Just For the Record

The last time I said something about boxing here, in April when KLITSCHKO vs JOSHUA took place, I was terribly wrong.
In some hours Messrs MAYWEATHER & McGREGOR will cross their fists. As I understand this will happen on Sunday morning around six o’clock, Franconian Time. I am pretty sure that Floyd will wipe the floor with his opponent. And rightly so. I will sleep deeply and happily, hopefully dreamless, when this will take place.

The only aim of this short and rather pointless entry is to document that I really favourite Mr MAYWEATHER, one of the most complete boxers of our age. Now that the totalisator is closed, let the show begin. I’ll join afterwards.

BTW, tomorrow, and Monday too, will be pretty busy days, so please excuse when “Sunday Music” arrives not until Tuesday, sorry.

7 thoughts on “Just For the Record

  1. Oh, boxing-pfft! I can wait for the music. Oh, you may or may not be interested to know that there WILL be a re-match between Pacqiao and that Australian fellow.
    In other news…NZ women beat England in the womens rugby world cup.
    Next up…flower arrangements?

  2. I’m with Dinah on this one, and will and my own “pfft” to these proceedings (from my mouth, I hasten to add, rather than from any other orifice).
    However, I am aware of this fight because I saw a photo of the two squaring up to each other. And if I were forced to pick a favourite, that favourite would be Mayweather too, because he doesn’t look like an over-the-top, roided Hipster…

  3. I found the whole idea of the fight rather silly. Of course the boxer is going to win a boxing match! In MMA you switch tactics to keep yourself strong, but those moves are illegal in boxing, so it is only the one who has trained to trudge though all those many laborious hours of actually boxing that would succeed. I can only hope that Maywhether will donate a large portion of the proceeds to a noble cause, like more fitness opportunities for all the overweight American kids perhaps.

  4. QUACK !
    It all went well Ente LẌ, and I am very thankful for this. I’ll light a candle next time I am in in the Chapel of Our Lady of The Stripey Panteyhose !

    The “good night’s sleep” was not always as expected, dearest Ponita, hence the marginal difficulties with dates and such. But all in all, everything went well – thank You for the good wishes. And I’ll have a good sleep tonight, that’s for real !

    Oh Gop, Manny will go back in the ring ?! I did not know <bDinahmow, I think he should not do this. Anyway, it’s the man’s decision, a bad one, but … boxers seemingly can’t stop until the last brain cell is smashed,
    BTW I did not know that there is women’s rugby, but why not ? I thought that women should not repeat all the men’s nonsense, but who am I to have a say in this ?
    Sadly I do not understand much about flower arrangements, (“Ikebana – yeah, icke Paule”), but there are some basic ideas about beauty that seemingly are valid in all cultural connections. Perhaps I’ll photograph some flowers here – thank you for the stimulus !

    PFFFFRRRRFFF … this Irish bloke looks like an “over-the-top, roided Hipster”, but he chose it – I am not sure about the match or conformity of his public and his private persona, but I fear what we see is what he is, But I am sure that none of them could survive in the 2017 Tin Foil Had Competition of IDV !

    But they use sticks, Squirrel ! That’s not fair ! Boxers use fists, cage fighters use any body part of their own. See what Melanie saied about it – right to the point : A boxer wins a boxing match against a non-boxer.
    From what I read it was a surprise how long McGregor could really compete. So it is smiles all around, nobody hurt, a big entertainment gig, well executed. Panem et circenses, Brot und Spiele, bread and games. And some new multi millionaires.

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