Sunday Music

Didn’t fell like Sun-day, did not feel like weekend. My head hurts the whole Mon-day, I gulped down a bottle of water when I came home this evening. My throat is sore, my codriver mentioned that my voice would sound a bit different, I had no idea. All this is not the result of heavy drinking & smoking, wish it was.
What’s new ? Not much. DO you remember that I mentioned a book about Contemporary Photography in the SU ? Never mind. I found it hard to find more information about single featured artists on the web, what may be related to the different notations of Russian names – I did not feel like checking out all variations. One of the photographers is a man called Vladimir SYOMIN (little article in the NYT 1995). To my astonishment I found him on a site I visit for entertainment, just to see strange Russian things, called  English Russia : Here is a set of Vladimir SYOMINs work. I really like black-white-photography.
I wanted to bring some blues-rock for Sunday Music, but when I listened I found it boring. So I dived into the bookmarks and found a piece by good old EDDIE HAZEL (Ger., Eng.) (of funkadelic fame, Maggot Brain may be remembered), a piece, I say, called Relic Delic or Purple Hazel, and yes, there’s a bit of HENDRIX in it, but it’s HAZEL all over. This funk stuff can be a bit longish, no fear they fade at 2:50, here the man’s grooving for ten minutes.
I hope you like the music – and may this week be gentle to all of us.



No surrender, never, only sleep is allowed to win.

11 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Cool Funkadelic music!

    Hope you feel better soon.

    I am feeling punchy today because they changed the clocks on Sunday. Yuck.

  2. The damn clock change will come soon here LẌ.
    As I see it we will unite with the Netherlandish army and fight the Turkish invasion somewhere on the Balcans as usual. Perhaps near Vienna. I mean, we had to this for some hundred years, there was just a small break, now let’s revive the tradition !
    And while we’re at it one or two tank divisions will turn East directly and unite with the Americans in the Baltics. It only would be a problem if we’d cut Vlad in, but not this time.

  3. Get well soon. Drink some tea, eat some chicken soup, and get plenty of sleep. Stay hydrated and warm. I wish you good health, plenty of rest, and a quick recovery.

  4. For staying hydrated – does cold beer count Eroswings ?

    It already started with birch, hazel & Esche, different grasses. You are totally right about this MrPeenee, I am allergic against some of these pollen. It is usually swollen eyes that feel like glass rubbed into them, headaches, and a running nose. I use an over the counter anti-hystaminicum against the symptoms. Usually this works for some hours, so that I can function. But it would be really damn early for this to start. Anyway, I should get some pills !

  5. Fun music! I hope you don’t have what I had. Try to get lots of rest and some extra vitamin C. I would send you some sunshine but there is none to be had here. You’ll have to find some happy thoughts instead.

  6. I always learn something when I come over here, now I have a new photographer’s work to swoon over.

    The music reminded me of the 70s tv show, Starsky and Hutch, which I loved as a child.

    Finally, I think you ought to snuggle down under a pile of blankets with Scarlet and a bottle of rum until you are both well again. X

  7. I am busily making “happy thoughts”, dear Melanie, there’s nothing else left to do …

    Glad to be of service Eryl.
    I saw a picture of S&H only some days ago on a website, forgot where. The black-haired one was still fit and looked like himself while he pushed his colleague’s wheelchair.
    Not so sure about “snuggling Scarlet”, she always mentions a certain Ms Anderson – ?

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