Sunday Music

“Geschichte wird gemacht – es geht voran !”
Band Fehlfarben, song Ein Jahr


And history was made in Wembley when Mr JOSHUA knocked out Mr KLITSCHKO, a clean fight, a clear victory, a generational change. Let’s hope that Vladimir understands the message written on the ring floor, and quits. Enough of this.
Yesterday was the only sunny day in a row, and for the week to come, so I took a stroll on the banks of the river Main. Here is some photographic evidence.
To give a general impression, this is a view from the right river bank towards the left one, lot of mistletoes growing there in the trees.




Nice and sunny, and no, our rivers are not flowing uphill. Of course they could, if they’d decide to.


Where unruly tourists end up


Communities are generously providing health facilities for free, everyone is invited to a round of Wassertreten, also called Kneippen.


Detail der Wassertreterei


Stepping through cold water is a bit exhausting, so it is time to try the local street furniture.


It is actually more comfortable than it looks.


Franconians, at least many of them, like to decorate their environment. There is always place for some flowers, or stuff. So on your way back to the car you may spot something like this :


There’s always space for a flower.


And your reward for following me up to here : A short bourée by Christoph GRAUPNER (1683-1760) (Ger., Eng.).
I hope you like the music. May we all have a peaceful week !



14 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. The pictures are a pleasant surprise. Perhaps Mr KLITSCHKO just wanted to get in the ring one last time. The strangest things can become habit forming. It’s how criminals are caught. The thrill of getting away with something makes them want to do it again, until they dn’t get away with it and they get caught. If you leave them in jail with nothing more to think about, then why not think about how to chase that thrill again and do it better so as not to get caught. The pattern repeats a mere skip of the needle on the record doesn’t always end the song.

  2. I’m struggling to see how wading in water can be good for bronchitis! And it’s not just my lousy German – I asked Mr.Google to translate and he also said it “alleviates bronchitis”
    Of course it is very early here and I have only drunk one coffee so I’ll have some breakfast…

  3. The thrill – adrenaline keeps the veins free of residue … but Vladimir has to understand that the fourteen years between him and JOSHUA are gone, he can’t win against time.

    According to the disciples of Herr Pfarrer KNEIPP cold water, hot water, and anything in between can cure all & everything Dinahmow. In Bad Wörishofen they ambush their patients will swills of cold water in the morning, yes you learn to pray there … Freezing off the lower legs may help against bronchitis, why not – the result may be a fever that kills either the germs or the patient …

  4. Was the river bank photo taken near Der Rokokogarten?

    In the future I shall strive to remain a ruly tourist and avoid that water torture device!

  5. Exactly, LẌ ! The “Promenade” of Veitshoechheim, filled with sun-hungry people. What I could not photograph was the wind from the East and the power of the sun.

  6. Gorgeous river views! Thank you for sharing these awesome fotos of the wonderful places in your neighborhood. I quite like the lovely, lively splash of brilliant color from the lone flowerpot on the stone walls. It makes me smile. We could all use some more vibrant flowers to make our world more beautiful and serene. Have a great week!

  7. You’d be swept off yer feet in an instant, dearest Mistress – and don’t forget the belt buckle …

    The vibrant colours are only a memory on this cold, grey and wind swept Tuesday morning, Eroswings. It rains since yesterday afternoon and will continue to rain until Frayday. The little creek I can see from my window is already out of his / her bed (I can’t decide whether the Haslach is a female or a male entity) and busily filling the areas meant for the spillover. It is a good thing that they changed this back to a more natural layout, because in earlier years the water would have rushed through the straight artificial bed and caused harm to fields when it hit corners or bents. Now it is meandering and can not pick up speed, flows over in meadows, all is more gentle.

  8. That “water torture device” is bringing back memories of the ducking stool… Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I always wanted another go, but the villagers said I should be drowning, not having fun.

    Lovely to have some photos, Mago – thank you for sharing them. I’ve never seen so much mistletoe in one place. And I love the little plant pot on that stone wall buttress thingy.

  9. Always in for a good dunking IDV !
    Reminds me, the Criminal Museum has a new website. They always had one in their signet, but this may have changed.

    Glad you like them pictures, thank you.

  10. Car stuff always welcome !
    Hurts from viewing LẌ. He was a bit fast in this right hander methinks.
    Who ever produced these guard rails now has the perfect commercial : You can even throw a rally Ford Focus on our products, they won’t brake. Or slice the damn car in two …

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