Sunday Music

What a few very nice days. I did nearly nothing, and found it really relaxing. Ready towards the end of the vacation rain & storm is back, but without cold ‘n freeze, all’ n right with me.
What is not all right is the gibberish of the orange Actor-in-Chief. I am fed up with this imbecile, why can’t we just ignore this vile windbag for a week or so, with a little luck he’ll implode. The nonsense about his predecessor wiretapping his phones is really “a new low”. And that a leading German newspaper writes that the predecessor’s statement would not be enough, shows how poisoned it all has become. Now there seem to be first altercations between pros & cons, while Jewish cemeteries get ravaged, Indians and Sikhs get shot – of course of course all isolated cases, shame upon who thinks evil upon. These are not daily incidents, just weekly.
And while Amerga slowly but steadily descends into paranoia, Germany develops a nice problem with Turkey and its süper-macho-over-ruler, who brags that he can do anything here as he likes, as if Germany would be his farm or other property. Of course Germany uses “Nazi Methods” against him and members of his gouvernement. Says a man who consequently kills democracy in his own state and leads the society of his country back into the middle ages, while the jails flow over from “dissenting elements”.
I am not a nationalist, I believe in a united Europe based on a canon of basic values, and it is disgusting to watch how some members of the union do betray these values. We have no real instrumentarium for this, simply because those who laid the foundations for “Europe” did not believe that there could arise a problem, that something like a gouvernement killing the independence of its own judicature would actually happen, like e.g. in Poland. But all this is kindergarten compared to Turkey. And the there dictator-in-chief and his cool gang want to bring their electoral campaigning here, so that the expats get in line. They still need this charade. We should make it impossible, to hell with consequences.
Some countries of the world seem to be led by brainless dickheads who think they can do what they want. Sadly Russia, and now Amerga, belong in this group, some European countries too.
Anyway, we do not solve the problems of the world here, it would be nice and good enough when we, each & everyone, would solve his or her own problems.
To ease this task one could listen to a little bit feel-good-music by Herr TELEMANN (Ger., Eng.), Das Frauenzimmer verstimmt sich immer (TWV 25:37) in a version performed by Georg GRUNTZ on harpsichord (Ger., Eng.), Peter TRUNK (Ger.) (bass), Klaus WEISS (Ger.) (drums), Emil MANGELSDORFF (Ger., Eng.) (flute, Albert’s older brother), and Klaus DOLDINGER (Ger., Eng.) (clarinet & sax), recorded (West-)Berlin 1964 – it does not get more “old BRD” than this.
I hope you like the music. May the coming week be good to all of us.



12 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I hope your cold thingy is gone and that you are feeling much better.

    Poet Jan Böhmermann is a ray of sunshine in these dismal times! Erdowie, Erdowo, Erdogan!

  2. The state of the world is disturbing and disheartening with so much chaos and carelessness. And it’s times like these when we really need to hold on to hope and never give up the fight. So long as there are people who stand up against hate, then the battle for equality and freedom is never lost.

    I hope the weather (and the world) gets better. Be safe and have a great week.

  3. I chose to ignore the cold (and Paracetamol), and become a hero. All in one go LẌ !

    The world goes to hell in handbasket, but it does so within living memory Eroswings. If the generations of us ahead did not fully reach the aim, so why should we ? What leaves us with hope on our incompetence, still the best protection, because tested & trusted.
    It’s dark, wet & windy, but at least not really cold, all will be good.

  4. It often astounds me how short the memories of other people are. I often feel like I am somehow removed, the only one who’s mind does not get wiped clean at the end of the night. I grew up in a very old family listening to war stories from both world wars and the great depression. Their memories live on in me too and yet so many people around me seem to block out anything that happened beyond last week. It could drive a person insane. I care about the social issues, but I am especially concerned about the environmental impacts, some things cannot be undone.

  5. I am bored with the orange windbag, too. I am ignoring it.
    It has been vile here, Mr Mags, I suggest keeping your thermal vest handy for another couple of weeks.

  6. “Tradition”, Latin traditio, that was is “handed down”, “trans” + “dare” [to give] – in this sense history is nothing else but “tradition”, what is given down from the elders to the youngers. And of course in this “giving”, in the process of re-telling, history is “made”, shaped – every single one tells the story a bit different, every single one understands it a bit different, always according to the individual understanding & setting. Hence history is endless. Having a good memory is a curse Melanie. And of course, things can not be undone, and some harms will not go away.

    Vile ? Who or what dares to be vile to MsScarlet ? It is about time that I don my bearskin, grab the oaken bludgeon and yell curses at all & everything that has the audacity to be vile towards you : Be it storm or man ! HA !

  7. My head is still planted firmly in the sand – I haven’t read the news in over a week (possibly two) which means that all I’ve had to complain about is my sciatica. And the garden being full of cat shit!
    One day, I will relent and catch up with what’s going on in the world as I know I should try and do something about the problems, no matter how small. One day… But not today.

    I’m glad to hear that you’ve had a nice few days, Mago. May there be more to come – and accompanied by baroque jazz, too!

  8. Ja so siehst Du aus Melanie … I think it will be difficult because that cliff is hit with sea spray …

    Sorry to hear about your payne IDV, Ischias is not very nice. You need G&T !

  9. YES, stupidity in motion, always on topic LẌ, especially when driving for a living …

    NAh Eryl, it’s back to normal. Until when the war between Turkey & The Netherlands is over, and the German-Polish conflict is done, we all gather in independent Scotland, singing, doing art, and have a few pints in between. It all will be good. Armageddon is for softies, it’s not all over yet, never … here’s what Mr Zappa has to say about it.

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