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While I travelled the roads of Franconia last week my chancellor travelled to Amerga to meet the Leader of the Movement. And I think it is fair to say that she visited, looked, and did not like what she saw. That The Leader refused to shake her hand is one thing, the other – and that is when her face went a bit out of control – was when The Leader’s daughter was placed next to her – to do what ? Discuss fashion ? At one point my chancellor started a sentence with “I am the Chancellor of Germany …” and this is something I think she does very seldom. I think she recognises a psychopath & will keep a very healthy distance to this “Leader” and all his sycophants.
I found it very interesting that the American press was astounded and praised that German journalists did dare to ask questions in the press conference. Something these knights of the Free Press seemingly do not risk any more. This is how it works, self-censorship & intimidation.
And The Leader of course cut a remark about “wire tapping”, stating that he and his guest would have at least something in common ; at least one thing is for sure, The Leader’s poor taste. Meanwhile I think all this “wiretapping” nonsense was just diversion, because I read in one half-sentence somewhere that the White House installed a new “board” that messes around in “national security”, but I could not find more about this. The ranks get filled with trusted comrades, an islamophobic & fascist “top aide on counter-terrorism” was installed already in January, and new institutions are created.
And meanwhile the “career diplomat” in the ministry of foreign affairs stumbles through Asia and blathers about war – remember, the bogeyman lives in Northern Korea. Of course no journalist in sight, just one lady from a right-wing publication who works on a hagiography of said expert for foreign policies is allowed to see the super-diplomat at work. I only wonder what sleazy & spurious reason they will construct to start “liberating” North Korea.
Hopefully it will be possible to get rid of this administration in four years, so that nothing will remain left of this terrible amassment of dangerous & disgusting dumbness. That’s the good thing about a democracy, one has a choice.
No choice had Federico MOMPOU i DENCAUSSE (Ger., Eng.) (1893-1987) : After he had heard a concert of Mr FAURÈ in 1909, it was obvious for him that he had to study music & composition. His shyness prevented him from entering the stage as pianist, hence he played his own pieces only for friends in a private setting. Despite coming from an originally wealthy family MOMPOUs financial situation was dire in the interwar period, at one time he was running a Confiserie in Paris (1924).
MOMPOU composes small, melancholic pieces that make SATIE look like an epitome of raucous vivaciousness – not one note too much, not one too less. The following Sunday Music titled Pájaro Triste or Sad Featherball from his first published composition Impressiones Intimas (1911-1914), is a good example for MOMPOUs work. He plays himself, and when you compare it to sheet music (here) you can notice that he cheats a little bit. I picked up that it was recorded in the mid-1970s when MOMPOU himself was in his late seventies already.
I hope you like the music. It is a bit melancholic, and thus reflects what I see when I look out my window : Grey low clouds moving over the land fast, wet cold earth with first greenish buds, the air is cold, rain … no reason to get outside, better stay on the couch.
I hope we’ll live through a relaxed and un-eventful next week.



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  1. When I saw the clip of DT refusing to shake your chancellor’s hand, I honestly felt like shrinking from shame and disgust. What a complete embarrassment, and I don’t know what it will take for his followers to finally wake up.

  2. do know that there are many of us here that are appalled that the POS (pile of shit) even got elected. our appalled state has only gotten more severe. please get in touch with angela & give her my sincerest apology. if only she’d visited me.

  3. Well, you were right: Pájaro Triste was small and sad. Now I must listen to something upbeat – A previous Sunday Music choice of yours: Jump in the Line, by Harry Belafonte!

  4. It is hard to keep positive in these trying times. So it’s okay to take a break, reflect, and regroup. But never give up hope. No cause or fight is truly lost so long as one person still believes and fights for the right things. Your leader is amazing. She gives hope to us here. Remember, it is by an antiquated, outdated electoral college that idiot was made President. The majority of the population voted against him. We have to change our election system. It took hundreds of years to end slavery in America. And we’re still dealing with the aftermath of such a horrific institution. It’s going to take a little more time to fix our broken election system.

    Cloudy gray days are perfect for sleeping or couch surfing. But like IDV, I use upbeat, dance music to put me in a good mood. Even on the slowest and dreary days, I remind myself that I’m still alive, and that I have choices, and every day I am lucky to be alive is another opportunity to do the things that make me happy, be with the people I love, and enjoy the company of good friends, do the things that I like, and maybe have a little adventure and try something different or new. Have a great week. Be safe and be warm.

