Just when one thought that things would settle in a new chaotic “normal”, when one thought that the upper end of the scale of (emphatic) embarrassment is reached, when one thought that the bottom of “niveau” (a French word American politicos do not know) is finally hit, on comes a new “Director of Communications”.
Don’t get me wrong, this person is the perfect pick. This “embodiment of a double-parked BMW” fits perfectly, it is the “spirit” of this administration personified. May he stay with us for a long time !
As you may remember, venerated reader, I am more interested in the foreign politics of the USA, which is represented actually by a man called TILLERSON (Ger., Eng.) – you know the one who sports this nice Russian medal President PUTIN pinned to his jacket in 2013. I had some doubts about him, but I think Mr TILLERSON is a good example for what is called “learning on the job”. And perhaps it was right from him to exclude journalists from his travels, perhaps he just needs time and a certain amount of non-disturbance to get into the matter – and the foreign politics of the USA surely is something that requires concentration.
Of course, if at least one thing works …
I read this piece via Reuters, and I want to cite what I find is important :

He [TILLERSON] was upset, however, by fierce internal criticism from Trump, as well as his chief strategist, Steve Bannon, and White House aide Sebastian Gorka, over the decision [to keep to the “deal” with Iran], said another U.S. official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“The secretary does not feel that White House staff members should be in a position to conduct hostile cross-(examinations) of Cabinet officials,” the official said.

BANNON & GORKA “conduct hostile cross-examinations” of the Secretary of State ?
If this is true, it is a reason for serious concern & apprehension.
One may wonder when the inevitable cabinet “reshuffle” will take place.
Perhaps the “Director of Communications” can better himself ?

4 thoughts on “Unterirdisch

  1. There must be some way out of here
    Said the joker to the thief
    There’s too much confusion,
    I can’t get no relief

    All Along The Watchtower — Well, you know who

    I have just sort of tuned out almost all of the daily freak show that has become the living hellscape of America today. I know that is irresponsible and wrong; but that is how I am coping these days. Sorry.

  2. I do not think that it is “irresponsible and wrong” hölle hölle hölle LẌ – you as a single person can not change what is happening, and nobody can force you to watch this drama.
    You can not avoid at least basic information about the spectacle in these days of digital overflow, where ever you turn to there is a screen and someone pumps out more or less opinionated “news”. If something comparable would happen here (but I can not imagine a Leader-like character in Franconia ; the Hungarian may come close on a European level, but Victor after all is more sophisticated because he is a professional politician all his life) – if I had to watch something comparable here, I would turn around and close the door, just to keep myself intact & unharmed from too high blood pressure.

    Cool ! I think someone should incite the Leader to do the job properly : Fire Mueller, have Sessions shot for treason or something. Thinning the herd is the right attitude, every real Fuehrer did this once.
    Priebus was one of the few with a political background, at least that was what I read some months ago when this “team” was installed ; so seemingly was Spicer. Now the last bit of political professionalism is cut out.
    Wonder what the advisor may learn from this, who was oh-so closely “working” with Priebus over the last months. But he has his Hungarian playfellow now for consolation.
    Perhaps the spineless worms of the Republican party understand now whom & what they installed there.
    I hope we’ll see this whole thing implode in near future LGS.
    Large administrations cope with a certain level of neglect over time, but what this abject amateur dramatics do on stage is too much. And do not forget that some hundreds of positions in the federal administration are not filled – one could get the idea that the ruling scum simply has no idea of and / or interest in running this state, that it is more a pirate raid (with excuses to the noble corsairs) than a gouvernement.

  3. I am behaving like Mr Lax, I have also zoned out. There is nothing I can do about it all other than worry…. I have enough worry lines, the USA are not going to give me any more.

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