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Happy Fourth of July to my American readers.
Now lets see whom The Leader will bodyslam this week in Hamburg, perhaps the Mexican. I am sure the Leader will bring us all even more unforgettable, historic moments, it will be great.

Here are some photographs of my new used bicycle, La RIXE (Ger., Eng.). The trademark is today used by Derby Cycle AG (Ger., Eng.) based in Cloppenburg (Ger., Eng.), one of the larger producers of bicycles in Europe.

First you see her in all her glory :


What a stunner !


La RIXE has a lot of gears.


8 Ritzel hinten


And she has a feature I never had before – a sprung fork.


Federgabel, Bremse, Beleuchtung


I really enjoy to cycle around on this thing. And it gets a little easier any time. I just am contemplating whether the seating position could or should be a little bit altered, in all other respects I find her perfect.

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  1. Cool bike. You actually managed to make me laugh about The Leader, which isn’t easy to do, as seeing or hearing him usually brings up a mix of negative emotions. The body slam is just so nauseatingly ridiculous, it’s a wonder that a segment of the population still take him seriously.

  2. Hi Mago, hope u are well. I have been absent but I see while I was away you threw caution to the wind and got yourself a good looking bike. Where will she take you and what adventures await?

  3. My wish would be for the Leader to perform a Glasgow handshake on that nasty little Erdogan person.

    It’s curious that an upmarket German brand should carry the name of a grubby Midlands English town, the home of Rolls-Royce ( who incidentally sold VW a factory building Bentley’s in Crewe, a shabby dump in Cheshire).

  4. Happy Fourth LẌ !
    Oh dear – it totally escaped me that La Tour already started. I remember now that there was something in Duesseldorf involving Kraftwerk, but saw only the headline.
    Goodness, what a bomber ! I think the Futurists would have adored this machine on their knees …

    Hello Gwyneth ChezPerrier, this is nice from you to drop by !
    The Leader is busily working on becoming his own parody, there are burlesque elements. But nevertheless it is an administration he leads, and they are, at least partly, successful in working on “turning the wheel back” before Obama (link here). Sometimes I think he is working as a distraction. I can not get over what The Advisor said that the orange one is “just a tool”.
    I am eagerly awaiting what will happen in Hamburg this week. As I heard The Leader’s offer to be “helpful” to Ms Merkel was not met with enthusiasm.

    Squirrel ! Finally a sign of you ! I hope You and all Yours are well.
    La Rixe will take me to the local wine yards, up and down hills, and occasionally down the valley to the river Main, just for fun. I really like the smooth gear change ; before I owned only bikes with five gears – here 24 are technically possible. If my long neglected physis decides to work, I should be able to cycle up to the top of the steepest hills.
    I already explored the adjacent area of the old military installation that is turned into a new quarter, and La Rixe behaved very well in sand, mud and other loose undergrounds. She ‘s good off road, and has the possibility to pick up some nice speed on tarmac. The brakes are very trustworthy !

    Thank you Norma, I try to pick my accessoires. But it’s only a machine, dear Norma – and its steely beauty is incomparable to the elegance and grandeur of your appearance.

    Oh yes Dinahmow, all my bikes have been bone rattlers. I saw to my amazement that nowadays they even have sprung seats, some have even buffers at the rear wheels.
    I was sceptical about this fork, but now I think it is an acceptable feature of comfort.

    Where have you been Nikos ?! Some months ago I was not allowed to see your blog anymore – I am pretty sure you have (had) a reason for this method, I only hope it is solved (if it was something nasty, what I simply assume).
    Erdogan is another problem. As nasty as he is, GOd may help us when he is not in power any more. Dictators are not known for leaving an order of succession when they croak …
    I had to read through RR’s history until I found that it’s Derby you hint at. I only hope Bentley is not part of the VAG portfolio, Wolfsburg ruins anything in no time !

  5. Nice ride! I have a Trek that has 21 gears. It is 22 years old but still in great shape. Cycling is a great way to get around and to get some exercise. Happy trails!

  6. Yes Savannah – there is plenty of good people and good hings to cheer upon !

    No worries LẌ, it’s this little French bicycle ride – let’s have it gender neutral, das tour.

    Meanwhile it’s the sixth, Dingsbums dearest. Today we’ll reach 34° C (and possibly more !), it’s already well over 20 right now at nine in the morning, so no biking today.

    I showed mine, now show yours, IDV !

  7. Very smart. Everything will be fine so long as your feet can reach the floor. This is true in every situation, not just for bicycle seat adjustment.

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