Sunday Music, Tuesday

Apologies, I’m late – things, stuff, but mostly life … Someone once remarked that “life” would be what happens while one waits for something else to happen (or at least along this line), who ever it was, I think this person had understood something.
Musicwise I was looking for thundering guitars, but could not decide. I found that someone put out HENDRIX’ first Fillmore East show from 31.XII.69 in a really well remastered version some months ago (tidbit), good GOD what could this man do with a guitar. But finally I chose the Harlem Nocturne in a 1946 version by the Randy BROOKS (Ger., Eng.) Orchestra, the solo sax played by Eddie CAINE, about whom I could find no entry nowhere, despite the fact that he later played with MINGUS.
Here all is back to nearly normal, at least I am tired as usual. I hope you enjoy the music, and that we have an uneventful & peaceful week ahead.



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  1. Yes LẌ², JH really played a flaming guitar !
    Most recordings of his concerts I heared were of minor quality, so this one is outstanding imho. Now if they’d release the concert in the Albert Hall … Years ago I read that his father would work on a release of new material and of embettered versions of already known recordings, but I think it stayed with that announcement and never really materialised. As always – someone tries to make an easy buck from Hendrix’ music, so it was when he was still alive, so it is nearly fifty years after his death.
    Woops indeed ! Cross town traffic ?!

  2. Life happens all around us. If we’re lucky, we get to enjoy it with the people we care for. Any day we’re alive is an opportunity to do the things that make us happy and spend time with the people we love, whose company we enjoy.

    Jimi Hendrix is amazing! One of my fave Hendrix works is Bold As Love (Instrumental). And one of my fave Olympics performances was watching Takahiko Kozuka of Japan skating to Bold As Love. It was such an awesome performance, because the song was great, astounding, and fantastic! And it was fun! It was so different from all the usual songs the other skaters were using. It was the best performance of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

    Have a great week.

  3. Glad that you like it, dear Dinahmow !

    It is an amazing performance Eroswings, no wonder you can still remember this after seven years !
    Thanks, have a good week too.

  4. I was going to say that it was John Lennon who sang the lyrics, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” from his song, “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)” on the 1980 “Double Fantasy” album.

    But when I looked it up, they claim the original quote, “Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans,” was originally uttered by American writer/cartoonist Allen Saunders, back in 1957.

  5. Thank You for clarifying this Mistress. I confess that I have heard about this beatnik LENNON before, but that Mr SAUNDERS is unknown to me – live & learn !

  6. Maybe it is a sign of old age, but I’ve come to prefer instrumental music. The lyrics often seem to just get in the way. As a writer, I get hung up on word use or the Songwriter’s original intent with the words and all their potential meanings. In most languages, words have many meanings and layers to them. I hear this true for Italian and makes it difficult to truly appreciate Dante’s Inferno when not reading it in it’s original language.

  7. Old age ? No, most of it is just crap Melanie.
    Dante’s Inferno – as I was told once – can seemingly be read plainly as “what it is” – a description of the “inferno”, but also as description of his political surroundings, in various states of criticism, and I am sure there are other interpretations.
    The single word has a lot of different layers to it, I am sure in any language. And of course “over the languages”.
    Arno SCHMIDT – sorry to come back to him again – tried to explain this with his theory of the “ethym”, the smallest meaning-holding particle / form. He tried to verify this with Finnegan’s Wake, took him ages to translate even a tiny bit.
    One thing I remember was that he came up with the explanation of that always mentioned “Jugurtha” in the text as a form of “you garroter” – referring to a situation when author’s brother kind of “waterboarded” the author who came home drunk in the morning, seemingly a true occurrence, I have not checked the diaries.

    In the end it is all a game, it is homo ludens at his best or worst, depends on the perspective, as always.

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