Sunday Music, Monday Edition

Things look better than last week. I am sure that the prospect of a week off helps : Next Frayday the hammer will fall and I’m free for a week, yippieeh !
Other things took a turn for the better, but it’s too early to tell – yes, I am superstitious, man soll es nicht verschreien. That means when you speak too early about something that could happen, the positive effect may be hushed away, the good thing might be scared away – shtum !
So without further ado, some music. The Dave Pike Set (Ger., Eng.) plays But Anyway from the 1970 lp Infra-Red – I hope you enjoy the music. And always remember what happened in Sweden …







4 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. I feel so ikea, dear Z
    There is some change in the making, of course I will spill the beans when it’s time to do so.

    Reminds me when our Bundespräsident declared the kindergarten open when he had to open an autobahn or something. But president Lüpke was seemingly suffering from the early stages of dementia (“Zerebralsklerose”), only there was no real consciousness for this kind of desease in those days, he died 1972.
    Thank you for the crossed fingers LẌ.

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