of the federal government (constitutionally co-equal to the Legislative [Congress: Senate and House of Representatives] and the Judicial headed by the Supreme Court), Head Of State, and the Commander In Chief of the armed forces.

  7. During the candidate debates we tried to shame the Republicans who supported Trump. It looked like it might work, but then too many got weak in the knees and abandoned the ones that spoke up. Tsk, tsk tsk. I see posts about the great things that Republicans have done in the past. They are bedtimes stories at best. Abraham Lincoln’s Republican party is nothing like the current Republican party. Trump is a meat puppet. It #2 (Mike Pence) who has some measure of controls over the levers. Anti-Abortion and Christian dominance are his pet projects. What’s interesting, is that Trump would have so many military members in his cabinet. I doubt they respect him. I can read General Mattes face, never mind what words come out of his mouth when talking to Trump. I think Trump believes that their experience is supposed to reflect positively on him, but between his woeful misunderstanding on politics and Putin’s greedy hands, I see a military coup in the making too. The important question is, would they give democracy back to the people and say chose more wisely this time? Or decide to treat us like children and keep control to “save us from ourselves”?

  8. These are troubled times. Painful, chaotic, and, unfortunately, necessary to wake people up. Too many Americans were lazy and apathetic and didn’t care about politics and the course of gov’t. Now they see what happens when idiots and bigots are given/steal power. Actions matter. And actions (or lack of actions) have consequences. When you don’t care about what happens in society and gov’t, then society and gov’t won’t care about you. The important thing now is to fight back–to stand up, speak up, and never give up. Evil happens when good people do nothing. And I will always do my part to defend and uphold freedom, liberty, and equality for all Americans.

  9. Thank you for claryfying LẌ. I just wanted to show the difference between the American president and what usually is understood here under “president”.
    The Bundespräsident has no real “power” – despite the fact that he signs laws. But it is a rare event that he does not sign or asks for something. The Präsident is the “Staatsoberhaupt”, head of state, and out of the daily political business. A European Feld~, Wald~ und Wiesen~Präsident – with the notable exception of the French one – is far away from the fullness of power of his American namesake.

    I meant with the “coup taking place” the actual installation of the Orange gouvernement and its work to weaken whatever they deceide to see as “opposition”. I think this is an interesting thought of you about the role of the military, dear Melanie. The military as saviour of democracy. A bit like in Turkey, where the military was the most progressive force in state and society. pro democracy, modernization, education and women’s liberation, against religiously motivated fundamentalism. All this changed, not “just” under the actual ruler, Erdogan, but over a longer time : He is reeking in fruits that were planted years ago.

    Troubled times indeed Eroswings But very interesting too ! Never boring, rich in variety, you really do not know what the week will bring. Rock’n Roll !

  10. BTW, I just read that the Orange threw out the acting or commissary head of the ministery of justice, because of critique on the immigration edict. This was called “Verrat am amerikanischen Volk” – at least these are the words I read in the German news. That would translate as “treason on the American people”. In German she could be called “Volksverräterin”.
    Coincidently the “Unwort des Jahres 2016” (Eng.) is “Volksverräter”. A term closely connected with fascist ideology, happily used by the socalled “Alternative für Deutschland” and other fascists to smear chancellor Merkel.
    No worries, der Führer greift durch.

  11. Very interesting LẌ ! I can understand her very well. Part of her “melody” points to Northern Germany – and as she says, she has trouble understanding someone from Bavaria – but never mind, most people north of the Main river do have trouble to understand Bavarians, so she is in sync with roughly sixty million Germans. HA – I must visit Frederichsburch !

  12. Hi Mago
    Regardless, the sun is shining, winter is on its way out, we’ve just officially announced Spring with vasant panchami, and there is MONEY IN THE BANKS!

    I am determined to fight the good fight and look for micro-joys.

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