Sunday Music

It was a peculiar week. Stretches of activity took turns with purest doing nothing. I had to start the vehicle, unscheduled, other things needed attendance, but today I can not recall what I actually did, what I accomplished this week, if anything.
Summer holidays are over, my regular schedule starts again next Tuesday, only minor changes. Simultaneously I look for a job in that other area behind the misty mountains, if something works I’ll let you know.
This Sunday Music is a piece titled Dorian Red, performed by the Uwe Kropinski Trio : Susanne PAUL on cello, Vladimir KARPAROV on saxophone, and Herr KROPINSKI (Ger., Eng.) working the guitar – I hope you enjoy the music !
Now let’s face calmly what another week will bring.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. These busy but yet seemingly unproductive weeks reminds me of this video from one of dear Ms Scarlet’s posts.

    I couldn’t link to the specific post because she has been too productive and produced too many to sift through! *ahem*

  2. I hear you about not remembering what you’ve done! I blame in on menopause. For you, I can’t say. I do know that when I do something that I do quite regularly, I often can’t remember the details. Like driving a route I take all the time. Did I stop at that stop sign, or use my indicator to signal my turn? No clue. But because I always stop at stop signs, and always use the indicator, I am pretty confident I did.

    This week is a staycation for me (stay at home vacation) and I am doing things around the house. I have plans to replace a couple of windows in my basement. It will all be documented, you can rest assured. ;-)

    I hope your job search proves fruitful. My fingers are crossed!

  3. Thank you LẌ, I play it too.

    Long days in Devon IDV

    That such a house does make so much work ! Be careful with all these ladders and tools, dearest Ponita.

    I am glad to learn that you came back to an intact home Savannah !

  4. You have my goodwill in your efforts for the newest job searching. I am setting up the pieces to put into motion things that I hope will also lead to meaningful employment. I seem to only be a good writer when I am paid to do something else. Maybe it is the reduction in pressure.

  5. Thank you for the goodwill Melanie.
    I never thought about the circumstances that make me a “good” writer, or writing at all. Of course there is the understated & unobtrusive demand of a deadline. But it also works when I have collected my materials, it all sunk in, and suddenly Fate snaps her fingers and orders me to write something. This latter occurrencion is rare, but it works pretty well.

    Yes – 91, despite all these cigarettes. Some guys …

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