Sunday Music

*cough* – sorry.
It gets better inch by inch. Walking in the sunshine helps a lot, since we still have sunshine, because next week will be blown & washed away. The sun has tremendous power already, while the air is still crisp.
I do not want to dwell on the news of the last days, it only would make me angry, yell and use too many exclamation marks. Instead we should listen to the overture of PERGOLESIs (1710-1736) (Ger., Eng.) opera L’Olympiade (Ger., Eng.) conducted by Ottavio DANTONE (*1960) (Eng.).
Giovanni Battista PERGOLESI died very young from tuberculosis, so the time he composed secular & religious music was limited to five years only – but his posthumous reputation grew & grew, and some smart publishers foisted fake works on the dead composer. As mentioned in the German wikipedia article, gossip has it that L’Olympiade was no initial success, and a disgruntled member of the audience is said to have thrown an orange at the composer’s head. I do not think that the music is bad enough to throw fruit, eggs or rotten tomatoes at anyone.
Better listen for yourself :



Let’s hope for better times, a peaceful week without the all too usual madness would be a good start.

12 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Hopefully, the amount of sunshine we’ve had should top up your batteries so that you can get through the oncoming bluster!

    If I had an orange to hand, I would keep it for myself rather than throw it at Pergolesi’s head!

  2. That’s a cool idea : Friedrich listening to Pergolesi – in those years before he had to ascend the throne he lived in Ruppin and later especially in castle Rheinsberg (all in all 1733-1740).
    He had a corona of “Schoengeister” (notably a de la Mote Foquè (!)) around himself / at his court, played and composed music, was interested in anything from dance to philosophy, the arts – good years for Freddie and his wife. Some music of this incredible Italian Pergolesi would have come right in, on the spot, to this Prussian “Musenhof”.
    Sadly things changed after 1740.

    My batteries are strong, they are rumbling, they go “oooowwwwmmmphhh” – pfff ….
    If I had an orange to hand I’d just juice it, dear IDV, shovel in some sugar and drink the result : You can’t have enough Vitamin C !

  3. I never understood why people throw away perfectly good food. If you don’t like the performance, then walk away; maybe get a refund. I’d save the orange for a snack. The music is nice and upbeat, nothing wrong with it.

    Get well soon. Enjoy the sunshine!

  4. Sorry Norma, I do not know no POTs. I only know the GORENG sisters, BAMI & NASI.

    Yes, juice is it, Savannah dearest. They say it would be vitamins – I doubt. I think it’s just the alcohol.

    Exactly LẌ, juice & vodka. Cold with additional fruit parts and a nice little umbrella !

    I knew this would get you out of the woods Hoppelschaum – literally !

    Yes it’s a shame Eroswings ! People should use rotten tomatoes and addled eggs, but not oranges and other good food. Thinking about it, an orange in the first third of the 18th century surely was not a cheap thing.

    You nailed it Mitzi

  5. It is all very dreary here. Rain and wind, rain and wind, stupid politics, more rain and wind. Cryo-sleep is starting to sound tempting, but terrified at what I might wake up too. Six thousand leagues under the sea or nuclear wasteland? Argh. I shall dutifully plod along.

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