Bommm, Bom-de-lomm, Pom-pom …

Well, dear reader, it may have escaped Your attention – all too understandable I may add – that I was away for some days. Happy days spent in quietness on the countryside, in rural areas of Suebia. Generally nice people live there, if a bit hard to understand because of their unconventional dialect – but what dialect is conventional ?
What was even more relaxing was the loss of internet connection, the web was not missed at all. No newspaper, no radio, bliss.
When I came back and switched on the machine, I wondered if something would have changed, magically – and of course it had not : People kill people, the usual wars, Mr Kim throws missiles around, da Leader’s lies get exposed but as usual nobody sees a need for action … what a world.
Just for fun, a version of 21st Century Schizoid Man (Eng.) by the Guitar Circle of Europe, that sadly ceased to exist in March 2017.



9 thoughts on “Bommm, Bom-de-lomm, Pom-pom …

  1. Who put the bomp
    In the bomp bah bomp bah bomp
    Who put the ram
    In the rama lama ding dong

    Who put the bop
    In the bop shoo bop shoo bop
    Who put the dip
    In the dip da dip da dip

    Who was that man, I’d like to shake his hand

    Who Put The Bomp

  2. Gell? Die Schwaben und ihr Dialekt. Went camping a couple of weeks ago. Very spotty internet connection, so I didn’t even bother with it. It was mahvelous.

  3. Ah, a wonderful escape from the business of the world – how lovely! Although, I hope you stayed somewhere with enough “civilisation” to afford you a cup (or several) of coffee in the morning?!
    And, might there have been some photographs…?

  4. Thank you Melanie, I felt un-trapped !

    No worries IDV – the Suebians are very civilised, coffee in the morning is absolutely no problem. But sadly truth is not their friend – at nearly any location a more or less “panoramic” “view of the Alps” is promised, but believe me, there are no “Alps” on the horizon, not even a fata morgana. Also a promise never honoured is the so called “Zwiebelrostbraten”, a tourist manager’s invention that never made it on the plate. So I am sorry IDV, pictures of things being not there are not in my reach …

  5. Mmm, a trip away from the world, I hope you are feeling fully refreshed. I’ll be interested to know a little more about Suebia when you’re ready to report. We’re off to the north west Highlands (Assynt) next week, hopefully there’ll be no wifi or phone signal. I keep forgetting to switch my computer on, and it will be nice to have a better excuse than ‘too old to care any more,’ for not responding to emails.

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