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Long & unfunny nonsense ahead, sorry.

Over the last few days I read not only texts about, but also by the chief advisor of the orange actor-in-chief (for example here, follow the links in the article to the original sources). Boy – it is much worse than I thought.
I will not, by any means, discuss contents, the man’s worldview or ideology. This is absolutely futile. I am interested in the actual situation and what follows, especially for Europe. The White House is now a court, go and read your Macchiavelli : It is all about “simulatio” and “dissimulatio”. Nothing else.
I think the advisor faces two problem areas, one is the “instrument”, the other is time.

The advisor said that the actual actor-in-chief is just an instrument, a tool he uses. But he is not fully and exclusively in control of this tool, there is the chance that the tool’s son-in-law also plays a role and has a word in. GOd, how must the advisor hate this orthodox Hebrew, with every cell of his bloated body.
I think here will step in “the leaks” – I read in some articles that professional observers & journalists are baffled by the leaks through which not too friendly stories about the tool drizzle out. I am sure these leaks will be jammed close with some heads in the near future. And I am also sure that after the purge the advisor will still be standing behind the throne, smirking. I am not so sure about the son-in-law.
The other problem with the tool is the possibility that it breaks.
I believe that the tool has a mental problem, be it diagnosed or not. And as far as I can see there is still no public medical record of this person : For every simple job one nowadays needs a fitness assessment, but not for running the USofA into the ground.
I now believe that there is a real danger of a very public meltdown of the tool – perhaps he slaps someone at one of the conferences next summer. If he hits our chancellor I only hope that Vlad punches the shit outta him …

This leads to the second problem area : If, for some reason, the tool is found unfit for office, the advisor’s days are counted too. If all & everything goes “smooth” and the tool works for four years, the problem will arise too : I think it is not imaginable that the orange one will be re-elected in four years – granted, everything is possible in Amerga, but let’s assume the world is still turning then … if the tool is out, the advisor is out.
But the man has so much to give to the world, and what about the crusade & stuff ?
The advisor needs time to get things going. His bad temper, his lack of patience, and utter disrespect for anything outside his narrow-minded world-view hinders him most, but he can not realise this – thankfully. He must cement his position.
I see three possibilities. Either the kingmaker makes another king if need be, what is entirely possible, but this would not necessarily buy time. Or the advisor does away all this democratic nonsense, what would mean an open putsch – but the advisor is not cut out to be dictator (and time is not ripe yet). Also there is a strong possibility that the military would not accept something like this. Best option will be to secure his position by eliminating all possibilities to rightfully remove him from it. The advisor must stay close to the centre of power under all circumstances, and work the system from the inside. Tools may come and go, advisors stay.
I think the advisor will start a nice little war in the near future. And make the best out of it.
Against inner resistances, an outer aggression always works best : It is so unifying.
There is the possibility to orchestrate another war in the Mid East. But this could easily get out of hand and even become contra-productive. Alternatively one could let this heap of conflicts simmer on, vent it a bit, meanwhile allowing these Islamic devil adorers to kill themselves. A nice side effect would be that more refuguees will emigrate to Europe. They will take the Northern route through areas of the former SU and come to the East of Europe, thus nicely helping to destabilise the EU, allowing Vlad to play tag with the Baltic States, perfecting “ukrainification” and non-linear, asymmetric warfare. Additional economic warfare from the homeland – what are tariffs for ? – will teach those wonky Europeans a lesson.
It would help to open a “second front” to appease the military, let them win something, they need it. And it would help to distract from anything ugly in the Mid East.
But where is the bogeyman ?
The bogeyman sits in the Far East and is called Kim.
Next to “the” “Islam” the advisor hates nothing as badly as the “arrogant” Chinese.
It would be unwise to start a direct attack, now, at least. One would need another “incident”, but the tool just has pissed off all the professionals who can stage an “incident”. To start a fight with the oh-so-close ally of the Chinks, this crazy Korean, this would be viable – or at least, this could be the advisor’s lines of thought : A small war, just to get in the mood, to see how things are done and work, an exercise for major things to come. And, if done and played well, bolstering the personal position in diverse administrational panels & councils, gaining personal reputation, allowing the nation a period of irrational Besoffenheit, jaggedness, allowing the tool to feel great too. Harbours a lot of ideas. Would show the Chinks & all these slitty eyes that it’s serious and they better not mess with The White Man. Even nukes are possible. Economically positive too. Good domestically possibilities.
Let’s see – the tool is meeting all these European loosers in summer, Vlad too, so what about autumn ’17 or spring ’18 ? Until then the professionals will be accessible again too …

