Sunday Music

I felt not up to the task yesterday. In fact I felt a bit blue, went to bed early. That the promised sun did not show up (on Sun-day, ha !) didn’t help. The cold wind from the East, the high fog – ach, ach … und nochmal ach !
Some times one comes to a place, a location, where one has been before, maybe thirty years ago. The same street, the same cobblestones, there’s still a bench. One may see people who came by, people one picked up on a Frayday or Saturday evening, to go to hear music. Two are dead now, one is blind, the driver still drives.
But this is nonsense of yesterday. Today we see the sun, it may become a clear, if cold, day in early spring – this would be nice.
Let’s follow the advice of OWL (about) and Be Alive – best we can do anyway. I hope you like the music.
May this week be vibrant, joy~ and successful for all of us !



13 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Pick me, pick me, dearest Scarlet !
    Cold clear afternoon, cold clear night, strong winds forecast for tomorrow – it will be great to look at, but a bit chilly. The light finally changed, it is not winter anymore.

    A strange lp with a strange history LẌ. Seemingly releases some thirty years after production (!).

  2. This is excellent ! I especially like the Luftballon – pure genius !

    I could not see the eclipse, clouds prevented it. But the moon was exceptionally white, the house threw sharp shadows.

  3. What a lovely melodic offering, its got me grooving.
    Weatherwise we have had the past two days feeling like we are back in Winter. Temperatures in the low twenties down from low fourties the previous days…
    The days are getting shorter and no doubt we will have a sudden return of the heat again…
    Have a lovely week Mr Maggs..

  4. That LX, always off topic. :) I liked the paper organ.

    Mr. Mago, Have you always lived where you live now? Is this the place you grew up? I had wanted to leave my hometown since I was nine. I succeed on my 21st birthday to drive away and never move back. I wanted to escape old memories more than any one person or people. Now I hardly recognize the place. I know the streets but the buildings and people on top of them have all changed. I never stay longer than three days, like some old curse might rise up to haunt me. Maybe you can take a small trip? Shrug off some ghosts that are hanging on too tightly.

  5. Thanks for sharing this wonderful music. It’s very relaxing, dreamy, and nostalgic.

    I get what you mean by ghosts and memories of the past. Sometimes, they come up at the strangest times. Always, they are a sad reminder of the people we’ve lost and how times have changed. It’s okay to feel sad and miss them, because they were important to us. And thinking of them reminds us to take the time to enjoy life and the people we love and care for. Do what makes you happy. Make every day count.

  6. The Princess grooves !
    Here the days are notably longer, I come back in the evening in daylight, only a few weeks ago it was pitch black then. Glad you like the music, Princess, keep on grooving.

    No I have not lived here for my entire life Melanie, but for the longer part now. I lived in the area where I was born for six years, then in a town I hated (and still dislike very much) for a bit longer than 12 years, and am here now for more than thirty years – time to move on finally. I’ll have some days off this month, maybe I can leave a bit.

    I think it is spring when the border to the other side is open, not November. Ghosts and spirits pop up, as you say, at the strangest times. I try to make every day count Eroswings, in fact I count every day, I am over 19.500 now.

    “Badda-tshing” – exactly LẌ. Would it be possible to built a small Luftpumpe or a Blasebalg from paper too ?

    You do have an eclectic taste in music, loveliest Mistress, variatio delectat.

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