  5. The Leader sits on that comfy chair as if he’d be electroluted in the next minute, really uncomfortable. He does not “like” Ms M, and she doesn’t take him for serious. Politics and personal ideas, feelings, sym~ & anti~pathies should be kept apart, but this does not apply to The Leader, and I fear others also do allow to let this slip in, dear Gwyneth.
    The people who elected The Leader will only wake up when they finally find themselves betrayed, again. Then it will be time for a long foreign voyage.

    Oh yes, the Japanese wrestling : When Donald shook Shinzo.
    I think if he’d try padding Angie’s hands she’d make him kiss’em – that would give the thing a different spin …
    Yes very Satie-ish gymnopédies LẌ, because old Eric (died 1925) and the great DEBUSSY (died 1918) are among MOMPOUs influences and ideals. I must try to find the recording from 1974 (he’s 81 then).

    No worries Norma. Next time I see Angela I’ll tell her, and perhaps she” make a little detour at her next visit. I think she will like the Corgies. Vlad’s big black slobber-machine was at least not to her liking.

    It does what it says on the can, IDV. Happy dancing, lovely – will you channel your inner Prince William ?

    Eroswings, you are admirable. Your optimism, your confidence – it is more valuable today than it was ever before.

  6. That was a very sad little tune, I’ll need to listen to a little Tom Waits now, Chocolate Jesus perhaps.

    I saw a clip of The Leader refusing to shake your Chancellor’s hand, he looked like a fat, spoilt toddler who’d been slapped and told to sit still. He doesn’t know how to deal with intelligent women (or men, probably).

    It’s at times like this that old saying: ‘this too will pass,’ comes in; I think I may write it out in Alphabetti Spaghetti. X

  7. I think one of the Scottish farmers who had to deal with The Leader when he rammed this golf course into the landscape, called him a “spoilt brat”.
    Let’s hope that it will pass without too large “collateral damages”, Eryl.

  8. I cringe every time I see or hear of some new faux pas from that odious man.He has no understanding of international politics and no personal manners.Oafish buffoon.But a crafty bastard.

    The little musical piece is lovely, but today I am playing Chuck Berry.Have a lovely week, my friend.

  9. I’m not sure what’s worse, not shaking hands or holding hands as he did with Mrs May. Either way it’s probably best to wear gloves when in his presence, and either way, it is embarrassing and toe curling. I can’t bear it.
    Meanwhile, it is gloomy here and wet, and miserable, but my cold is easing and my back is improving. Take care, m’dear.

  10. He looked like a kid with his and caught in the cookie jar…therefore not being able to shake a hand or “grab a pussy” for that matter… All the pre election poison he spouted about Ms Merkel and her disservice to the EU publicly came home to bight him on the arse… Expect nothing more from a bully when confronted by the object of his victimisation… Guilt written all over his face…

  11. Sadly my favourite video is gone, in which Berry teaches Richards how to play “Oh Carol”, knocking poor Keif off his stride. There was also one when Keif was on stage with Berry, seemingly a birthday bash or something, because Richards was wearing a glitter jacket. They are dutifully steaming through the refrain of a song, Keith minding his own business, when Berry with a big mean grin all of a sudden announces the solo of Mr Richards … in this moment Keif would have happily smashed the guitar around Berry’s head, “you can’t do that on stage anymore”. Have a good time Dinahmow !

    “Gloomy, wet, and miserable” – at least your back gets better, dear MsScarlet. Get well soon !

    I do not know, dear Mistress, I think he only said “Ms Merkel”. That’s close enough I think.

    I hope you will soon have a proper computer again Princess. And Best wishes to the Empress.
    Yes, The Leader is a bully, nothing else. And reaches a new level of cringe-worthiness.

  12. The Chancellor of Germany looked tired and I don’t blame her at all! I too kept wishing I could extend an invitation to my house for a nice cup of tea or wine and intelligent conversation (if I may be so bold as to consider myself intelligent, at least compared to the blonde muppet man.)

    I am pursuing my interests in helping my community coexist better with wildlife and prepare for any number of our disasters risks, the great earthquake and tsunami, any number of sleeping volcanos waking up, wildfires, pandemics, etc. Our famous Mt. Rainer has been stirring in his sleep lately.

    Here is the National Parks Photo Gallery of the mountain if you like. I forgot how close it is until a clear day surprises me with its proximity. Most of the time it is hiding behind clouds.

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