Sunday Music

It was a busy weekend spent clearing rooms, packing books, a wall was painted – I have Muskelkater now, the result of living the couch-potatoe-life. But all in all, progress is visible. Things are now sorted in three categories : Things that go to another place here, meublement that needs to be stored for a certain time, stuff that goes to the bin / waste collecting point. Commercial storing is astoundingly expensive, so I looked around for a garage or something comparable to rent, but without avail.
The good thing is that I have absolutely no more excuse to avoid my cellar, tomorrow I will start to clear ‘n clean this dreaded dungeon. Either on Thursday or Wednesday I will abuse the vehicle and bring tons of “stuff” to the tip. I really wonder what lurks down in the lowest darkest basement level, where the concrete is rough, and big black pipes burble & gargle, the area tiling forgot. I will sling an old cloth around my head, and wear closed shoes, so that the dead spiders from Mars have it not too easy to get me ! Somewhere I should have a flashlight, whether it works is another question, at least I can hit it on them spiders.
This Sunday Music is an imho interesting piece composed by Giovanni Antonio GIAJ (sometimes GIAY) (Ger., Eng., Italian bio.). It is the first movement Allegro assai of his Sinfonia for Strings and basso continuo in C – here in an older recording of the Orchestra da Camera Italiana under its founder Salvatore ACCARDO (Ger., Eng.) (born 1941). If you like what you hear & are interested, compare ACCARDOs take with the version Reinhard GOEBEL (Ger., Eng.) recorded with the Orchestre des Pays de Savoie (Eng.) – here : GOEBEL (born 1952) does the Allegro at least one minute faster, he rocks it, perhaps a bit too much.
Any way, I hope you enjoy the music – may the coming week be friendly to all of us.



9 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Hello My Friend,
    I forget how busy the summer months get. I always block it out and seem to think it will be somehow more relaxed than the other seasons. I have also been doing a lot of cleaning, stuff to be donated. Good luck wit such an icky sounding cellar. *shudder* Take care!

  2. Two reasons Dinahmow : a) Too much effort. I mean, the bottle makes it barely intact to my kitchen when I grab it out of Ludwig-the-winemaker’s trembling hands, so why should I take an additional detour through the most secluded places of this house ? Anticipation is overrated, I want consummation.
    b) Why should I drink in the dark ? I am a free drinker in a free land ! I have my wine in the artificial light at my desk, so I can see the spiders better …

  3. EEWWWW! Spiders creep me out. Hopefully you don’t run across many. I hate dark, dank below ground spaces for that specific reason. *shudder*

    Good luck with all the cleaning, sorting and hauling. Pace yourself and use good body mechanics to avoid any back injuries. And squash any of those Spiders from Mars that scuttle about!

  4. I am a hoarder too. My work room probably resembles your cellar except for the spiders from Mars; haven’t seen any of those. Over here we have the flying kamikaze cockroaches. Good luck with the cellar. If we don’t see you post in the next few days, we’ll know that either the spiders got you or you are trapped under an avalanche of books and boxes.

  5. At the moment it’s less a problem of lifting as of crawling LẌ

    It’s the perfect place for the claustrophobic arachnophobe, dearest Ponita (here) !

    “Hoarder” is a strong word – let’s say we are spatially disadvantaged, dearest LGS : Like proud tigers, we need space !
    “Flying kamikaze cockroaches” are new to me – thankfully spiders are not airborne … yet … now that you make me think of it …

  6. Your cellar sounds like landing in a less salubrious area after a “trip” over the Cusp… I shall have to write up and adventure or two.

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