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Freedom is just another word for riding my bicycle. Some years ago I declared proudly that “my bicycle is indestructible” – but, of course, time wins, and at some point even necessary parts started to fall off. There is a moment when the unavoidable effort to keep it running becomes too much, when the former flying pride turns into a badly repaired, bitty & unsafe rolling accident in waiting. So I had no bike for some time.
Until yesterday when I got my new used bicycle. It is only three years old, and chic ; it has a fork with shock absorbers (!), a dynamo that is built around the front axle and hence runs without friction ; very good brakes, 8×3 gears, and a very useful metal basket over the rear wheel. I am not yet absolutely content with the sitting position, but it all works very nice.
I learned that Mr DRAIS (Ger., Eng.) took out his Laufmaschine on the 12th of June 1817 for the first longer tour – I’m just a few days behind. I want it to become a habit, regular exercise is a good thing.
This afternoon I cycled over the former American area, where in one go three different projects are tackled : First, the university enlarges the campus ; second, new houses are built that will form a new district of town ; and third, preparations are made for a large horticultural show that should start spring next year. The whole area becomes thoroughly transformed.
This Sunday’s music is a sinfonietta or sinfonia titled La Tempesta di Mare by Carlo MONZA (1735-1802) (Ger.), performed by Fabio BIONDI and his Europa Galante. I hope you like the music – may the coming week be satisfyingly tranquil. Un’ jezz lass’mmer’s grache …



10 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Good for you, Sir! I will never ride on public roads again.Although there are some cycle paths here and there, from where I live I’d have to negotiate highway traffic and hills!

  2. Highway traffic & hills – that sounds a bit like Wuerzburg inner city, dear Dinahmow.
    It’s less cars that are dangerous, but other bicyclists who seemingly follow their inner kamikaze-feeling who frighten me terribly.
    The hills are simply a given menace, I am determined to grow on them !

    Even in full regalia, as you once remarked, dearest Mistress – must have been a great picture !

    Images will follow soon rad LẌ, perhaps tomorrow – I have to look for my bike, because I parked it in the common “Fahrradkeller” and feel it is neglected now …
    They are doing a remarkable job all over the whole area, it gets transformed – and what I find amazing is the view one can have from these hills. I will photograph some places later, when it is more “in form”.
    I can not believe that I watched them “”wrestlers” for the whole five minutes, and want to see more : A great find !

  3. La Tempesta di Mare sounds like perfect cycling music – an excellent accompaniment to struggling up those hills then freewheeling down the other side at a breath taking pace!
    Have fun on your bike, Mago. You have reminded me that I should use mine once in a while…

  4. I used to cycle daily but dropped the habit – I really should, it’s only two or three kilometres into town and an easy run. I don’t enjoy cycling, but I know it’s good for me.

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