Sunday Music

The last week zoomed by like a sports car … Noting unusual happened, I worked, I read, I slept, I worked … Thankfully I have some days off now. I have no plans, nothing is scheduled, all I have to do is sort papers.
If you clicked the link above you saw Mr RENAULT’s race car in full thunder, moving from right to left – what is a bit unusual. On most photographs and in films persons & objects move from left to right. As far as I know, the only exception is a French film that narrates the biography of a dead person in retrospect or flashbacks, but I forgot the name of the film and of the director. Here persons consequently move “the other way ’round”, from right to left – from the onlooker’s point of view of course. They always seem to leave the frame, get out of the picture, while objects & persons moving from left to right seem to arrive, to “come in”.
This Sunday “music” is an animated piece from 1989 created by Ivan MAXIMOV (Eng., website, youtube channel) titled Sleva Napravo, From Left to Right ; the music is by Marek BILIŃSKI (Ger., Eng., website, youtube channel), Dancing in a Magic Grove. A bit eraserheaded perhaps, but only a faint echo.
I hope you have a quiet and relaxing week.



17 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Well. That was creepy – Although, I’m glad the dog had a happy ending. That video brought back memories of rainy childhood days sitting watching the Russian and Eastern European animations that were the only things of interest on telly to a six or seven year old IDV.
    Enjoy your relaxing week off –after you’ve sorted your paperwork (do as I say, not as I do, as I’ve got months worth of papers to sort…)!

  2. Oh yes, Lolek & Bolek, strange puppets from Russia, cartoons with quirky music – I liked that very much !
    The paper, herjemineh IDV, its still the whole hog from last year. i wanted to get rid of this before Christmas, but … things …

  3. [No need for saying sorry ! I have to excuse meself for playing around with the colours. BTW are the contrasts (especially for links) acceptable ?]

    Oh my goodness … I’m not a “fan” of Porsche’s cars, I still think that they have the engine on the wrong side of the car, but this is really … extra ordinary.

    While looking at strange cars – want a Tatra ? 3.5 liters v8 rear mounted limousine ready to bang yer brains out, first on the road 1988, so no “historical” clearance (only after 30 years).

  4. Well that was a nice commentary on life as we know it! I agree with Mr Devine, as I recall watching animation like this when I was a child. Perhaps Mr Devine and I were part of some sort of hideous psychological experiment when we were small??
    Have a lovely week!!

  5. Thank you for the feedback LẌ. I am still not fully content with the colours, but it is the basical theme.

    Do you remember those flashes, dear MsSarlet ? When one all of a sudden craved ice cream, or something sweet ‘n nutty ? Hidden messages !

  6. Sorry, I doubt it. Never have seen this film , dearest Mitzi – thank you for the link ?!
    Isn’t there an annual steam-car-rally, London-Brighton or such ?
    The image is fifty years earlier, 1903, not 1953. As I read somewhere, poor Marcel Renault will meet his fate an hour or so after the pic was taken.

  7. What a weird and wildly imaginative cartoon! That was fascinating, disturbing, and dreamlike–very entertaining.

    Sometimes, the quiet and uneventful weeks are nice–no drama, no problems, just peace and calm, and I like peace and calm. Have a great week!

  8. Glad that you like it Eroswings. “Quiet” & “uneventful” has a very nice ring to it. I’m working on this …

    Sounds familiar, dearest Mistress

    Experience teaches us that a lot of things will sort themselves, it is all right to ignore them. The art is to differentiate between those things that will simply go away – when it is okay to rip the paper apart after two months and throw it in the bin – and those things that will stay, need action, require some thought even !
    These should be tackled first and as fast as possible.
    All this leaves us with the sad detritus, a heap of paper that needs to be sorted, assessed and filed or not. Even when I know it takes only two hours, because I will not be very regardful, I shy away from starting the procedure, ach … in the end one has to jump …

    *squeak* Careful, lovely Roses !
    The massif of Hugs needs fearless explorer …

  9. I was on vacation last week but became very sick and even visited the local ER where I was rehydrated with several liters of saline. I took a pharmacies worth of drugs to make the 7.5hour flight back home, safe to sleep for days in my own bed. Today I am finally mostly normal and able to eat again. I have not been sick like that for a long time!

    I like the music, the animation is quite strange, something my husband would appreciate.

    Enjoy your time off! I hope you do a better job at staying healthy than I did!

  10. Darling ! Melanie ! I guess You took one of those “Vomit”-Cruises-All-Included-Packages … “Montezuma’s Revenge” or “Spell of the Caribbean”. This sort of thing is very demanding for the body, I only hope you recovered. Take it easy on eating, it may be a bit early for greasy or oily stuff. A small vodka with herbs may be helpful.

  11. No, no definitely would not consider traveling on a big ship full of people where there is no nature. Those are not my kind of people. I would however love to do a small Alaska cruise of no more than 14 plus crew as one of my equally Introverted friends did once. It cruised along the coastline and you could learn about the ship and take the helm for a time, if desired. I come from a long line of shipbuilders. I was dragged off to Disney World the day before getting sick and it was not fun at all. I don’t understand the “joy” of waiting around in large crowds, in the heat with every overpriced.

    Alas, I am home now though. I will keep my rain and pastoral view.

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