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In some situations in my life I felt that life in general, our whole earthly existence, yes the whole enterprise “earth”, at least as far as mankind is concerned & involved, may be absurd. Since I read this article I am inclined to accept it as natural.
“Absurd” btw is an interesting word. Georges’ (Ger., Eng.) trusted Handwörterbuch gives as first meaning “gegen das Gefühl verstoßend”, going against the feeling, especially sounding grating, unclean ; “surdus” (-a, -um) means “deaf”, taub. Further it is something without sense, against the ratio, something affronting.
I wanted to use some Fukitol© as antidote, but the outdated link I had stored brought me to this place – what really did not help. The original is nowadays found here.
Sometimes what we call “real life” is unbearable. I do not want to go into details, this would turn my writing into a rant, in all probability in one bursting from self-righteousness and (even worse) Larmoyanz, lachrymose self-pity, something I abhor in others and can not stand in me.
Turning my back to the worldly ugliness will of course not change it, but it will do well to me. There is always The Garden. I will trawl youtube and look for the “100 great paintings” (German NDR produced a similar series), possibly I’ll end up with Russian dash cam videos at Sergei’s.
This Sunday’s Music is Cal’s Bluedo by Carl TJADER (Ger., Eng.) – hope you like the music.
May we all have a peaceful week.



5 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I’m not sure what “acid jazz” should be reductio ad absurdum LẌ. I only found Tjader while I looked for Latin jazz, I originally wanted something by Jobim.
    I noticed a lot of comments on YT lately that note (seemingly as a merit or commendation) that something was “sampled” by whoever. I can not say that this would really mean something to me. But if it makes folk discover older music, it is good.

    Thank you very much Z. But best thought plans etc – tomorrow I will have to go and drive a little, perhaps on more days to come. We should return to work next week on Tuesday officially.

    Thank you Mr Peenee, I’m turning and turning …

    This damn root-soup really drove me up the wall MsScarlet ! I refuse to look at this terrible stuff ever again !

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