Yes, I think similar things are actually thought, perhaps even planned, at the Washington court. It all depends on limits. There are lines that can not be overstepped unharmed. The tool and his gang need to be contained. But in anonymous polls his scores go up. As sad as it is, America has nobody else to blame than herself for this, it is a disaster mit Ansage.

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  1. All these politicians are tools! The word ‘Tool’ can be used as a derogatory insult in the UK and is related to ‘dick’ as in ‘dickhead’. So we have the utter twat advisor playing with his tool and making a proper ugly mess. We are going to need something more than a box of tissues to clear it up.
    Meanwhile, I am worried about you, Mr Mags. Don’t make yourself ill over this…. make sure you balance your reading with something that makes you feel good :-)

  2. Silvaner – Silvaner balances all & everything, dearest Scarlet.
    No worries about me, love, it is to your credit, and I feel humbled. I make meself a fool, yes, but not more ill as I’m already am. And it’s all nothing compared to a friend.

  3. Is Silvaner chocolate? Opera? Remember, I am stupid English person :-)
    We are at THAT age when our peers seem to be dropping like flies. It is abhorrent. It is shocking. It hurts. And all this craziness in the world polarises our painful experiences. Ack. It feels bleak.
    Stiff upper lip, and all that…. or have some ((((hugs)))).

  4. Stay strong. And be healthy. Don’t let the bad news and corrupt people get you down. There are also good news and good people still left in the world. Whatever happens, never give up hope. So long as you have hope, you can survive and overcome anything. Cheers and Good health!

  5. Here is a list of possible combinations of wine and chocolate. According to these people the “Bio Tonka Inti” (scroll down) goes well with Sylvaner.
    The combination of wine & chokolate was overlooked by me, I only knew of chocolate & coffee, dearest MsScarlet.

    Schnuggele HoppelschaumKüsschen auf’s Ärschchen : Alles wird gut !

    I think you poor people down there on the opposite side of the globe do not grow the nectar ? Am I wrong, dear Dinahmow ?

    I have baseball caps printed with this as we speak werkzeug LẌ !

    Hope, and chocolate & Sylvaner – the holy trias ! Cheerio Eroswings, your optimism is seemingly indestructible – enviable !

  6. There is always room for you, dear Z !

    Canadiennes welcome, Mistress !

    Off topic welcome LẌ – but this one hurts !
    Interesting situation to solve btw with the driven wheels in the air …

    Loveliest Melanie, tea is welcome in nearly any form, but allow me to stick to Sylvaner for the time being. Did someone check what kind of chocolate combines well with what tea ?

  7. ::wriggles into intercontinental group hug::

    ::and helps self to glass of Sylvaner while at it::

    I think the orange buffoon (and probably some of his advisors) may meet a sticky end before long. And probably one of his own making, at that. Possibly overcome by the biscuity fumes of fake-tan? Or strangled by whateverthehells that thing is on his head where normal people have hair (or at least follicles)?

  8. Careful IDV, you’ll tower over us … I think it is entirely possible that the orange one may dig his own grave and jump in, we just need to shove his advisors in and make sure that they do not come back. Say, you have some of those spikes left ?

    Eryl ! What a joy to see you – *mwah*. I think the Intercontinental Group Hug dissipated now, it was nice while it lasted, but there is always a cup of tea (or coffee) and a roll-up ready for you.

  9. Hurrah! Hopefully I’ll be a little more regular from now on, I’ve set up a new timetable that includes space for little indulgences like blogging/human interaction. X

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