Looking At My Omphalos

Morpheus is a cheater. I wonder whether the Ancients knew of a goddess called Insomnia, or whether it is a neologism, an academic word creation, perhaps of the 19th century.
I became very tired and dutifully went to bet to rest my aching bones shortly before 01:00. Friendly sleep embraced me, I can not remember any dreams, as I prefer – and at 02:30 I woke up : This was it.
The air in my room seemed to be thick, the blanket tried to suffocate me, I kicked the garotting entity away. I pulled the curtain aside, grey light greeted me. Cool air outside, but it refused to flood in. So I opened the door to the balcony & laid down again, only to feel the rush of cool air over my aching joints and the first sneeze approaching.
I thought of sheep, but very fast I thought about shooting sheep with a large gun to bits, these animals should not be allowed to roam around freely in one’s head.
Image followed image, one association happily held hand with the next one, pulling it in the roundel dance of an unstoppable swirl. Next time I looked outside the sky was blueish, some birds started to converse over the latest gossip, what a neighbourhood. The first dog of the day felt the need to tell the world that he was still in existence, good for you, doggy ; good doggy ; oh shut up, will ya …
I heard the first jogger stomping over the gravelled path down the hill, maybe he wore a light on a headband. Slowly the first more technical sounds arose, like trucks on the distant autobahn rushing by, a train coming through, the first cars started to leave the village, going to work.
This reminded me of a morning maybe forty years ago. I was still a pupil, the Große Ferien, summer holidays, had started. I lay in my bed and watched sunbeams slowly coming in, I even remember the curtains’ design, and listened to the sounds of the awakening city. Single cars first, workers going through the narrow street to the works, the first bus, early clangs from the train yard, people’s noises in the house, a victorious sun finally coming up, chasing away all the night’s webs. Myself getting up and happily jumping down the stairs, feeling strong, going places. Later touring through the inner city, picking up my mother from work, a coffee and a fag, returning home around midday, all easy and carefree.
I hated to get up early, it always was a problem through school, but I conditioned meself, a mug of brew as reward, later a cup and a fag, and we coughed away over the kitchen table. This table I threw out only recently. My parents bought that thing when we finally all together moved to the city in 1969 ; it stood at the same place until I had to clear that appartement after my father’s death. I ate at it, drunk at it, slept at it, fell under it. Finally this plasticed piece of pressboard ended up on my balcony, until I could see it not any more.
It is not like abandoning a piece of “history”. It had a meaning for some time, was a reminder I did not want to miss, but things should not be overcharged with “meaning”, after all they are – and stay – things. Nevertheless I can not make myself part with the lousy kitchen table of my motherly grandmother, made from cheapest wood, in the thirties. Not yet, at least. If I had to get rid of it, I would like to burn it. I feel that this would be adequate.
I learned to like the early morning since I do this driving job. There is no rush, enough time to settle into things. Walking through the village to my vehicle I meet the regulars, now after two years (two years ! Herrgottsakrament …) one has a little chat, notices when the newspaper-man is a bit late, greets and gets greeted and noticed – a gentle routine. Very different from what I had years earlier when I returned from work in the early morning half dead after a night that was either spirit-killing boring, or filled with stupidity that resulted in unwanted & (un-)avoidable action. But there is always alcohol and bad intent. And an idiot called “security”.
Getting up recuperated after a good night’s sleep is a gift I learned to appreciate, but no such thing today. When I was ready to throw the towel in and get up, I miraculously fell asleep ; and slept and slept, through the whole morning, past midday. When I regained consciousness it was clearly after 12:00. Dazed & confused I searched for coffee, remembered that I had some tasks scheduled, and finally got going. Slowly.
I think it is not necessary to emphasise that my cellar spent the day undisturbed.

18 thoughts on “Looking At My Omphalos

  1. I have been doing that awake-in-the-middle-of-the-night-and-can’t-go-back-to-sleep thing a couple of times a week recently. No reason that I know of. Just pop awake and take a couple of hours to resume sleeping, making for a sleepy day. Uggh.

    Bonus off-topic!

