Sunday Music – Early. For A Change

I feel lousy.
Whatever bit me last weekend, it is mean. The terrible irritation is gone, but the cough now sits really deep inside and hurts. I eat three grams of antibioticum a day, and do not feel that it helps. At least I can sleep, oh yes : Usually, when working, I try to make sure that I have at least five or six hours sleep, and this works. Now I go to bed and sleep for ten hours – blanked out, gone, for ten (!) hours.
What makes me wonder is that sometimes I have the feeling that time is slowing. Everyone knows the surprise when a look at the clock proves that more time is gone as felt, as expected. For example when one reads on the web, allows distractions etc. – one looks at that round thing on the wall and it is more than one hour gone. It feels like “just some time”, but time went fast.
I encountered several times over the last days that time slowed down. I was reading articles, following links – all the usual – and had the feeling that e.g. an hour had passed – in fact it was only thirty minutes. This may on the first look be “nice”, but I find it pretty unsettling. It means that my feeling for time is finally wrong.
What alarms me a bit is that “being awake” and “sleep” … sometimes both states seem to overlap a bit more than usual, being awake consciously frazzles out on the edge. As long as I still sit here, or lay in a horizontal position, this is no big deal, but it can not be allowed to go on.
I have no clue if & if so, how, these two perceptions are connected. All I know is that I sit here, cough and wheeze, and I can not say that it got better since I saw my doc for the last time. On Frayday, when he gave me without any discussion the antibiotics. He wanted to give me a sick note for next week, but I refused. Now I think this was hasty.
I should work on Wednesday again, and have had the fair hope that until then … But as I feel now, as cougher extraordinaire who produces quality slime, and collapses after roughly four hours – that is when the brain shuts down for an hour or so – I am not that sure anymore. I think I will ask for some additional days off. The idea to drive a vehicle with a bunch of kids is really out of reach now, in the end a no go, it would be irresponsible.
Today, when not sleeping or staring into the Franconian wilderness, I clicked through this website, and liked it : Historical photographs from a private collection, mostly late 19th and early 20th century, images of North-American origin. I wandered through 2009 to 2012, and will see the rest too, making stupid comments.
This Sunday Music also has music, but first of all it is a documentary, called Nettezza Urbana, city cleaning, directed by Michelangelo ANTONIONI (Ger., Eng.) (1912-2007). Yes the director of Blow Up (with David HEMMINGS appearing as a piece of wood) and Zabriskie Point (that at least has an acceptable soundtrack).
Now lets follow the men who clean the capital. There is only one capital of the world : Roma.
Maybe Pejing will come close in the near future.
I hope you have a quiet, clean & healthy week ahead.



16 thoughts on “Sunday Music – Early. For A Change

  1. Hmm… Perhaps you should revisit your doctor to get that sick note, after all? A few more days rest – as Peenee says – may be just the ticket.
    As for the “quality slime” production, are there any medical researchers who would pay handsomely for your slime? Or, maybe, a film company for a ghost/horror movie – where else would they get an ectoplasm substitute from?

  2. You need at least a week to get over this, I’m sure – going out before you’re well is the way to get pneumonia. Hope the antibiotics kick in soon.

  3. Today my head hurts Mr Peenee.

    Bääh, I should not have brought that up IDV.

    This is so mean, dearest Z – outside is the nicest late autumn weather, sun, dramatic light, changing skies, and I have the feeling that I freeze just when I step on my balcony.

  4. Sorry LẌ, you came in while I was still chasing words – all goes a little slower than usual.
    I’ll keep trying to be the best mago who is & will be.

  5. I had a virus like this at the beginning of the year and can relate to the surreal mental quality you describe. I thought I was going to die. Definitely take more time off.

  6. Was für ein wunderbarer poetischer Film! Wo findest du so etwas nur immer?
    Mach dir keine Sorgen wegen der Zeit – sie ist nur erfunden. Mir geht es oft so …
    Lass uns mal nach Rom fahren! Das fände ich schön.
    Gute Besserung und alles Liebe

  7. As a nurse, I concur with the first few comments. You are ill. If you don’t care for yourself with lots of rest and fluids, you may very well get pneumonia. Drink lots of water and lots of tea. Keeping yourself well hydrated will help you cough that slime up easier. You can also try this: boil some water and put it in a large bowl. Put in on the kitchen table, drape a large towel over your head, and hover over the bowl, breathing in all that warm steam. Do this for about 10 minutes a couple of times a day and see if that helps. But in all reality, the only way you will shake this bug is if you rest. For as long as it takes. Going to work will do two things: keep you sicker longer, and spread whatever bug you have to others. You don’t want to do either. So please, Mago, please stay home and look after yourself.

  8. Oh dear. Sounds like a bad bad cold.

    Ponita’s idea of steam inhalation is very good. Do you get Vicks vaporub in Germany? Add a spoonful before inhaling steam…
    Also. turmeric and warm milk, turmeric and warm water…
    You are lucky to escape my Adulsa and ginger remedy.

  9. I seriously thought about dying in 2010 dear Scarlet

    Is nurse Ratched still on duty, dearest Mistress ?

    Finally someone who watched the film – thank you Annakamaga !

    Very practical advice dearest Ponita – I take it to my heart / and boil meself / over the bowl and under the duvet !

    No – not the vaporub, please ! Anything else, but not this Austere ! Anything curcuma, all right with ginger / Ingwer (good in tea too), yes to the Lungenkraut or Malabarnuss (synonyms for Adulsa), but no to “vaporub”. This was invented 1916 and outlawed for the war effort !

  10. Fotos are fascinating! I am always curious about old, vintage fotos, wondering who or what was so important or inspiring that needed to be photographed, that moment captured in time. Sometimes, it’s interesting people and places. Other times, it’s just silly or fun.

    Get well soon . Get plenty of rest, fluids, and nutrition. Eat chicken soup and drink tea. Good health to you!

  11. Sir:

    Perhaps your circadian rhythms are altered by the medication or the illness? Either could contribute to microbiota changes that CAN affect timing.

    I am so glad to have found you again. It has been too long!


  12. Then have a look at The New Found Photography Eroswings, it is definitely worth to trawl ! I especially found some pictures from China remarkable that showed Russian troops there.
    Damn Eros, I have the impression that always when you come here and comment, I am sick – and you have to remind me of tea & chicken soup ! It will be better, promised !

    Welcome [back] PipeTobacco ! I think this is your first comment here on this wordpress blog. Yes, it has been quite a time – blogging depicts real life, we drift, sometimes closer, sometimes a little bit more apart. Good to see you again ! Btw, did or do you comment on “ucomics” as “PipeTobacco”, I vaguely remember to have seen “you” there – ?

    No kids outside LẌ, and no yelling birds – just sleep, awake, and a lot of inbetween. Sometimes I like the floating state between fully awake and really asleep, but over the last days this changed (not my liking, but the amount of said state) – and together with the different perception of time it makes me feel insecure. I still can separate dream from reality, I am not living in dream land or another reality – only the stretch of overlapping seems to have grown. My circadian (thanks to PipeTobacco for this word) rhythm was always different, for ages I went to bed only between 2 and three in the morning, the drugs may affect this nowadays – but what really puzzles me is the “time in between” – this has grown.
    I may be talking gibberish here. From next Monday onwards there will be a strong rhythm again, set by work : Time to get up, time to work, time to sleep. And of course I will get used to it again.

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