Sunday Music, on a Tuesday

“Ta-ta” you may say, venerated reader, “this guy isn’t even able to blog regularly at one day a week, ta-tah.”
And of course Your criticism would be absolutely valid & justified.
But I may say that the weekend that was, in fact was not a “weekend” with days of rest and laziness, sleep and recreation.
In fact I had additional driving duties on Saturday, and spent Sunday travelling from the early hours of the wonderful morning to late afternoon visiting a rural festivity in Middle Franconia.
I blame the sweltering heat for my difficulties with night’s sleep, what is surely no excuse for the fact that I slept in this morning, the first time in three years. I heard the alarm clock, held it in my hand, and saw the large finger pointing upwards. When I looked again, the large finger hadn’t barely moved, and I got up, went to the kitchen to prepare a cup of coffee. Suddenly I asked myself towards what number the small finger would be pointing, the five or the six ? The six of course, so the coffee had to wait, as had my co-driver who phoned in punctually when I was already marching through the street to the vehicle that I found thankfully parked at the usual spot.
An exciting life I unfurl in front of Your eyebeam, dear reader.
Also exciting, at least for me, is the early baroque music of the Venetian Dario CASTELLO (ca. 1590 – ca. 1658) (Ger., Eng.). Here we hear the tenth sonata from his second book, published Venice 1644, performed by Les Cornets Noirs from Basel, an ensemble specialised in early baroque music, what a coincidence.
I hope you enjoy the music, may the week be peaceful and stressless !



11 thoughts on “Sunday Music, on a Tuesday

  1. The Sunday festivities were festive and informative, affenhitze LẌ. I had a short but interesting conversation with Mr H. – all in all I was travelling for this five minutes !

    And there is the Schweinekälte too, dearest Mistress.

  2. You are never too late, Savannah !

    Yes, I think it all accelerated, dear Z.

    The pig is not cold Mistress. It describes / means a really cold cold.
    “Schweinewetter” made it into the Deutsche Wörterbuch, as equivalent is given “Sauwetter”, both means really bad weather. Also “saukalt” is really cold, with a moment of unpleasantness – it is not only really cold, but it’s “bööh” too : You are not only standing in the cold, but it’s dark, raining, fog comes in, and your welly has a nice hole … ungemütlich, das – real saukaltes Schweinewetter :)

    Very handy list LẌ.

  3. @LX: The Local is a site I check occasionally but I missed the German winter terms post. Thanks so much for that. Most informative and entertaining. “Schneematsch” is the worst part of winter, for me.

    @MAGO: The German language is endlessly fascinating. Ich mag die deutsche Sprache.

  4. Ich bin sicher, daß die deutsche Sprache sich sehr geehrt fühlt, wunderbarste Mistress von allen. Sie ist Wachs in Deinen Händen und schmilzt dahin in Deinem Mund …

    Ha – partisan blogging : Hit them when they least expect it ! I’ll keep on ambushing my venerated readers, dear IDV.

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