Sunday Music

Ach, so many things I wanted to do this weekend, like wash clothes, sort papers, write a decent blog post … And what did I do in the end ? Sleep and read. I’m so predictable.
But next week two things really need to be done : Yesterday I found that my bicycle has a flat tyre, this needs to be repaired as soon as possible. And I found that my plants in their pots run out of soil or compost. They need bigger pots and more soil. This will be nice, I have an opened bag of potting compost and some large pots, I’ll awake my inner gardener …
But until then a little music would be nice. This Sunday Music is a late work of the great LISZT Ferencz, titled Schlaflos ! Frage und Antwort, performed by the Belgian pianist Catherine van LOO. (If you like to compare, here is a version by a younger pianist called Alexander DJORDJEVIC.)
I hope you like the music, and do not suffer from sleeplessness, it’s not nice.
May the next week be peaceful, and harmless, for all of us.



10 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. The apples of the valley hold, The seeds of happiness,
    The ground is rich from tender care, Repay, do not forget, no, no.
    Dance in the dark of night, sing to the morning light.

    The Battle Of Evermore — Led Zeppelin

    Good idea to get the plants sorted and comfortable for the Winter and the coming Spring.

  2. Ach, so many things I wanted to do this weekend, like wash clothes, sort papers, write a decent blog post …

    Swap the word ‘weekend’ for ‘year’ and this is exactly how I feel :-)

  3. Yes, I think it’s time to give them some new earth to munch on. But sadly there are not many apples in the valley this year LẌ. The trees used to be rich where I drive by, but this year only a few reds are piercing through the foliage, no pears also.

    Let’s make pot great again Mr Peenee !

    Your plate is full, dearest Scarlet. And you always can blame Devon, time runs different there : The “Devon Day” is a cosmic dimensional unit.

  4. I have plants that need to be planted-out and rain is so far away I dare not risk them.And I now have so many BIG pots it looks like a Dalek invasion!
    But I also have some good, smooth jazz….:-)

  5. As long as you enjoyed reading and sleeping, then it was time well spent! The hurricane took out electricity for two weeks, and I found myself reading some old classics (and classics I’ve never read before) that I really enjoyed. I’ve read more in the past month than I’ve ever read last year (or any recent year!).

    Life is meant to be enjoyed. Here’s wishing you a great week! And some great reading choices!

  6. I hope you are allright Annakamaga, no coughing in sight …

    Tomatoe peeling ? With the help of hot water ? I am not familiar with peeling tomatoes, sorry Eryl. BTW, how was your wander&write event ?

    Do Daleks like jazz Dinahmow ? I am sure that plants will react to jazz. I know that cows prefer Mozart in the stable. Some winemakers here say that a violin concerto in the wine yard would lead to better quality – but nobody tried a control group with ACDC, so this result may be biased. Especially because the board of experts consists, among others, of (unemployed) violinists.

    So I will stand all pots together, and with remarkable camera trickery, I will make them look like “fields to the horizon” – this will be big, huge, yoooh !
    Sorry IDV, I’m tired.

    Welcome back Eros ! Glad to learn that you are allright, with the house still standing.
    See – in case of disaster, a good library is the thing to have ! As I always saied, ha ! Here proofed by the hurrican expert himself !

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