Sunday Music

There I stood with a Bocksbeutel in my hands.
I put it in the fridge & myself in the bathtub. Later I cycled* over to the local kebab-and-pizza-shop and bought one of these all-in-one buns (is this the correct word ?) and a beer – now the day is my friend.
It was a busy week, rather successful I’d assume, at least many things were finally done. I drove the vehicle to the local tip (it is not called “Schuttplatz” anymore, but “Wertstoffhof”, and things are sorted and recycled, at least this is the promise), and got rid of several obsolete stuff. As a result my balcony is free – and shows its dirt ‘n grime in all its glory. Starting tomorrow I will clean up my sleeping room, the balcony, and the empty appartement I now have to care for. Not all in one day, of course, but step by step.
There would be a lot to say about last week’s politics, but I do not want to get angry again. I just want to have a calm evening in the company of my old friend Sylvaner from Franconia, and listen to some nice music. Perhaps by the Giuffre trio (not the Jimmy Giuffre 3), in a recording from 1961. This are Jimmy GIUFFRE (Ger., Eng.), Paul BLEY (Ger., Eng.) and Steve SWALLOW (Ger., Eng.), here with In the Mornings Out There. It is free, chamber-music like jazz, timeless. Yes, slipping out of time, just a little escape, this would be nice.
I hope you enjoy the music, let’s see what next week brings to us.

* Pictures of la Rixe tomorrow, I’m just too knackered to get up right now, sorry.



3 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. “There I stood with a Bocksbeutel in my hands.”

    Sounds like something one might inadvertently overhear outside the confessional at the Unsere Liebe Frau von der Streifen Unterhosen chappel!

    Very much looking forward to the bike pix!

  2. Kuckyck yourself.. I’m not changing the spelling of kuckyck. A little jazz is always nice on a afternoon Sunday even though I am Bocksbeutelless ._.

  3. I think it’s a required gift when you enter the box LẌ. But I can’t make it, it’s always empty when I arrive …

    And one heavy Kuckyck followed the other Dingsbums dearest ! The cheap cigars are out, the bottle is empty, I feel like Bukowski after the night shift. Kuckyck, eben
    Good to know that you are around.

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