Sunday Music, Late Edition

I’m sorry for being late. And I do not have time right now, I have to leave.
So without further ado here is some Sunday Music, by the late, great Herbert JANSCH (1943-2011) (Ger., Eng.).
I hope You enjoy the music, and that we’ll have an easy week ahead.



6 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Late Edition

  1. Yes, pretty fitting image LẌ – but things got better !


    Now we face Thursday, he’ll give us heat, perhaps a little thunder, and hope. What more one can one ask for IDV ?!

  2. BRUHAHAAA ! Thank you LẌ – that is really fine ! I mean, it is all so harmonious, natural even : The quiet suburban neighbourhood where nobody walks on the street ; the seemingly pretty new, surely expensive car ; the bass box flying out of the rear window – it is all in its right place, it is the kosmos working, all is set and prepared for the self-inflicted damage, sadly not in an outright act of anarchic violence intended to blow the boundaries of the limited existence, but meant as self-verification or ego-boost – and the failure breeds the comic, really dramma giocosa : Great !

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