Sunday Music

Last week was uneventful. Except for a burning flower-pot on the balcony above me. It was gently roasting and puffed out stinky & obnoxious fumes. Why can’t people use good old ceramics ?
The start of the vacancies brought all possible motoring madness, at one point literally nothing was moving on the roads & motorways around the “city”. Accidents, crazy drivers, blown up road surfaces – as if they all had a Les Mans start on Frayday morning.
The coming days will be a nice mix of relaxing (what translates to doing nothing) and mild housework, mostly with a vacuum cleaner.
This is the plan.
This Sunday Music is the aria O ma Lyre Immortelle, the last number in the opera Sapho (Eng.) by French romanticist Charles GOUNOD (Ger., Eng.), here performed by Shirley VERRETT (Ger., Eng., obit).
I hope you like the music, and the voice, and may we all have a peaceful week ahead.



13 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I am not so keen on the operatics…. please do not be offended! Meanwhile…. the crazy traffic is hereabouts too…. along with the crazy torrential rain.

  2. Not a fan of opera either. How does one cause a flower pot to burn? Were they using it as an ashtray? Yuck!

    So does everyone have to move at the same time? Here leases start and end at any time so no mass migrations on the same day. I cannot even imagine the chaos!

    Hope you are well!

  3. I too need to be educated about the joys of opera. About the only one I know was in that Luc Besson movie, The Fifth Element. By the way, give that new Luc Besson movie, “Valerian and the city of a thousand worlds”, a miss. It was disappointing.

  4. Ug. Summer Holiday Driving – there’s not much that’s worse. Happily, this Sunday’s Music is wonderful, thank you Mago! Like a cross between Madam Butterfly and the Diva Plava Laguna from The Fifth Element (thanks for the reminder, Lone Gray Squirrel).

  5. The vacancies start in the different “Bundesländer” a little offset. Our neighbours to the West f.e. had enjoyed the last day of the school year on Thursday I think, while in Bavaria the last day officially was Frayday. Around this “city” meet an important East-West-autobahn and a North-South-magistrale – it was real fun Ponita.
    There is the possibility that the pot was used as an ashtray, but I doubt, because as far as I can say, this neighbour does not smoke. She left seemingly hours earlier to go to work. There are two possibilities. Either someone from a floor higher up threw a burning cigarette but and wind swept it into this flower pot. Or it was a fault of one of these lights she had stuck in the pot. I think this was a kind of lamp with a sun collector that turns sunlight into electricity, which is stored, and the lamp illuminates the evening – without cables and stuff. But I am not sure, since I have not seen my arsonist neighbour since the event.

    Thank you for introducing me to PDQ BACH ♪ ♫ LẌ, really a lost son of the vast Bach-family ! As I learned he wrote at least two operas, The Stoned Guest and Hansel and Gretel, Ted and Alice, seemingly of adult nature. Maybe the last one should be brought to The Mistress’ attention, it could be a glittering Infomaniac production, at least Princess is already set for the costumes.

    I have not seen one of the movies you mention, dearest Squirrel, so excuse my ignorance please. I think The Fifth Element is a sci-fi film, and have no idea that there is an opera in it. I heard speak about “Valerian” as a “European answer” to Hollywood, but I can not say something serious about this. Maybe IDV can, he’s interested in Star Wars I think.

  6. Nikos wo hast DU Dich denn rumgetrieben ?!

    Welcome back ! And a brand new wordpress blog … Nah, doubt she grows pot / grass / whatever, I think the most reasonable explanation is that a lamp had a malfunction. It was a sunny day, perhaps it produced too much electricity, something got too hot, and huppsassa plastic & greenery went up in flames.

  7. I forgot how to log into WordPress, when I am logged in it’s not intuitive, and as you saw I had aliens in my tàsseograhic predictions. In a word aaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  8. Are your blogger-blog-days numbered ? I hope you were able to backup your blogger blog. WordPress now wants us to use the new & improved reader/ writer /editor. As a wise man once said, improvement most often means deterioration.
    I’m sure you’ll get around this !

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