Sunday Music, Late Edition

Two beers & two small cigars ago, I had stumbled back into my appartement, fresh from the autobahn. As announced, Monday and Tuesday were a little busy. It did not help that a certain someone (me, of course, no one else to blame) could not drag his sorry tush out of the bed on early Monday morning, but only a little late(r).
Things had to be loaded in a van ; rooms had to be prepared ; a date was set with the janitor, who every now & then becomes official when a move-out-checklist needs to be executed. Empty & clean rooms are definitely good, stuff taken away from public floors  & spaces as fast as possible is also a good point – a happy janitor ticks the right boxes, and chances are very good that the deposit comes back in full. This is worth a(nother) sweat-soaked t-shirt.
But because there is always, always !, more stuff than one initially figures or oversees, well thought out plans have a little tendency to develop their own … will, perhaps, well, they go not as planned. I don’t want to say “down in flames”, that would be really over stretched. There is simply more work than originally seen. Additionally looms the insight that one is not forty anymore, the bonesack hurts / der Knochensack schmerzt (a term originally coined by LICHTENBERG I guess, but I may be wrong), and the happy & careless yippiahyeah-attitude of earlier moves (Mut zur Lücke) may not be seen as appropriate by all involved.
All this said, someone (not me, of course) kept control, counted two & two together, and so the rented van had not to go back on Tuesday, what would have been really backbreaking, but it’s all right if I bring the engine back tomorrow before eleven in the morning – I cans do that !
All stuff was loaded yesterday, and today the driving & unloading was done. A part of my books now rests in an ex-cowshed on the Alb, together with some other bric-a-brac. This evening I had to bring the van back to the Franconian capital. All I can say is, thank you, but no more “Ducato” (Ger., Eng.) for me. I will happily use a “Sprinter” by MercedesBenz (despite their lousy gear change) ; I will happily use a Volkswagen T-something or a “Crafter” (despite their lousy engines & terrible gear changes), but NOT this bonerattler again that combines all  flaws of the competitors : Unprecise gear change, engine with non-linear delivery of power, turn-and-hope-steering. The only good thing are the brakes. If I ever need another van, it is be a Ford, nothing else.
Now I must taste something called “Küstennebel” my neighbour gave to me as a reward, because I kept her flowers alive over the last two weeks.

This Sunday Music is Driving Music – Roadhouse Blues originally by The Doors, here in a version of the “Master of the Flying V”, Albert King (Ger., Eng.).
I hope you enjoy the music, and perhaps an early beer : And the day’s yer friend … Let’s hope for a peaceful – and dry week : Our friend ente LẌ  is hopefully in good spirits and high & dry ; Eros may have got wet feed, hopefully nothing more serious – hey mates, let’s hear from you !



10 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Late Edition

  1. Oh, I hear ya on the not being 40 anymore!! Glad the move went mostly okay. Happy unpacking and getting settled.

    Watching Harvey and his destruction on tv has been heart wrenching.

  2. “let’s hear from you”


    Here, all that remains of the storm are some lingering wind gusts and cooler (for this time of year) temperatures. I am still concerned about Eros. Nothing from him that I know of.

    I hope you can have some time to recover from the moving.

  3. Travelling light is an art in itself – and I find it harder to master now than years ago, Dinahmow. If twenty five years ago a large plastic bag was enough, nowadays a small suitcase is necessary. Not least because of the suits.

    With due respect to the victims of “Harvey”, we should not forget that the rainy season takes its toll in other regions of the world on a regular basis, dear Ponita.

    Good to hear your sound QUACK LẌ. Now if Eros would show up – perhaps his computer is washed away.

  4. Wait, hold on, you’ve moved house? Did you mention that was going to happen? did I miss that announcement? Have I been that deep in my own darkness THAT long? YIKES! Glad your move is done and you’re settling in to the new place, sweetpea! I can’t imagine moving again as I look at all the stuff in this house! xoxox

    P.S. I hope someone hears from eroswings SOON!

  5. No worries Savannah : It was only a small billboard next to the A7, and ads run only in Franconian news channels :) … Nonsense my dear. I helped to move, from sunny Franconia to foggy (but “mystical”, oh dear !) Suebia. This is a nice landscape some hundreds of kilometers to South & West from where I am. The inhabitants, Suebians, speak something that only themselves understand, and claim that from some places on the “Schwäbische Alb” (a ridge there) one could see the Alps. I never saw them bloody Alps, because always when I looked, it was cold & foggy. “Mystical”, as they say.
    Sooner or later I will move too, and frankly it gives me the creeps. I know that I need hundred boxes for the books, but the rest ?
    Again – be assured, you missed nothing Savannah.

    Sooner or later, given the rising sea level, a dam would be a good idea. Or at least retention reservoirs or such stuff, maintained and working if possible. Otherwise the Texas coast line will change, Texas could shrink LẌ !
    Really hope that Eros resurfaces soon. But chances are that he really lost his computer, and what stood around it.

  6. I considered moving house but, I’m glad to say, I’ve thought better of it for now. I’m sure that pretty well everyone who does it says “never again.”

  7. [sort of belatedly on-topic for a previous post. sorry.]

    I was read this about the Hinterkaifeck killings and immediately thought about your “Wagner I” post of four years ago.

  8. Yes, I remember that you looked at a house situated near a river, Z. But I think your situation is very special because of the large collections your late husband had brought together.
    I will have to look careful, and plan careful, when I’ll move.

    Terrible crime, Hinterkaifeck. There may incest have played a role, possibly the farm was used by the OC or something like that … bad police work (even for the time), some very strange things that happened to evidence, no good, bad vibes.
    Compared to this gloomy drama, Wagner is a happy Jack-out-of-the-box – guns ablaze, hijacking a train and the rest of his final phantasies …

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