Never Say Never

I am sorry, dear reader(s – ?), if I bore you stiff with this post, but the last shenanigans of the great Leader of the Movement … well, I feel the urge to say something about this. The Leader has left Europe some days ago and describes his travels as huge success, a “home run”, seemingly something sporty. In short, great – what else ?
A direct result of this voyage is that Ms MERKEL said that the days when we (Germany and Europe) could unconditionally rely on the USofA are over. Chancellor MERKEL is not known for hefty vocabulary, for fist slamming and all this brutish and silly behaviour. Her caution is sometimes taken for weakness, and the opposition, and even members of her own party, often scold her and demand stronger words. So foreign commenters and watchers may find her remark unimportant, neglectable.
In fact it is as close as the German Chancellor will go publicly to saying “Fuck off !”. And she means it.
MERKEL had the chance to watch the Leader and all his bagage closely on several occasions, in different settings. And the conclusion she draws is that what one could call the “old West” came to an end. It is not the person of the Leader, it is more, more fundamental.
The last bit of sympathy I harboured for Mr SPICER evaporated when I heard what he had to say about this : He prattled over the “personal” “relation” between MERKEL and the Leader, this would be soo good blabla – right beside the point, missing the target exactly either intentionally, or, even worse, by not understanding what she said. She said expressis verbis that the USA are an unreliable partner now. This is very remarkable, and, of course, will have consequences.
SPICER, and so the criminal gang he speaks for, do not understand that politics is not a personal game, these brainless scumbags do not understand that they represent a state.
In fact Europe, what ever it is & will be in future, is on its own, in all respects of international politics. It is a real chance. The East’s psychological warfare will not bite in the long run.
In a certain way what I called “the old West”, what remained after the crumbling of the Soviet Union, is brought to an end by the administration of the Leader. Remember, and take serious please, what the Super Advisor said : “The Leader is only a tool”.
The actual “President” is unfit, inept and unqualified for the job. An impeachment is possible, but becomes imho more & more improbable, especially because of the total moral bancerott of the Republican party. A biological solution is possible, when the leader becomes too bizarre and has to step back (“terminated” ?) because of “health issues”. But in a way the person, the individual “Trump” is unimportant – the nihilistic spirit is already out of the bottle.
Those who financed this Leader are already in command of what they understand to be a “state”, the path back to “greatness” is already trampled free, the clock is already in the process of being turned back to some kind of “1950”. And if some climate accord is revoked or not – this is just maquillage, or call it a “collateral damage”Of course this will be done with a great gesture & fanfare, isn’t it one of the Leader’s promises ?
At least one he keeps.
I already said it in a comment here, the Leader destroys the old Western order from within, and he will destroy the US civil society. Within months he not only weakened, but pulverised the former order, opening up chances upon chances for his Bruder im Geiste Vlad. The coming summer meetings will follow this blueprint.
I only hope that MERKELs message will be understood, the time for appeasement is over : The kindergarten does not want to play with the bully any more.
We don’t have to.

7 thoughts on “Never Say Never

  1. I agree with the Chancellor, I wish it wasn’t true, but it is.

    Some people like to stand back and watch the world burn, they think they won’t be affected by it. These hard-right Conservatives, of which I know a few, think that all these actions are sticking it to the Blue Liberals that they’ve resented for so long. They think they can stand back in glee and watching the liberals struggle. They don’t realize they’ll be caught in the back burn soon enough, the flames will rise behind them. In Forestry, this is how you take corrective action to thin the stands of trees. Then you can go in and replant the area, nothing says you have to replant it with the exact same trees that were burned up in the fire. Maybe you replace them with more profitable trees , more disease resistant, or more easy to manage slow growing trees. Every American is going to get burned by this chaos eventually to various degrees.

  2. This post has reminded me that behind the orange oaf there’s a whole retinue of string-pullers. Getting rid of the be-quiffed satsuma is only one small step..

    P.S. Good for Chancellor Merkel!

  3. I am sorry des Nibelungen LẌ – I did not correctly write down the link thing. So here it is :

    I think that is a very speaking image Melanie – what comes will affect all of us !

    Ah, Jean Claude Juncker – this official is just the President of the European Commission, a minor body … – it’s funny ! And speaks volumes. He’s not known for mocking people – yes, he can be pretty moquant, arrogant too, but usually he holds back. So when he says that “we tried to explain this to Mr Trump in simple sentences, it sadly did not work” … it simply did not work.
    I wonder what the Leader will break in the coming months Dinahmow, as long as he is still playing in the White House …

    Sadly Merkel said “the US AND the UK”, IDV.
    I think the herd of string-pullers will be thinned over the coming months, simply because these people, they may be related to the Leader or not, will be not acceptable any longer.
    But again – I may be boringly repeating meself – the path back to greatness is already in the process of being trampled, the damage to the society is already done.
    Never forget that more than sixty millions of Americans voted the Leader into office. Whatever made them do it – general disappointment or frustration with the politics “as a whole”, specific reasons, a giant & untamable feeling of “Fuck Off !”, anger fear whatever I do not know – these feelings will not go away. These feelings made the Leader possible, He does all to stoke them up, his administration takes away all what could be seen & understood as “socialist” thing – what translates as working reforms like Obamacare.
    But there are still no “jobs” raining down from the sky – the super-duper weapons deal (“beautiful weapons” [!] ) secured some “jobs” in Arabia, but not in the US.
    If this keeps going on, if there are no tangible results soon, half of the US society did not only vote for a nihilistic idiot, but also gets its hopes & expectations badly belied : This could harm the Union seriously.
    If the result will be a Free State of Texas, it was worth the hustle !

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