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Despite the fact that it is hot, hot, hot & hot, and did not become notably cooler through the night, I finally slept a whole night through without any disturbances or disruptions. And, what may be even nicer, I had enough time to come back from dreamland to reality. On usual workdays a machine roisters, I have to reach out and get up, turning around “for five more minutes” is disastrous, as experience taught. This totally ignores the processuality of waking & getting up, something I happily exercised this whole morning through. Others may see this as a cheap excuse for lingering in bed, it is the first step to a day of successful trullering I say.
The temperatures are expected to drop, from the first half of the thirties (in Celsius) to the first half of the twenties, rain thunderstorm & gusts are forecast for this evening and through the next two days – Yippieh !
I have done nothing today, and not so much yesterday – and enjoyed it thoroughly.
Time to look for another Sunday Music – variatio delectat, so no early baroque, no improvised jazz, but for a change, something a bit more conventional : Christine HARWOOD with her version of Wooden Ships (Eng.) from the lp Nice to Meet Miss Christine, 1970.
I found no additional information about Ms HARWOOD, all that is to know about the lp is here. According to this description Fräulein HARWOOD was sixteen when she recorded the album, and later married Mark PLUMMER (about), who nowadays lives in SanFrancisco & goes by the name Brixton Key ; he seems to have retired from writing, the last entry on his blog being from 2013.
I hope you enjoy the music, may the next week be easy for all of us.



17 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Yes, I am used to the Crosby Stills & Nash version, and Jefferson Airplane’s of course – these people here do it a bit different. I wonder what happened to Ms Harwood. There is an artist called Christine Plummer, but I have no idea if it is the same person.
    Meanwhile it has rained here lila beeren LẌ, gently summer rain that turned all here into a sauna …

  2. She sounds a bit like Annie Haslam from out of Renaissance.

    Have you tried searching for her on Facebook? There is a Christine Harwood in Watford that could be her.

  3. In retrospect she sounds nothing like Annie Haslam, I must have been thinking about someone else.

    She looks well into her 60s, she’s a widow and judging by her photograph, a merry one. No Plummers in her ‘friends’ though. Brixton Key has a facebook page and there is a Leroy Plummer in his ‘friends’ could be their son, but I can’t be arsed to scroll through all his friends.

  4. Is Brixton Key still active on fb ? His blog at least is unattended since 2013. BTW is “Brixton Key” a kind of word play ? If someone would call themselves e.g. “Wilka Abus” it would be very clear that s/he uses two names of products / trademarks.

  5. I couldn’t get past her singing! The intro was cool, but her interpretation disturbed my sensibility. Actually, what happened was I really did recoil and stopped the video. We don’t always react the same way to music, right? xoxox

    It’s been hot, humid, and storming here, too! Stay safe and cool!

  6. Whowzah – she must have hit something, dearest Savannah.
    Of course it would be a shame if we all would react alike – we are not programmed robots, slaves to the algo-rhythm.
    For me it is a special kind of whining, a larmoyant note, best performed by this ubiquitous “Adele” : Hearing her first “Hello – it’s me” makes me reach for the button that changes the channel, gah – just thinking of this … Another pet peeve of mine are young, male German singers, who with their untrained & small voices holler about their drinking habits and the general crappy world they have to face. Some of them could be actually good, if they’d finally pull their heads out of their arses, but on the other hand – why should them ?

  7. You don’t like Adele???!!! Not even Skyfall???
    Anyhow, I think the sultry snazzy seventies sounds suits the hot and humid weather…. which we don’t have here any more… tomorrow we have a day of rain.

  8. It’s sad when one has to discover the ugly side of a usually & generally likable person – sorry to disappoint you darling : Yes, I admit it, I confess : I can not stand “Adele” !
    Especially her song “Hello. It’s me” makes me lust for a gun. There is another thing she belts out with an endlessly repeated line “under the bridge” that makes me yell, howl and yodel.
    There, I fessed up, a burden is taken from me …
    On the other hand, dearest Scarlet, I like little furry animals, and are known to have picked escargots from the road and carried them into the greenery, just to make sure that they are not run over. Also I would not dare to drive over Adele, that’s simply not done in a civilised world ; I’d already be happy if she’d decide to keep quiet for the coming years – that’s not overmuch demanded I think !

  9. This sounds somewhat like late 60s music to me. Can’t say I like the “singing” (hello there, Sav!), but it would, indeed, be a sad world if we all liked the same

  10. HA – Ms Christine surely hit a sour note or two, dear Dinahmow !

    I will not go near this can of worms LẌ ! Of course I use “ß” as I learned it : “daß” instead of “dass” etc. Typographical it will be large problem … One would have to look what Tschichold did.

  11. Another Adele non-fan here. I much prefer Todd Rundgren’s “Hello It’s me“..

    I rather like this Christine Harwood’s “Wooden Ships” – but, then, I don’t know the original/other versions spoken of earlier in the comments.

  12. Oh – kids these days … The song was written by Crosby, Stills & Kantner.
    Crosby, Stills & Nash – without Young ! – was a famous group.tons of great music (Bridge Over Troubled Water, Teach Your Children and manymany more), delicate singing ; Kantner was founding member of Jefferson Airplane, singer here the unique Grace Slick (White Rabbit, Surrealistic Pillow, Volunteers), very different attitude towards the song.
    These are the “known” versions, Ms Christine’s is a tad different. No links now, sorry, have to leave for work.

  13. Ah, thanks, Mago. I’ve heard of Crosby, Stills & Nash (and may even recognise a song or too – covers, I should think – such as Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon & Garfunkel, possibly?).
    I’m now off to listen to the original Wooden Ships as Savvy has very kindly posted on her blog for me.

  14. Damn IDV – how could I ?! “Bridge Over Troubled Water” is of course Simon & Garfunkel – even something like their “signature”, if this is the correct formulation.

    Here is the discography of Crosby, Stills, Nash – and Young for heaven’s sake. The singing wasn’t the same anymore after he joined.
    Sorry for this – it was early in the morning, and I was in a rush. I think the version Savannah put up is the one most people “hear” when the song is mentioned. Of course there is still the Jefferson Airplane variant, should be on Volunteers I think, 1971 ? Much more electrical guitar, less intimate perhaps, but stands in its own right, as Ms Christine does.

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