  2. How to ruin a nice Kamaz-truck for absolutely nothing – ach, where would we be without these nice Russian dashboard cam …

    I blame the moon for this LẌ, or maybe the weather : It’s too hot, too humid. Over the last two weeks or so I awoke in the middle of the night feeling suffocated, as if the old “incubus” would be sitting on me. It always means at least two hours awake, and when I
    finally fall asleep, I am drowsy and hangovered when I get up.
    Daht’s not nice. Can’t gulp down as much as I’d need to sleep these days !
    And a glass of wine does not do help btw. It does not harm also, but the old lore, like : have a drink and go to sleep / you’ll sleep better, is plainly wrong : With or without alcohol, the sleeping pattern is the same.
    Drinking meself into oblivion every evening is not an option ; perhaps more physical work would be – at least I thought so – but over the last days / week (with a lot more real work) it did not go this way : Despite more bodily action the sleeping pattern stayed the same.
    I have no clue about this. Age ? Lack of hormones ? I do not know – I blame the moon.

    Excuses, I should have been a bit more eclectic with the music, but I was tired when I put it together – and will try my best with Morpheus now, hope the bloke delivers now !

  3. I remember your graveyard shift days of night work. I also did some of that for a couple of years. It really messes up our sleep patterns. As to trying to beat the insomnia, some people say that nuts like almonds is good because of the chemical tryptophan.

  4. Somehow it is clear that a squirrel would recommend nuts as remedy, lone Grey Squirrel !

    Now all we need is connection between moon & internet, all will be explained MrPeenee !

  5. What a soundtrack to sleeplessness!

    I read today about the heatwave “Lucifer” oppressing much of eastern and southern Europe – have the fringes of this satanic wave reached Franconia? They certainly haven’t crossed the Channel as Great Britain seems to be “enjoying” its usual wet cool “summer”…

    Velocipede photos coming up in a post at mine soon. I promise!

  6. No, IDV, hot Lucifer stayed South of the Alps. Spain, Southern France, Italy, parts of Austria, the Balcans, Greece (with over fourty degrees Celsius), these are the affected areas as I learned from Euronews. Extreme heat followed by storms and flashing rains. Southern Germany has nothing of this. The forecast says that we will see some rain over the next two days, temps will fall to chilly 16°C, but rise well over thirty again at the start of the coming week.

  7. I find it almost impossible to sleep if it is too warm. I’m sorry to hear you’re not sleeping very well. Since I am assuming you don’t have air conditioning, I am going to tell you how to rig up a makeshift one. Get a large wide bowl. Fill with cold water and ice cubes. Set on a table and places a fan behind it. Have the fan blow over the bowl towards you. The air will cool off and make it easier for you to be comfortable. Hopefully your change in weather will help.

  8. Oh Mann … IF the two make it on stage together, and can be persuaded to sing together in harmony, they can melt a stone. But sometimes the fur flied too. Thank you for this LẌ.

    Right at the moment the weather did what the forecast told it to do, Ponita. I awoke early and listened to the rush of heavy raining. Temperatures dropped significantly, below 20°C. If all goes according to plan we’ll see more than 30°C from Sunday onwards – I think I should start producing some ice cubes now !

  9. Oh yes LẌ ! And at least one picture is from Nuremberg, the eighth from start shows the “Schöne Brunnen” on Nuremberg marketplace, possibly in the 50s, still not so much standing around the place again.
    I think there is an accidental image of The Mistress leaving Rothenburg through Tannhauser Gate, and one of IDV (in red !) who steps in from the right and walks towards broom at an undisclosed location.
    The unknown traveller visited the valley of the Danube and the Bodensee – the last two images show Lindau I think.
    I’m not familiar with old MercedesBenz modells, but it could be W[agen] 186 he proudly presents, very expensive. What a very nice find !

  10. I charge old pieces of furniture with too much meaning as well… it’s a bad habit. Perhaps we should have a joint bonfire?
    My insomnia has settled a little – instead I have been waking up feeling like I’ve had too much sleep so I feel groggy for hours. Ack. I also blame the internet for everything.

  11. Yes, the idea of a bonfire is inviting ; for some pieces it seems adequate, better than just a toss into a skip.
    Sometimes I wake up and feel hungover, despite the fact that no alcohol was involved. Perhaps it is related to sugar levels, I have no idea about these things – it’s so biological !

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