Off Hand

I’m tired.
Thankfully it has become cooler outside – and most importantly – less humid. Yesterday was terrible, sitting meant dripping, driving meant dripping from sweat, and to avoid suicidal idiots in charge of vehicles. I brought my boys home and returned in one piece, what I regard as small victory.
The evening brought a nice thunderstorm, the cell moved rapidly over the village in Easter direction, and I stood for quite a time on the balcony watching impressive lightning at the North-Eastern horizon. The rain did not bring the desired chill, but turned the area in a nice little sauna ; it was a very warm night, a warm morning, only since the late afternoon it becomes better step by step.
I am disappointed.
The state of the Union is bad. This date, the 20th of July 2017, marks a bad day for Europe, because the Polish state stopped to be a democracy. Today the parliament in Warszawa – the majority there that belongs to the PiS party (Ger., Eng.) – accepted a law that ends the independence of the iurisdictio in the whole country.
All judges, and it means all, are now out of job, and need to be re-installed by the Justizminister, the secretary or minister of justice. Effectively the separation of powers has ended, the jurisdiction (“Judikative”) is now controlled by the legislation (“Legislative”) – what is the parliament controlled by PiS. I only wonder if judges and attorneys will have to take an oath on this little wanna-be-leader (Ger., Eng.) …
In fact Poland, the Polish State, is no democracy anymore. I can not believe it, and this will take some time until the effects are realised everywhere in the EU. This should end Polonia’s membership in the EU. They just betrayed the basic principle of a democratic state, and spat on the values of this Union : Obviously they do not share them, as they already showed in the so-called “refugee crisis”. They followed the Hungarian blueprint, even more successful, because the little goulash-Adolf there did not come through 100 %. At least my last level of information is that the highest court is still independent in Budapest. In Warsaw not anymore.
I was wrong when I thought that Poland would share the principles and values of  the European Union. I really believed that shared history, common cultural & historical heritage would be stronger than small-minded & short-sighted nationalism. But – I just need to look towards the German East, to places like Saxony & Thuringia, where the reaction marches on the streets, where a new nazism is cultivated and already reached “the middle of society” – I should have known better. The same mechanisms, the same conceitedness, the same longing for “the good ol’ times” when everything was simpler, more understandable – backward backward, lets ignore actual problems, a strong “leader” is what we need, and for fuck’s sake : DO not think for yerself !
It’s disenchanting, to say the least.
I had a vision this afternoon.
When I read somewhere that the American Leader “warned” or strongly advised the investigators against poking their noses into the money affairs of the Leader’s family. Yeah, exactly, this is where the stink comes from. It is the complex of Deutsche Bank, Bank of Cyprus, and anything and anyone connected with this from roughly ten years ago. The Bank of Cyprus was nothing else but a giant money laundering facility, closely connected to Deutsche Bank. It was a tool for Russian oligarchs to bring their worthless rubles out and turn them into dollares, or something else that is accepted in the civilised world. Best way to filter money through to someone who is in need because of the ongoing housing bust (“Immobilienkrise”).
It will be found out, I have no doubt about this. And this will end the lousy charade we see in Washington, not the so-called “Russian collusion”, the tinkering with the election process. It is a capitalist system after all, and as we already see, money trumps democratic principles.
I only hope that there will be a real new start, that there will be a fundamental cleaning and that all those creatures the Leader allowed in will be flushed out : Once and for all.
But … there is always a “but”.
I am not very hopeful. The Leader is only a symptom. A very disgusting mushroom will be cut off, but the underlying mycelium will not necessarily be rooted out.

I am reading about FAULKNER lately, no idea why. Perhaps the Leader is but a born Snopes.

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  1. I keep remembering the reign of Ronal Reagan and comfort myself with the idea that “We got through that, we’ll get through this.” But it’s getting so much more difficult to hold to that. I had never dreamed I would type the sentence “He’s worse than Reagan,” but I have and he is. Every day, more and worse problems revealed and the nauseous conviction that much, much worse has simply not made its way into the light. I hate being selfish, but all this makes me glad I’m an old man. Being young and just starting out in the world and this is these are these are what looking forward; god it makes me so sorry for them.

