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Happy Easter – Fröhliche Ostern. In a few hours the festivity will be over, and church bells will be allowed to ring again. No bells when Jesus is dead – but as we are told, after three days the man returns, death has lost. Lucky & enviable who can believe, who has preserved the childhood’s faith, den Kinderglauben. At least, for us normal dubious mortals, there is and remains hope, a true force of nature.
Enough of hard-boiled eggs, chocolate bunnies, traffic jams – tomorrow normal madness, daily deliriousness, random rage, absurd alliterations will prevail again, isn’t it tremendous ?!
Some music to steel our nerves for the coming onslaught of life, ach sometimes …
Mssrs TOWNER (Ger., Eng.), MUTHSPIEL (Ger., Eng., agent), S. GRIGORYAN (Ger., Eng.) wrote a Travel Guide in 2013, and we hear the title Duende.
I hope you like the music. Love, peace & understanding would be a nice gift for this world, getting through unharmed would be good as a start. Let’s hope for the best.



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  1. All I can say is, thank goodness for these pagan Easter eggs and bunnies customs that make these long, drawn out, boring church services more fun and bearable. I love chocolate candy eggs and bunnies and marshmallow tweets! I look forward to them going on sale right after the holidays! They’re delicious treats. Have a great week to you!

  2. Although I’m not sure that peace and understanding are attainable, I encourage us all to find the joy and beauty in life and to contribute to the world in whatever way we can.

  3. Today sees the end of the hoppeling, es hat sich ausgehoppelt, dearest Foam. Glad you like the music.

    I’m sure that TOWNER did some bossa nova once, maybe together with Larry CORYELL. MUTHSPIEL is open for everything, and about GRIGORYAN I do not know enough – so I am sorry, I can not point in an exact direction LẌ.

    I did miss to go today to my local supermarket, but have a good excuse : Trustworthy people reported to me that this early morning all was white from snow ! And in the early afternoon it threw down graupel, soft hail, between those heavy gushes of wind that made the window panes not shatter, but bend ! So the reduced bunnies will fall in my shaky wet hands only tomorrow Eroswings

    Joy and beauty are a good aim in itself, Mistress Dearest – and from there to world peace it’s just a hoppeling Hupf to the left …

  4. I started reading that article you found for The Very Mistress but couldn’t finish it because it was so frightening.
    On the other hand, the music is lovely, but even lovelier is your out-of-focus city lights header image. I have probably missed loads of these images as I tend to click directly on to your latest post (from my sidebar) rather than your main page. I will be more observant in future.

  5. Thank you for the article, Mago. Important food for thought.

    Mr. DeVice, the article ends by saying, “Western civilisation is not a lost cause, however. Using reason and science to guide decisions, paired with extraordinary leadership and exceptional goodwill, human society can progress to higher and higher levels of well-being and development.”

    So we can cling to that thought.

  6. It is very friendly of you IDV to assume that I had loads of pictures in the header – what is sadly not the case, because I became pretty lazy in this respect. Maybe I should do a little more.
    I do not think that it is frightening, what is described in the article, IDV. Only inasmuch as the unknown future is scary, inducing angst. I found some interesting books mentioned that had escaped my radar, like “Thomas Homer-Dixon, chair of global systems at the Balsillie School of International Affairs in Waterloo, Canada : The Upside of Down.”
    In the Middle East water was always a means of power, and some of the damns built back in the sixties & seventies were nothing else. Also what the new pasha of Turkey did some years ago, when he started to have a giant dam built in the very East of his country, was nothing else but building a giant weapon in concrete. The strange zigzag of the wall Israel built is also caused by water sources, that accidentally came to lie on this side of the wall.
    It is important to see the connex to social unrest, or more general the social results, the effects on societies. And one is the rise of fear & angst, what will lead to more irrational decisions, to more violence, to more “us vs them”, instead of “we”.
    I think it is necessary to look at things, to try to understand them, and to pronounce and name them. It is not okay to let things simmer in a half-dark, un-clear corner. Perhaps it is possible that some of those who will follow us will not walk into the set traps. But then I watch the tv for half an hour and come to think – would it be so bad if all this crap would be extinct ? Don’t get excited, I know that this is comparing apples with peaches etcetc.

    We cling to that since we sat in the first cave dearest Mistress, but even back then “extraordinary leadership and exceptional goodwill” were most sparse. The happy-go-lucky “My club is bigger than yours”-types usually led the willing followers over to the next tribe’s cave to kill and subjugate for “progress to higher and higher levels of well-being and development”. I very well know that human history does not consist of those actions & attitudes only, but it does to a big part. Not that there would not be other, different, perhaps better parts, too. In the moment Luther’s lass fahren dahin – of course totally ripped out of context – describes my mood best.

  7. Thank you for this very interesting link Eroswings – it is a large resource for reading !
    And why does the name “Neil Gaiman” “ring a bell”, but leaves me unable to connect a title to it ? Ah damn capt’n, now I have to stay glued to the screen to find out …

  8. Nice tunes, thank you!
    Did you get a chocolate bunny this year? I didn’t, but am hoping to find one in a bargain bin somewhere soon. And last night a friend brought a huge chocolate egg to our house after the pub music session, so I feel much less deprived today.

  9. I got my bunny this year, dear Eryl, wrapped in gold, with a red ribbon around its neck with a little bell. See, I totally forgot to look into the bargain bin !

    Finally history in an understandable format ! What an evocative documentary LẌ !

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