Sunday Music – Tuesday Edition

bööööööh : Franc., multifunctional, context-related, often used to describe  ↑ die Matschbirne

Matschbirne : fem., Franc., lit. muddy or mushy pear = head, noggin, describes a condition of haziness, lack of focus as a result of, or combination of, laziness, tiredness, protracted cold ; indications are, among others, incoherence, soliloquizing mumbling, inopportune slightly idiotic grinning ; leads to social isolation because affected people shuttle between bed & sofa ; hallucinations due to abuse of payne medication imminent  ↑ circulus vitiosus, ↑ cough syrup



14 thoughts on “Sunday Music – Tuesday Edition

  1. Ha! Yes, I had the hallucinations too. I was hacked by Russians in mine…. I mean me, not my laptop…. and I was sending out signals that made all the dogs bark. Weirdest bug ever. Thankfully with plenty of rest it will pass, but you have a couple of days of raw coughing to get through that feels like you’re being kicked to death internally.
    Be well soon!

  2. Russian hackers ? Not yet, dearest Scarlet. Some weird dreams, very livid, some even action-packed (ironic in my mostly sedate state !), a good coughing now & then, but no barking, sorry. I try my very best on / in (what now ?) well-being !

  3. Get well soon.

    Wonderful music selection. Here’s to wishing you good health and a speedy recovery. Enjoy the weird dreams–it’s the brain’s way of resting. Cheers and much warmth and comfort to you.

  4. There’s nothing worse than a mushy pear. Or even a mushy pair! Just one can ruin the whole fruit bowl.

    I hope you’re right as rain very soon, Mago.

  5. ‘inopportune slightly idiotic grinning’ that describes me since I’ve been taking St John’s Wort

    I had the Matschbirne a few weeks ago, along with stabbing pains behind my eyes every time I coughed. Not nice.

    Get well soon.

    Do you want me to send my maid of all work round?

  6. Welcome back Mitzi !
    I hope you have not to suffer from sunburn on sensitive parts.

    Oh Johanniskraut – I had to google “St John’s Wort”, hope it helps.
    Thankfully there are no additional paynes when I cough, but now the throat is “tingling”. I huff & puff like an old engine.
    Thank you for the offer, but, frankly, I do not want to have someone around me now.
    I cough alone.

  7. Maybe there must be codeine in your cough syrup? It gives me terrible nightmares. Hungry ghosts were in the mirrors and the picture frames trying to come out and get me if I stared to long. I finally feel asleep on the stairs where there were no reflective surfaces. I will never take anything with codeine again.

    Please feel better soon! Don’t go towards the light and tell your relatives not to wait for you.

  8. Very appropriate LẌ !

    I’m not going nowhere proxima, be it the light, the cellar or whatever …

    Codeine honey ? You have ideas Roses … Amphetamine Annie, Cocaine Bill … I’ll get lost in the weedy section of youtube …

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