One Last Time

I really hope that at some point in the future, when the Leader of the Movement will be dragged out of his court formerly known as the White House, preferably by his balls, historians will come to the conclusion that things started to go totally bonkers for this “administration” when the head of the FBI was sacked.
I think it is the time to get this orange ham out for real & seriously now. It is in the interest of the state, more damage needs to be averted, and the damage already done needs to be controlled and repaired.
I read in different articles that some months ago at a private meeting the Leader of the Movement asked the now sacked head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to express his loyalty towards the newly elected Leader.  The policeman found his spine and offered honesty. Seemingly not enough.
It was often mentioned that positions in the new “administration” were given to people not based on skill & qualification, but owing to the grade of loyalty they had shown to the Leader while he was fighting for the office (“Kampfzeit”). And this made me draw some not so nice parallels.
In the 19th century the German “Gelehrtenrepublik”, the republic of letters, was not especially known as a stronghold of forward thinking politics. But when a new king was appointed in Hanover some eggheads showed remarkable spine. The crowned ox demanded all officials to take an oath on him personally, but the officials had sworn on the constitution previously. While most people thought this to be a mere formality some professors in Göttingen decided not to swear and get into a personal binding to the neo-absolutist crowned idiot. They were called the “Goettinger Sieben” (Ger., Eng.), and I am proud that Jacob and Wilhelm GRIMM, the founding figures of German Volkskunde, were among them. They had to emigrate to Berlin, the rest is history.
In the 20th century another democratically elected, German Leader of the Movement, the Reichskanzler and later Fuehrer Adolf HITLER, demanded that all German soldiers swear an oath to him personally (“Führereid”, Ger., Eng.), so binding them to his person and fate, making them “faithful” (what a word in this connection !) to him. In my opinion the American Leader of the Movement demands nothing else.
This kills the basis of what we call “state”. The basis of state is law, not personal binding to the ruler.
If this story mentioned above is true – and I have no doubt that it is –  it shows clearly the nihilism of the actual American “president” : Nothing counts but the personal relationship, and this has to be based on loyalty. Alarmists may see this as another sign that what we see & watch is nothing else but a coup d’etat. The rule of law is in the process of being replaced by the rule of “loyalty” to the elected Leader of the Movement. The democratic state, hated by large parts of the “elite” and misunderstood by at least half of the populace, is not in the process of being rebuilt, it is in the process of being abandoned. It will be replaced by something new that is focused on and legitimated by the will of The Leader only.
In the historical science we call this “Diktatur”, dictatorship.
And I fear that half of the USAmerican populace is absolutely content with this.
And I wonder where the opposition is ?
The Democrats and those parts of the conservative party, who are still in command of their brains and not yet totally corrupt & morally rotten, should work together – for the goddamn state – or do they all want to watch as it is turned into a branch of & a vehicle for the Leader‘s (and his cronies) businesses ? Doesn’t his son-in-law already sell “golden visa” to rich Chinese ?
Yes, fake news, of course …
To make it clear : This “Leader of the Movement” is a danger, not only for the United States of America, but for the whole world. A man is in control, who can not control himself, who shits (excuses) on anything “democratic” and or “legal” as long as it is outside his limited understanding and not in favour for his “interests”, a man who simply does not share the values of enlightenment that are the basis of the modern state – Amerga once was the role model for this : She is based on this !
I already said it here, I say it again : Sometimes around 2007 Vlad bought “the Leader”, and this is the result.
The lever may be “this Russian thing”, and the health of the Leader – I seriously think that he is in the early state of dementia, Old Knudsen said it first.
In a way the “Leader” is unimportant, boring, & even predictable – it is much more important what the opposition does, if anything : If something new can come out of this terrible rule of scum.

Okay, this was it. Next post will be about books, I really need some ease, the last days were … interesting.

8 thoughts on “One Last Time

  1. Every time I see another idiotic Trump headline I think of the wonderful “Gulliver’s Travels”and the similarly idiotic characters penned therein.

  2. What a swift comment – yes, hit me with yer rhythm stick, I could not resist …
    Interestingly I saw just a day ago a picture of a monument that was Gulliver related, but I honestly can not say where I saw the image nor where the monument was – I am sorry Dinahmow. I think it was in the Telegraph’s travel section. something about European destinations a bit off the trotten paths.
    Yes, back to the classics. I’m in the Cevennes with Modestine right now – and learn a lot, especially about the marvellous language called English.

  3. I expect that there’s a Grimm fairy tale (or several) that mirror the current political “situation” – There will be instruction within as to how to get rid of the half-baked ham, I’m sure!

  4. A military-owned facility where I had worked had an open bid between two rival universities for a multi-year contract to manage the site. The director of one of the university teams called each employee into his office to have them swear personal loyalty to him. His team ultimately won the contract. This was especially offensive since he was a former Navy captain and knew better. Some times the bad guys win.

    I was lucky since I had left a couple of months before all that happened.

  5. In these difficult and challenging times, it’s important to keep working towards the ideals that we hold dear: Freedom, Liberty, and Justice. It is hard to deal with the corruption, but so long as we keep fighting and never surrender, we will never lose. So long as we keep practicing the values we believe in, we are never lost. Keep hope and keep faith. There are still good people left in the world.

  6. I fear those roses are a bit withered dear Melanie

    There is one describing what happens when a kissed frog does not deliver, we watch it life IDV – magical times …

    They all were “made men” after all LẌ – men of honour, what’s to frown about this, eh !?

    I would be happy, and only hope, if that group that once was a grand old party, would at least try to find something like a moral compass, but I think anything only slightly connected with “ethics” is considered to be “egghead related bullshit”, dearest Savannah

    I admire you Eroswings, you really believe in ideals. “No Pasaran !”

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