Sunday Music

I have spent this Sunday with the greatest pleasure busily doing nothing. I did nothing business~ or job-related, no household chores, I just was. Confidently sitting in the centre of my own universe. One more week, five days to work, then things will be different, oh dear …
This Sunday Music is an irrelevant little number called Guilty (1931, Eng.) performed by Harry ROY (Eng.) & His Orchestra in 1947. The singer is a Eve LOMBARD, about who I could find no more information on the web. I hope you like the music.
Now lets survive this week decently, good luck to all !



4 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. It is hot here too but often muggy (not dry, like TX where LX lives). Fingers crossed that your change will be a good one. All the best!!

  2. While you get roasted, we are drowning, LẌ. They always talk about the waters rising in Wolfenbüttel (but the Oker Dam seems not to be dangerous), and that people should start pumping themselves because the fire brigade is not getting round – but what is much more important than these silly cellars is the HAB ! I only hope that there is no damage to the library. Wety wety, you know.

    It’s not much of a change, dearest Ponita, nothing turning the inside out & throwing me into a new galaxy. It’S mainly that I do not drive for some weeks, what comes as a very nice recess. Some things around me changed, or are in the process of changing, yes, I guess it will be better after all.

    Sorry, no IDV, it was more of a general “oh dear” not pointed in some specific direction or pointing towards anything unluxury. I will start me relaxing regime immediately !

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