Sunday Music

Ach … it was a chequered week, durchwachsen … nice things happened, some simply sad news came in, after all it is good not to be able to see into the future, sometimes at least.
Did I find something nice ? Yes, an etsy-shop, but I have no idea what an “etsy” may be ? How much for one ? How is it shipped ? How to clean ? Perhaps something like a tamagotchi … interesting how many “tamagotchi”-songs are on youtube, but I can not be made to click one. I click on Ernestine ANDERSONs (1928-2016) (Ger., Eng.) version of All Blues from their 1983 album Big City – I hope you like it.
I hope we all have a peaceful week ahead, may it bring good news for diversion !



13 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Oh, god, I had to google „etsy” and „tamagotchi.” I need to get out more.

    How about Puppy Bowl as a diversion? I’m currently watching it and the half-time kitten entertainment as I type.

    Have a good week.

  2. Ah yes, there is a sports event … but I think it is still more than an hour until kick-off. I’m really not sure LẌ. As I read the Puppy Bowl half-time amusement is provided by kittens and a scratchpole. Gaga on a pole ?
    I hope it will be a good game, may the better team win.

  3. Lovely music – thank you, Mago.
    It seems no one knows what an “etsy” is except the founders of etsy (I’ve just perused their website to discover this useless bit of info – what a load of hipster tripe). I’m all riled now, and will have to give All Blues another listen to calm myself.

  4. Ha Ha Ha!! Mr Devine…. I have been riled by the hipster marketing for the last five years. Spoon whittling…. *mutters incoherently for several hours*…..alternative spoons, i.e. sticks. Soz. Had a very busy, yet peculiar, weekend.
    Have a lovely week, Mr Mags!

  5. I have the large sea rocks…they have channels.
    My weekend was like stepping back into the past…. it was a totally unexpected experience. I will need a week to recover.

  6. Lovely music and very cool… I’m just sitting in a comfy chair chillin to the beat sipping a lovely long cold mint tea… Have a good week Mr Maggs.

  7. The origin of the Etsy website was good. I’m not sure how they came up with the name. Many of my friends who do arts and crafts on the side could make a little money aside from there full-time jobs, very few people ever had success to make it a full-time business. Etsy though has increased rules and raised their cut of the profit that no longer makes it profitable to do this for most people. Like blogs, many of them now lie dormant.

    There is some truly spectacular crap on there from people who lack any realistic expectations, but there are also some wonderful finds. It is a virtual version of what we call a “flea market” or craft fair. Flea Markets are broader; Antiques, old crap and handmade or restored items. Craft fairs tend to have just handmade items made by the person sitting at the booth, or their wonderful friend like me, who stands guard while they go to pee, grab coffee or inhale some food. The other vendors quickly become jealous when they don’t have their own “Melanie-friend.” Sometimes I allow myself to be bribed with gifts from their table or services. It is one of the few places left in America where the art of barter and trade is still alive. All other avenues are heavily regulated and taxed. You will rarely find food at such an event unless someone has taken the time to get all the proper permits to sell food to the public. The event organizer will not risk their reputation and possible law violations for a table full of cookies.

    Sorry to hear you received sad news this week.

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