Sunday Music

These were nice four days, time to sleep, to cook light & easy, to do “nothing”. Gently time shuffled onwards. A sparkling sun warmed the air a little more every day, tomorrow more than 30°C are expected. Summer arrived. This week’s end will see some action, I may be offline, but hey, it’s days away.
Here is some music from the AdisAdabaBand, I hope you like it. I have no further information about this group, I think they are from Denmark.
A little more peace, love, and understanding would be a good thing in this world, hope you can find it !



7 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. If I would carry on this way LẌ, I would have to find a way to get up earlier. Over the last days I slept in, until late morning – this stole a bit of the day. Now, when working again, I have to get up really early, so that I have to sleep around midday for at least one hour. In a perfect world I would get up fresh and relaxed in the morning, perhaps between seven and eight, and happily start business at nine o’clock. But all this fruitless “ifs” & “whens” are nonsense – it is how & what it is after all.
    Great to watch the crop come out, see the different shades of green all over the landscape. I think I even spotted cherries at some place.

  2. Thankfully the Leader can not grab all & anything with his greasy fingers. dearest Norma. But you must be just – it is impressive how he destroys the US from the inside, and internationally too : Kudos ! Vlad must be proud, his best man sits in Washington.

  3. I went to visit my mom. It did not go as expected, we had to play “hurry up and wait” in the ER, but in the end, she was ok and I still had time to fix her computer and bring her favorite breakfast from a restaurant before driving the six hours back to my home. It was that intuition again, demanding I be at a certain place and time. I do not question it.

  4. I was going to take my Niece out for her birthday, but I couldn’t find her, for days no messages are being returned, its not like her. I am waiting to hear from her mother, someone I don’t know very well. I consider birthdays bittersweet, especially my own, I don’t really care about my own age, I don’t hide it. I’m happy to have lived another year, but its also a reminder that if I am one year older, so are my parents and in one of these years, their time will come to an end and there won’t be anything I can do about it. Until then, II go where I am needed most.

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