Sunday Music, Monday Edition


Actually I am in the scream phase, not like saying something just a bit louder than usual, but scream bloody murder. Next will be the fist on keyboard phase. I envy Alice (Eng.), Dilbert’s coworker, for her “fist of death”, I think she can put this one through a flat screen. Not that my poor, dusty screen would be to blame. Nor the computer, the web, or even me. I just do not want to talk about it. But after the revolution, the rupture or what the hell may put an end to this idiotic age we have to live through, all structural engineers (“Statiker”) and medical specialists (“Fachärzte”) will be shot. All. And I mean it. I have a list !
So, there, some music. Something strange by Bruno NICOLAI (Eng., Ger.), very aptly named Realtà, realness, Wirklichkeit.
I hope you enjoy the music and don’t have to listen to “specialists” – AAARRRGGG



11 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. Pillow Fight ! When I’ll be done with throwing & punching one of these nice pillows I will collapse. Dann werde ich das andere mit meinen heißen Zähren netzen und mich in Morpheus’ Arme flüchten !

    I will say a prayer contemplating over the image of our stripey ULF, LẌ, while I take in some of the sacred 6% nectar* for derelict & abandoned cases.

    * Provided by norma (NOT the bullets, just the brew from the cheap superette.)

  2. This is why I go to a quiet little gym with a punching bag. No one gets hurt except the punching bag.
    Be strong my friend. I owe you an email. I’ll try to send it soon.

    Here’s a distraction for you:
    Tom Waits Dead and Lovely
    (It sums up who I used be)

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