  2. Somewhere I have a book with Nostradamus’ “prophecies”, dearest Scarlet, I should look in and come up with “the truth” !
    Summer over ? Not here. The weather will stay “chequered”, but when the sun shines, she torches. The farmers are already harvesting the grain.

    Exactly, dearest Norma, what a world.

    I am not totally sure, why they do what they do. As I see it, the re-construction of the Polish state started in earnest when the current administration under Ms Szydlo came to power in 2015. One of their first acts was to “cleanse” the “media”. They changed the status of radio and tv-stations and fired journalists on a large scale. Not one or two they did not like, but they kept one or two who they do like, and kicked out the rest. Independent stations face some problems, as do independent newspaper and magazines.
    The second step in re-constructing the state is now the judiciary. PIS argues that “they served the preceding gouvernements”, that there would have been no “real” renewal since the days of communist rule. So they 1) think that there is nothing like independent judiciary, and 2) sell their take-over as getting rid of old commies.
    Both is crap. PIS lives in a corral, a “Wagenburg”. It is the old “who’s not with us, is against us” – here, who is no Nationalist (and Roman Catholic) and not a “born” Pole, and who dares to critizise Kaczynski, is a goddam traitor, possibly payed by Germany or Russia.
    The worldview of these people is so shockingly backwards & irrational that it is hard to believe that it is real. It is the triumph of nostalgic sentiment over rational analysis. They are not “euro sceptics” as they are described sometimes. They outright hate the EU. On the other hand they happily accept the money from Brussels, and it is a good sport to defraud and betray the Union. This is not done by shady “bisnismenny” but by members of the PIS cabinet.
    What we see is that a nationalistic party happily and openly re-builds a state so that the party’s rule will not only established but concreted, so that no legal opposition is possible, so that the party rules absolutely. All in the name of this oh so holy nation, effing Poland, Germany’s Eastern neighbour, member of EU and NATO, run by a braindead gnome, who yells and stomps his tiny feet in parliament like Adolf after a bad trip.

    Possibly the only advantage of getting older MrPeenee. One can turn around and say “All this vomit inducing stupidity is not my business anymore.”

  3. We cannot look to the USA as a model of democracy -it is not. It is the poster boy for capitalism running wild where personal fame and fortune is the main pursuit and heroes are those who excel in power and greed. And as you say, it can’t be pinned on just one or two individuals. It is symptomatic of a deep rot in the social fabric. But where shall we look to instead. Certainly not Malaysia.

  4. Sadly, I have no clue where to look LGS.
    What I can not get over is the fact that more than sixty millions Americans voted for the Leader, and that – at least according to reports in the European “fake media” – a pretty large hard-core supportership is absolutely satisfied with that “happening” in Washington. I think this is pretty amazing.
    Some say power corrupts, but I think it only helps the come out of what is already there, after all “greed” is one of the cardinal sins, so we are born with it. Human society developed checks & balances to keep harmful & nefarious behaviour under control, one could call this a “moral compass”. And this thing is lost by some parts of society, not only in the US, but in Europe too.
    [E.g. it is totally okay to change laws for environmental protection, when a “Minister” wants to cut down areas in the last remaining European “Urwald” and “develop” them : Shit on National laws, screw European laws, make a quick profit and boast about it. Half of the populace will applaud. And on top of it : Declare in an interview that it is “Europe’s fault”, why did these blockheads declare it a protected area, he ?! (For an overview, leaving out the actions of the “Minister” in charge, read here. The personal interests of said “Minister” are reported in Polish “fake news”.)]
    It is always the same ugly nonsense.

  5. Your mushroom/mycelium analogy is very apt, Mago. Very apt.

    On to far more pleasant things: your balcony storm watch sounds like a lovely way to spend an evening. I hope the rest of your weekend is just as lovely.

  6. Tonight, sadly, there is no storm to watch, I only saw a little “Wetterleuchten” early in the evening. My weekend is nice, dear IDV, it consists mostly of sleeping, reading, looking into the computer, and some light cooking. I have some things to contemplate, so light thinking may be involved.

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